Friday, 5 October 2007

The one with... happy friday =)


Job in Penang has been postponed to the week after Raya week !!! Happy nye!!!! :) Alhamdulillah sangat2.

Mom helped me to send the car for service yesterday… Now I don’t have to worry about squeezing in time for that. Weeee~~!

Tomorrow can go jalan jalan window shopping, or perhaps, shopping!

Seronoknya. Bestnya. Workloads haven’t been reduced, but it’s ok, at least I feel more composed now..

Anyway. Ingat tak yang my Mom baby-sits the neighbours’ kids, including the ever cute Alip and the naughty him? And ever since Atuk was hospitalized, Mama has stopped taking care of them, because she wanted to focus on nursing Atuk.

Well, the other day just before I went to India and Liana flew back to Indonesia, we ‘kidnapped’ him and brought him back home. He is still so cute and adorable! And great thing was, he still remembered us, remembered where he used to play the toys while watching TVs, remembered where the toilet is, etc etc etc. And it’s so happy to see how he’s grown up so fast; he could construct a full sentence when he talked to us. And we thought he looked ‘slimmer’ a bit.. hehehe.

Whatever it is, he is so so so cute and cheaky!!!!

OK lah.. Nak pergi berborak2 ngan Oya and Puan Muni.. :) Muni is in KL, she's having a training here.

Have a nice weekend ya!!!


  1. heh... dia ni cucu Hj Hasmuni, dok kat 3C.. tatau kenal ke tak... =)