Sunday, 14 October 2007

The one with... first day of Raya 2007.

Gosh... blogging in the middle of the night of the first day of Raya, don't I have a life? :P

I just can't sleep la.. been tossing and turning for a while before finally decided to turn on the PC. This is what happened when you slept during the daytime due to lack of sleep the night before.. *isk* I slept as late as 3am yesterday, keeping my sister Erin a company. She was making the Raya cookies, and I think it's really in the genes, she did everything at the very eleventh hour! To stay awake, I managed to finish the 3 episodes of Heroes season 2, 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives season 4, and 1 episode of ANTM cycle 9. Errr, me helping her with the cookies? What were you thinking? :P

Oh, another thing I did while waiting for Erin to finish with her cookies, like most people, I forwarded the Raya sms to all my Muslim friends listed in my phone book. I somehow found it rather annoying when people replied by asking "who's this?" or even called not only once, but more than that just to find out who's the sender (I purposely malas nak answer). I mean, first I couldn't accept the fact they don't have my number.. and second, I didn't get it.. Why until to the extend of calling 2 - 3 times? Sms raya je pon... Nape sampai menggelabah macam tu. Oh well, maybe it's me.. huhu.

Anyway, things were sailing in a pretty much smooth direction today. Despite celebrating Raya in KL for the very first time instead of having it at the kampung in PD, we had the usual stuff. After the solat sunat Hari Raya, the family had the meal together. Mama made the family's favourite - ketupat daun palas & rendang ayam. Then we did the bersalam2an & bermaaf2an session, was a bit awkward though when one member of the family is not around.. *isk* Then off we went to Pak Long's house in Bangi.

Again, another round of meal there with Pak Long & family, and I just can't resist the temptation of mini popiah simpul! huhu... It's sort of like an addiction I tell you.. I love it, so much so until I finished the whole jar... :P By the way, it was much relieved to see Atuk, he looked much livelier. Weak and pale, but still strong. I was actually quite amazed & overwhelmed to see how strong he is, despite suffering from the cancer inside...

Anyway, Mama wanted to wait until Mak Ngah & family arrived from Taiping, so that's when I fell asleep while waiting.. Had a nap in baju kurung for about 2 hours before being awaken by the noise made by the crowd.. We were home by 8pm.

Didn't do much afterwards as we were quite tired by then, and it's not like we can go visit other people since most of them were not in KL. So I just lazed around in front of the idiot box, switching from one channel to another..

OK lah, I want to play some computer games in the hope that'll make me feel sleepy real soon. Need to wake up quite early tomorrow as Papa has reminded us that we are having breakfast at Langat straight away.. errk.

Enjoy the pictures! (huhu, there'll be no pictures for tomorrow as I've passed the camera to Kerol - I mean, to be fair lah kan.. Kata camera tu 'harta sepencarian'... kena la sharing is caring.. :P)

Nak 'saving' punye pasal because I knew I weren't going anywhere else, so I didn't put on any of the baju kurung I bought for Raya.. Instead I wore the 'free' baju pengapit I got from wedding Famie & Muni... kuikuikui... [kot2 la kan ada yang perasan... :P]
The family... without Liana around.

Mase ni lah I fell asleep in boredom.... Memang tak buat ape pun sementara nak tunggu family Mak Ngah sampai...

Ok lah.. till later.. Hopefully tomorrow, I mean later, would be more exciting..! =)

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  1. enjoy urself to the max!..while i dread to go back to work tmmw..sigh..