Sunday, 7 October 2007

The one with... final-weekend-before-Raya blues..

Hmmm... my sister Erin bought a brand new PC set for home usage, and she registered for Streamyx as well..

I like~~!! =)

My weekend has never been better, 2 days of shopping definitely is a (damn) good therapy... hee hee. Went to PKNS Shah Alam & One Utama with Kerol yesterday; we had Sakae Sushi for berbuka (a place I would definitely come again to satisfy my cravings for sushi), and this morning I went to the-must-visit Jalan TAR for tudung(s) and stuff with Mama.. Gosh I seriously cannot understand why the heck parents bring their kids to such a crazily crowded place. I mean, the babies are still in pram for goodness sake..

Anyway, I managed to buy (ehem, more than) what I wrote down in my must-buy list. Spent there for a good 5 hours with Mama. *wink* I am completely all drained out now.. (and so does my purse.. huhu)


All these good feelings are kinda restricted by the stupid workloads... Arghh~! A real bugger! I feel like taking EL for tomorrow, but that’s not gonna help to make things any better.. Oya is in office now, so nice.... she can settle her work first, and then she can enjoy her Raya break stress-free. Unlike me, tanak bersusah2 dahulu, kan dah menderita kemudian.... *tsk*

Sigh sigh sigh......

Look’s like somebody is gonna have a longgggg night today.

OK lah.. till later. Oh ye.. saya sudah raya!!! =) Selamat Hari Raya in advance peeps..

On a totally unrelated note, here's a pic of a newly discovered (for me laaa kan) yummylicious food to crave for:

Had it on Friday at this place named " D'lish " at Mid Valley, located next to Chili's (used to be the space lot for Secret Recipe), just before the alley to the new mall The Gardens... The rich combination of marshmallow and chocolate.... ahhhh, very nice.. =)

And some other pictures taken... (saje suke2 nak letak, nak test connection speed.. AND, nak test orang2 yang berpuasa.. heh)

The last picture was specially captured for Hana... hehehe. Hana maki __?__ [fill in the blank]. Memain je lah. Takleh nak bayangkan pun Hana memaki hamun.. nampak gaya jenis yang more towards silent protest je.. :P ye ke? (heh, suke2 aku je assume)

OK lah.. Nak pergi tengok Erin beli apa untuk berbuka. Ciao~*


  1. make me hungry only...for once in a very long time, my blog actually doesnt have a food post for a very long time..u can drop by now..(got some updated pics of my cousins) hehe

  2. sedapnyer sushi!!! huhu... btw, saya pon dah raya... tp sama mcm x raya jugak... kan?

  3. the shushi look yummy. (drool*)

  4. Joe,

    I thought I wanted to tickle the appetite of those who's fasting, I forgot you are the constant craver.. haha.. ape la.. tak puasa pun boleh lapar ke tengok gambar food? :P checked your blog dy, she is so adorably cute!


    Haha serious?? Selamat Hari Raya !!!! :D You should enjoy.. Gi pantry get your morning fix.. hehe.


    It sure did taste yummy too! =)