Friday, 30 November 2007

The one with... mind your language..

I love that Mind Your Language show - used to watch it with dad when I was young.

You remember my colleague who got confused with ‘blah’ as ‘belasah’? Yes, the one who would call it the day by saying “Let’s belasah!!!”… :P

Well here’s a rather another ‘confused’ incident of hers. *grin*

One day in office, being the usual chirpy her, she came and approached me:

She: Lilia, Lilia! You know what, I learnt new malay words yesterday night.

Me: Oh is it? What words did u learn?

She: Yesterday I went to eat naan cheese & tandoori chicken with my bf. He sat and waited at the table while I went to the mamak guy. My bf told me he wanted the breast meat for his tandoori chicken. So I went – Boss, saya mahu itu dua ayam tandoori, satu peha, satu tetek.

Me: OH MY GOD!!!! Please don’t tell me you actually did say that!!!!

She: I didn’t know! But I knew something was not right coz everyone seems to give this weird stare at me. So I went to the table and told my bf. He laughed so hard mannn.

Me: Hahahahaha. I would be laughing too if I was there..

She: But anyway he told me what’s the right word to be used next time.

Me: Oh he did? Not bad, see your bf’s malay language is not bad, you should learn more from him. Now you have new teacher already, no need to ask me.

She: Yeah.. *smile*

Me: So what did he tell you?

She: He said, next time, if i want to ask for a breast meat, ask for “buah dada”.

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My goodness…. I should correct that before you two go and scare other people laaaa!!!

She: Haaaa? Why? What’s wrong??

Me: Just ask for ‘bahagian dada’ laaa…

She: But I thought breast is breast la… Dada is chest isn’t it?

Me: Hmmmmmmmm… Okeyyyyyyyyy. *speechless for a while* Well, you just have to trust me ok… Enough said.

She: Oh, ok. Will let my bf knows then.. Thank you!!!

Oh dear... please excuse my colleague ok.. She means no harm. She's innocent.. hehehe. So cute.


Question of the day – does chicken has breast to begin with???


Happy Friday peeps.. and enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The one with... Lilia in the middle.

Generally, I often find myself being indecisive in almost all situations. I tend to seek for second opinion in the attempt to justify my decision.

In the attempt to find comfort.

In the attempt to have some form of validation.

Yes, from others.

And yes, opinions from others in relation to my own freaking decision for my own freaking life.

How un-independent.

But I’m learning to be more independent now as far as time is concerned. I’m learning to take control of my own life. And I think I’m getting the gist of it.

Anyway, as much as I am a indecisive type of person, I dislike it so much every time I have to be in a situation involving two parties.

I may be good at crossword puzzles, but I'm soooo bad at people puzzles. It sucks. Its best enough I don’t normally take sides (unless if it is clearly the situation favors that one party), but it’s so awful when both parties demand you to pick a side. Huhu.

All my life, I find that these are the Lilia-in-the-middle situations (not limited to) I wish I can avoid:

Dad vs Mom.
One sister vs the other sister.
Siblings vs parents.
Boyfriend vs good friend(s).
One good friend vs another good friend.
One manager / boss vs another manager / boss I work for.
Time for myself vs time for others.

Worst is, myself vs myself.


Think Gollum… Get it?

Myyyyy precioussssss~~~!

Hmm no I don't have split personality. It's more like I hate it when I don't know what I want to do.

Means indecisive lah kan?

Damn I am back to square one. Sheesshh.

Sekian sahaja dilema hari ini. Bertemu kembali di lain waktu.

Buat kerja woiiii. December nanti nak clear cuti... (note to self).

Can't wait!!! Weeeeeeeee~~~!! =)

Thursday, 22 November 2007

The one with... twinkle twinkle little star..

"What do stars do....? They shine!"

