Thursday, 18 October 2007

The one with... sukasuka nak update blog.

Heh, the title says it all. Nasib lah kan...


Soon when am back in office, I'm so gonna lose the luxury of updating my blog like nobody's business for am gonna be damn busy like a queen bee! huhu. Oh yeah, talking about going back to office, I'm gonna be in for the first half of the day tomorrow. Sigh~~~ (+_~)/ Nevermind, that should serve as a preparation time for me before going on full swing next week...!

This morning I went to the Jalan TAR, again! :) Mama wanted to buy some cushion covers as we didn't manage to do that before, thanks to the crazy crowd created by the last minute shoppers; just like us. Heh. Surprisingly, traffic (of both people and cars) at Jalan TAR was much better today, I like it so much! It was so clear, we were wondering if we ever covered certain shops the other day because they looked rather unfamiliar to us today, so we did another round of window shopping...! *wink* That explains why I TERbeli this one nice kain to make baju kurung / kebaya, at a very reasonable price! hehehehe.

We didn't find any cushion covers of our likings at neither Kamdar nor Nagoya. Then Kerol called telling me Sogo is having a warehouse sale on shoes and handbags, so we decided to go there. Mama said perhaps we could find some nice cushion covers at Sogo. On the way walking towards Sogo, we passed by a few bridal shops, boleh pulak Mama ajak masuk survey barang. She even went survey for the pricing of the package they have on those lacey materials whatnot.. Aduhhhh saliha betul la~! Huhu..

Anyway, I don't normally like to shop at Sogo but today was a tad exceptional. There were not many people around, so browsing from one stuff to another was easy *phew*. Hmm, instead of buying cushion covers, we bought cushions straight away - 6 altogether. And even they packed 3 cushions in one plastic bag, it still did look bulky for us. Huhu. Mama pulak boleh pulak happily carried the plastic bag behind her back, (mentang2 lah tak ramai orang so takde lah nak terlanggar2 bile pusing), dahhhh nampak macam Santa Claus pulak... LOL~!

Santa Claus memilih tudung? :D

Oh yeah, I found this one cute decor they always put on curtains - the fake butterflies! Sold at RM1 each, the curtains at my room entrance now is nicely accessorised! :P

Cantik tak? Ramma rammaaa~~~ (tone Ella yang gedik, erghh.)

Hmm, reached home at about 4pm, after which I did nothing but just lazing around in bed. It was Kerol's turn pulak to go to Sogo with his mother and his siblings.. Haha. Since he wanted to buy his mother a handbag as birthday present, I told him that the mother will be spoilt with choices at Sogo. Who knows, Kerol made his decision right away. Heh.

In the evening Parveen came and picked me after work, initially she wanted to ajak me to go have a drink, but we ended up doing some grocery shopping at Carrefourre, before heading to Great Eastern Mall for dinner at Cozy Restaurant. Nice~! Great food, great company.. :)

Eeeee esok nak kena bangun awal pergi kerja~~~! Takpe takpe, show face jer. Lunch hour jer nanti, belasah sudah. Heh. (That's how this one Indian manager said everytime she wanted to make a move back home, instead of saying "Eh I blah dulu...", she will say "Eh I belasah dulu...". She got confused with the two words, but since she just so used to the word 'belasah' as 'blah', everyone in office knew what she meant everytime she said that. Haha).

Alrite, nite2.


  1. wahahah belasah dulu eh..let me say tat to ur indian mgr..i didnt knw u r bak at work..oh yeah wor..u r at work!

  2. hahaha u know which one am i talking about notttt? :D

    yeah, have to be at work. tell you this place has turned those high levels into piranhas, the moment u came in after long leaves, almost every one will go to you asking about the work status.

    am so gonna be on a half day today.

  3. babe,
    wahh, sudah singgah-singgah di bridal boutique? yeehahhh!!! dh dekat la tu.. ;p

  4. babe,
    hahaha! u know u are going first right.... and u know mine is still far way to go. heh.

  5. lilia,
    chomel giler mak ko jd santa claus. hehehe.

    blasah dulu!! hehehe