Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The one with... Treasure Hunt 2007.

Event: Company's Treasure Hunt 2007
Theme: Superheroes
Date: 27 & 28 October 2007
Flag off: KL
Pit stop: Ipoh
Finish line: Penang

Despite the tight schedule, I still made myself go for this year Treasure Hunt... (Joe, I feel sorry for you.. but hey, you lose some..but you gain some aite? ;))

Main reason: I've been giving it a miss for the past 2 years just because of the [freaking] exam...and I think I've had enough of that exam. Huhu.
Second reason: This is going to be the last Treasure Hunt I ever gonna have with Parveen, and another quite-close colleague of mine [not sure whether he's ok with people knowing he has tendered the letter, so I better not disclose his name here since there are few readers from office]. *isk*

Anyway, am too sleepy and too exhausted to type it all out about the event. Let's make it short and simple.

So, here goes...

The treasure hunters had to gather at Pusat Sains.. The flag off was at 7.30am.

Being so kiasu, three teams (as far as I'm concerned) made it a deal to collaborate in solving the clues.. hehe.

My team - The Wonder Woman.. (yeah I know there's a dude. Don't ask me how come that's the name of my team).

The Spider Pig team...

And, The Super Morons team.. (ni mase pit stop kat Ipoh, kat orphanage home where we had to hand in the right 'treasures', and performed the assigned task - strike a superhero pose with at least 2 kids, using 2 eye masks, 2 weapons & a high heel..)

Oh yeah, not to forget.. my sister Erin at home was on standby to help us out too... Thanks sis!!! :)

Adrian was the driver, and Parveen was the navigator..

Jean & I mainly had to focus on solving the clues.

We reached Penang at about 5.30pm... and stayed at this place arranged by the company - Copthorne Orchid hotel.. or maybe resort. I'm not too sure.

The dinner sucks. So while waiting for them to announce which team's the winner, we took a heck lot of pictures just to kill the time. Ada banyak lagi pose yang merepek2, tapi malas lah nak upload.

My team was at 10th place, out of the 20 placings. We won Parkson vouchers worth RM350. Not bad huh! :P

The Spider Pig team was even better, they won 3rd placing and dapat cek RM1,000.

And The Super Morons team was the best, they won 2nd placing and dapat cek RM2,000.

And the happy faces...

The End.


  1. interesting..between the 3 guys in ur team..hmm R,A and E...

    how come i m always the one procrastinating but end of the day everyone leaves b4 i do!

  2. well, you'll know soon lah.

    anyway, i'm feeling the same exact thing too! why every leaves but not me? huhu.

  3. as long as you are happy, then you should stay.ok?

    cute la buat pose wachaaa! hehehe

  4. x best kan kalau ada work buddies yg nak berhenti. cam best jer treasure hunt.

  5. Dalie,

    tu lah masalahnye kalau happinness at work depends on ppl around you. cause its a cold hard fact that no matter where you go, work will still be sucks in its own way. so its always the ppl around you makes you to go through. *sigh* anyway, its either i go, or they go right. ppl come and go.


    True! Anyway, the treasure hunt event was memang best.. :)