Ohhhh I am soooooo in love with that movie Stardust... I watched it twice, both with the loves of my life - my Kerol and my family. And I dont mind watching it again.. *wink* Tristan is so cute. Yvaine is so beautiful. Lamia is so wickedly talented. Captain Shakespeare is so hillarious. The storyline is so adventurously interesting. Ok I'm suck at doing a movie review. But in a nutshell, i love love love this movie to bits~*

Bee Movie sucks.

Beowulf sucks.

Balls of Fury not that nice, but ok ok la just for the sake of light entertainment.

Can't wait for Enchanted!

On another related star matter. The firm's biennial dinner went great, the theme was "A Night of Stars".

And allow me to quote Yvaine again, "What do stars do best? They shine!"


So can you spot me??? ;) Yup, I'm the one in yellow.. like a star isn't it? (Hold on, not like a spongebob ok. Ahah! I do read your mind don't I?)

Whatever. *rolling eyes*

I have a lot of works these days. But I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I am so damn freaking lazy.

And I can list down all the reasons under the sun as to why am I so lazy. To name a few,

1. The freaking cold office is making the whole thing worsen. My fingers are all frozen and it's so damn hard to type a single letter.

2. I'm starting to get hooked up to the Facebook.

3. I'm all demotivated in view of the fact that the familiar faces at work are leaving. Especially Parveen. *Sad*

4. Call me childish, but things aren't the same anymore in office.... :(

5. I'm very frustated that things do not go my way. Especially when you work with a boss who is fickle minded; who keeps on changing her mind as rapid as she blinks her eyes everytime she reviews my work. If only I can shout "Make up your freaking mind you [fill in the blank]!".

6. I'm so looking forward to my December holidays yawwwww!


These are all reasons obviously. Weak reasons. Just-for-the-sake-to-justify-ownself-laziness type of reasons. Lame excuses!!!!!

Marahnya dengan diri sendiri!!

And.... I've put on weight lately and its so damn hard to shed it off!

OK, may the force be with me. To being more hardworking. To controlling the temptation to eat sinfully good food.

Till later.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

The one with... my Sunday sucks!

Hmm.. boring nye.. it's Sunday. But I have to go to office later. Sucks aite! There goes my plan to go out with Parveen to survey for her dress + shoes + perhaps some other accessories for us. It's our company's bi-annual dinner next Friday (yup, it's once in two years). This time around, the theme is 'A Night of Stars'. Kena dress ala2 (gile) glamour la konon. Heh. But I've prepared Parveen about me having to come to office today. I checked with her yesterday night and it seemed like she has already managed to buy the dress of her liking yesterday.

I miss Kerol. Huhu. He's in Pangkor with his family until Tuesday. Semalam dapat spent time with him sekejap je. We went to Pavillion. Saje la nak tengok2. I would say, not my place la kot. Maybe not just yet I think. Jalan2 kejap, then I had to rush back home. I've promised my friends Kunut and Ayuni to meet them at 6pm at my house, before making move to Shah Alam. We were going for Narqes's engagement ceremony. Met Ida and Ad there as well (these are the people whom I was closed with last time when I studied in Taiping). It was such a great get-together, after all, it's very rare to be able to have a meet up with them. Ida's married and now is 3 months pregnant, Ad is busy with her new job, Narqes is busy too with her medic-related job (don't ask, I have no idea), and Kunut just only got back from her study in German. And yeah, I am the Ms Busy Bee a.k.a mangsa akibat suddenly ramai resign yet banyak jobs masuk. Huhu. Yeah, I'm playing the victim card now. SO?

Anyway, we chatted and snapped pictures and it was all fun... and it was already 9.15pm but yet the guy's rombongan still hasn't arrived yet! Thinking that we needed to go back to KL, and it'll be very late for us if we were to wait for the whole talking thing to finish, so we decided to make our move by then. Having to say that, we missed the part where the guy's mother or whoever, inserts the engagement ring into Narqes's finger. Bummer. Anyway, I don't have any pictures with me now since I've passed the camera to Kerol for his trip to Pangkor. So will post them up once I receive the pics from the girls.

We left before the whole ceremony ends, which means, we didn't get to eat too! huhu. We were all freaking hungry but determined to eat once we reach KL, rather than having something to eat in Shah Alam. Went to NZ eventually, and surprise surprise. I met Farah (my childhood best buddy who lives in JB) there... :D

Ok lah. I better get going now. I want to finish everything by 5pm so that I get to go out with Parveen later. I'll be silent for the next few days though, as I'm going for an outstation job in Kedah tomorrow and Tuesday. And rest assured I'll be dead busy once I come back. Sigh.

Ms Panda Eyes, desperately in need of a quick fix for the dinner next week.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

The one with... my Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show experience..


Do you want to know my view about the show? Oh well, even if you don’t, still, I want to shout out to the whole world – BEST GILE DOWHHHH!!!! :P

I may be 25 of age, but the show was performed in a manner that made me relived those moments when I was a kid; where Disney cartoons were the family’s favourites.. I could still remember vividly how my sisters and I would watch the cartoons from the video tape (that time takde CD / DVD lagi) again and again and again… And even now that we’ve grown up, we still got very excited every time we came across the Disney’s cartoons on TV…

Sangat excited menonton the Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show sampai rase nak menangis…. Hahaha. Terlalu best! (ok I might be drama-queening the whole thing here, but heck). Hmmm, I wish my family; especially my two sisters Erin and Liana were there too. Takpe, takpe.. Next time I will make sure that I bring them to watch the show. By the way, the targeted audience was not limited to kids je. Ramai je adults yang datang without kids tagging along. So Kerol and I didn’t look like as if we were out of a place.. *wink*

Anyway, the event was actually a magic show but done with the Disney theme. There were mainly 2 magicians (Brad and Benny), and the rest were all characters from Disney. There were the Disney's very own famous five - Mickey & Minnie, Donald Duck & Daisy, and Goofy. Brad and Benny were very entertaining and those characters looked so alive in that they even had moving mouths and blinking eyes, which was so cool! =)

And the way they performed the magic was by bringing out into a stage performance of all those main scenes from each different Disney movie, such as Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White. Apart from feeling excited seeing those familiar scenes and humming through all the songs they played (especially when the Fairy Godmother turned Cinderella's uniform into a beautiful dress, you know, the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo tune), I guess I was mainly mesmerised by the magic tricks performed. Huhu… Sangat jakun ok. First time tengok magic show secara live, performed right before my very naked eyes. Though I knew those were all illusions, but still, I couldn’t help it from feeling so impressed. I think throughout the show I kept on mumbling “Eeeeee macam mane dia buat??!!!”. Heh. Paling tak puas hati I felt so damn curious was on this trick where they brought out 2 ladies, then cut their bodies into half, then exchange the bottom half part; i.e. lady 1's bottom part was eventually on lady 2's, and vice versa. (I'm sure you know which trick I'm talking about). Well what can I say, I'm so amazed! :P

Anyway, we couldn’t bring in the camera inside… But sangat tidak aci when I saw some could even snapped few pictures using their camera. (I wonder how they managed to bring in theirs). Nak kate the security was very strict pun takde (perhaps this was the reason why), cause the guards didn’t actually say anything pun. Setakat kasi warning je to those people, not to continue taking photos. And plus, come to think of it, they actually allowed us to bring in our handphones. Huh. Kalau tau baik laaaa Kerol and I brought in our camera as well. Anyway, when I saw how loose the security was, I somehow managed to snap few pictures as well. Tapi tak clear la kan, cause gune camera phone, and pastu tangkap dalam keadaan sorok2. Huhu.

Tapi satu je lah, all the souvenirs and goodies sold there were damn expensive. Kerol and I tried to find something to buy as a remembrance, but couldn’t get anything at a reasonable price. Just imagine, cotton candy was sold at RM30 ok. Popcorn yang sangat lah tidak besar sizenye was sold at RM10. Adoiiii. The power of branding huh?

All in all, a very interesting experience. I guess, it was better than Disney On Ice show kot… Sebab yang itu more like a musical show. But this one was a magic show. (Saje nak sedapkan hati… Hahahaha. Padahal tak pernah pun tengok Disney On Ice.. :P). But hey, I would say it's a must-see for all Disney fans! :)

Ok lah… Enjoy the pictures!

Ni sebelum masuk. Ours were assigned seatings. So we didn't have to rush in to book for places with a good view.

We bought the middle seatings tickets (i.e. with the price bukan yang paling mahal and bukan yang paling murah - in total the tickets sold were of a 3 price range je). Wasn't so bad right? At least ours were assigned seatings, still dekat dengan stage, and the seats were akin to those in the cinemas. Check out the seatings for the most pricey ones (that's RM225 fyi). Well no doubt they were VERY close to the stage, but the chairs? Macam kenduri kawen punye je kan?

Trying to take picture 1

Trying to take picture 2

Somehow I managed to google the (very limited) pictures they had in relation to the show. And I found this. This is exactly one of the tricks performed!! - Brad levitates Princess Jasmine to the tune of 'A Whole New World'... Very the kagum you know... And it's even impressive when Brad moved a hoop through Princess Jasmine's floating body to prove that there was nothing holding her...

The ice scone (a.k.a. ais kepal) looks very colourfully interesting, but RM30 per that small platic Mickey mug?? Nahhh.

Tak dapat bergambar dengan the magicians and Disney characters, dengan poster pun jadi lah! =D

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The one with... me Mama's birthday..

Today is my Mama's birthday... The date is the same as mine - on the 6th; and I couldn't feel more proud.. :) I love my Mama!!

Intermission sikit... The date for my dad's birthday, is as the same date as my brother's birthday; i.e. both were born on the 9th, but in a different month. So the family presumes that the eldest is a girl, so the date of birth follows the mother’s. And the youngest is a boy, so the date of birth follows the dad’s. Make sense kan? Hmm, do I look like I care about your thought? Right.. :)

Anyway, I was so happy today I get to go back early from office.. (Read: early is equivalent to 6pm). Well, lets just say, the earliest go-back time I had within these past 2 weeks! So happy, I sms-ed my mom – “Ma.. Lia boleh balik awal harini… Mau dating di KLCC jalan2 survey birthday present, and have a birthday dinner? Mama puasa kan, takyah la berbuka makan heavy2..”. I was so.. hmm, how to say eh, sort of touched, I think, when Mama replied, “Takpe ke? Arini tak kena stay back ke? Buat la kerja, birthday Mama boleh celebrate bila2”… Gosh, what an impression I’ve given to mom….? *isk* If only I can have a 9 to 5 working life…… Hmm, hopefully one day perhaps..………

So, Mama, Erin and myself had dinner at CPK.. So blissful to finally get to sit together, and talking just about everything over the nice food. Things have been hectic for both Erin and myself lately, we seldom get to see each other, and that includes Mama, eventhough we were all living under one roof. Yeap, that hectic. During the dinner, we even talked about going for a cruise holiday in this coming December.. (Lumut to Langkawi je pun, but a family holiday is something very, very, VERY rare in this family. So now that Erin and myself are working, we both always try to provide those things the family had missed, to the extent possible la…Awwww, so sweet, I know… *wink*).

After the dinner, we went to Parkson as Mama wanted a perfume for her birthday present. So we browsed from one counter to another, and finally just after Parkson announced that they were about to close in 5 minutes time, Mama managed to spot a perfume of her liking.

Dinner & birthday present – cost me a certain much amount of RM.
Having to go out after working hour when I can opt to go back early, and just go home and rest – cost me a certain much amount of energy and time.
A smile on Mama’s face when we got back home just now – priceless! =)

Wishing my Mama good health, good life, and whole lots of blesses from Allah… not only for today, but also for many more years to come!

*footnote - the rest of the family not here in KL. Dad works in Penang. Liana studies in Indonesia. Ajim studies in Melaka.

OK, nak tidur dah... Yeay, besok hari Rabu and pastu hari Khamis cuti Deepavali, pastu hari Jumaat dah.... Weekend is approaching just in a blink of eyes don't you think so?


Monday, 5 November 2007

The one with.. doink no more~! :P

OK, so what if the Disney Live! Mickey's Magical Show is more suitable for kids?

Kerol and I have made up our mind.

Yeah, we are going baby!!!!!!


Alritey... Will you please excuse me, I have a whole lot of sh*ts to clean.



Sunday, 4 November 2007

The one with... doink~!!!


Saya adalah telah tersalah tengok. Yaiks~!

Akibat terlalu teringin untuk menyaksikan persembahan Disney On Ice sejak kecil dahulu, the moment saya terlihat advertisement seperti gambar di atas, saya telah memberitahu saudara Kerol bahawa tahun ini kita mesti pergi! Ye, saya sangat teruja.

Untuk tidak menghampakan one of childhood dreams saya, Kerol tanpa ragu2 telah terus bersetuju. Maka saya tanpa melengahkan masa, telah terus menyegerakan urusan pembelian tiket. Hasilnya, pada hari Khamis yang lepas, tiket kami telah pun di confirmed kan. Saya sangat tidak sabar untuk menunggu hari Jumaat depan untuk persembahan Disney On Ice itu. Something I can look forward to while having to go through the hard times at work in this coming week.


Sebentar tadi, ketika saya sedang beristirehat bersama Mama.

Mama bertanya,"Eh, betul korang nak tengok Disney On Ice ni? Tadi Mama bace paper kate, Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show? Takde pun on ice on ice ni??"

Saya menjawab,"Betul laaa" (walaupun agak goyah tiba2).

Mama,"Nah ni cube tengok dalam paper ni".


Hancur luluh harapan saya. Huhu. Tergelak pun ada. Adoiiiii cemane ni??? Ini sah2 sume budak2 je yg datang ni... Mickey's Magic Show... adehhhh.

Maka di sini, dengan tak malu nya, nak mintak pembaca2 sekalian tolong2 laaa tanya2 kot2 ada kawan2 korang yang ada anak yang suke Mickey and friends nih kan... Or maybe korang sendiri nak pergi ke... Boleh la contact saya personally ye. Ada 2 tickets, seating baikkkk punya. Pastu kalau ada anak bawah 2 tahun, free admission. Show Jumaat 9/11/2007, pukul 8.30mlm kat Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. Harga kita runding kemudian ok? :P For further information, can always check the website.

Saya bukannya taknak pergi, saya sendiri membesar dengan kartun2 Disney. I know almost all of the characters, the theme songs in their movies, etc. Tetapi kalau boleh, saya nak la saving untuk Disney On Ice punye show nanti. Tahun hadapan ke, who knows..? Sebab ingatkan nak la merasa jugak tengok Disney On Ice, at least once, in my entire life... huuu~!

Esok kerja, arghhh!!! Sangat membencikan. Sangat membosankan.

Weekend was great, well spent by attending open houses, chit-chatting with friends, eating Baskin Robbin ice cream (bought on 31st the other day for their 31% off), watching Desperate Housewives Season 4, ANTM cycle 9, .. oh well basically - nothing to do with work!

Alritey... need to catch my hard-to-get beauty sleep. Ciao~!

(Jangan lupe ye, sesape nak tiket 'Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show' sila la jangan segan untuk bertanya k....)

Saturday, 3 November 2007

The one with... ramblings.

They said... don't sweat the small stuff.

But, how small is 'small stuff'? Define small.


If only cursing can help to correct the situation.
If only crying can help to solve the problem.
If only screaming in the car can get things done, the way it should be done.


Then I don't have to ramble like this during this freaking wee hour.


This definitely marks the shittiest moment of my working life. *cursing*

Oh well, consider lesson learnt. Through the hard way, that is.

......and I say, suck it up... and move on!!!! *cursing*