Thursday, 18 October 2007

The one with... enjoying my Raya leaves..

It's only the 5th day of Raya but somehow it feels like as if the celebration has long lost its excitement. 4th day of Raya was already spent at shopping malls. Heh. Things are sooooo much different now as compared to once upon a time when we were kids. My, I feel so old now… *isk*

Anyway, I am still all excited in the sense that I am still on my Raya leaves… Though the midnight of 2nd day of Raya was spent on burning the midnight oil until 7am the next day to finish parts of the report I owe my manager for her review. But it was really worth the time spent & effort put, as I do not have to worry (as for now only) about the unfinished business for the rest of my available leaves… yeayieeee~!

I’ve attended only one open house thus far. Kak Kam, the secretary from my department, held it on the 3rd day of Raya. But I guess she had it just too soon, none of the colleagues turned up that day, except myself & Parveen. I made Kerol tagged along and I guess zero attendance of others means lucky for us – we ate like nobody’s business! Haha. There were nasi beryani, mutton curry (which was damn delicious!), fried chicken, beef rendang, ketupat nasi, lemang, the Raya cookies, and not to forget, her signature chocolate cake! Woo hoo. Didn’t want to let our effort to dress up went wasted, together with Parveen we went to make a pit stop at Kerol’s house to do the Raya visit after Kak Kam's place.. So now my best friend finally got to meet my boyfriend’s mother, and that means a lot to me.. :)

The next day (4th day of Raya, Tuesday 16/10/2007), Parveen took EL. So to make sure she utilised the day very well, we agreed to have a day out… Nice~! We went to office first as I needed to pass my work to my manager. After which off we went to Bangsar Village II. Parveen managed to settle her pre-wedding errands there, and we had lunch at the Marmalade. I would say that the food was so-so only, nothing great to shout about. We both reckoned the sandwiches were too healthy for our likings. Then we headed to One Utama… Had a great time there, before ending the day with dinner at Sushi Groove. Weeeeee, another nice place to satisfy my cravings for sushi was discovered… We had few of their best selling items, such as the “Extravaganza roll” and “Godzilla roll”… Hehehe ain’t the names are tad groovy? No pictures were taken, but I guess you can Google about the place, I've tried.. and it got me here. Or better still, go and try for yourself!

Then today, finally, an outing with my other half! :) We went to the Cineleisure to watch The Bourne Ultimatum.. Seriously, it has been ages since we last watched a movie.. Maklumlah, bulan puasa.. Cewah~! Anyway, the movie was very nice, though I didn’t watch the earlier two instalments - The Bourne Identity & The Bourne Supremacy. Will make sure I pick up the pieces soon. Before the movie, we had lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market (“MFM”). I initially suggested for either Sakae Sushi or Paddington House of Pancakes. But Kerol insisted for the MFM. All these while I’ve been having the normal fish & chip there, which was fine but rather typical and safe-and-it-wont-go-wrong kinda meal. But today, I had the Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two – of which I found that meal to be so scrumptious! A new discovery for me… heh.
The meal.... (ade oyster, calamari, fish, shrimps, chips, & butter rice. yummy!)

The happy faces.... (I noticed that I'll have a weird thin upper lips everytime I smile, and I felt that to be a bit cacat... huhu.)

After the movie, we went for bowling. Apparently, you can get one free game when you purchase movie tix from the Cineleisure. All you have to do is to show your tix stub. So yeah, had a whale of time there with Kerol, before did some shopping at the Metrojaya.. *wink* Tapao-ed donuts from Big Apple before heading back home. We stopped by at the Melati Curry House, and had a lepak session there with some of our Gombak friends.

Isn't it just nice if life is all about hanging out and spending time with your loved ones and shopping? :P

OK lah, I think I better make myself to bed now. It’s been few days in a row I’ve been sleeping at a wee hour, it will be hard for me to adjust once am back to my working life!

Till later~*


  1. yuhuuuu....weh, 4 ari missed tulih blog last2 kuar seciput je?? hehehe... eh tapikan, rasa cam ada info yg kurang sikit on the 4th day of raya tu...apa ek??? jen jen jen...hahahaha....jk!

  2. seciput??? cis!!! at least i dont keep it untouched & berhabuk like yours okeyyyy.

    info kurang sikit??? hurmmm.. ape ek??? ohhh yeah.. takkan chatting ngan you pun nak kene mention kotttt.



  3. rajinnye mengupdate blog di kala raya. hehe. :P

  4. lilia laling!!

    selamat hari raya and selamat bercuti. i was trying to get your number (to send u sms raya) by yani but she didn't reply after i texted her. yani if you're reading, wth?? hihi.

    anyway, bahagia nampak...hehe teruskan..teruskan..

    take care.. :D

  5. Alan,

    rajin jangan tak rajinnnn... (padehal sbb got nothing better to do! plus, ade streamyx kat umah.. hehe)

    eh tibe2 nak tanye, u pakai maxis ke? connection macam harumjadah tak kat umah? tulong la somebody do something... huhu.

    Dalie dearie,

    Haiiii !!! awwww arent you just so sweet? thats a very thoughtful of you! :) takpe takpe raya kan sebulan.. sempat agi nak sms raya kat aku.. hmm tapiiiii, cemane nak kasik nombor ek.. maleh nak mencapap kat sini... hmmm.

    anyway, hey picture can be deceiving you know... bahagia gitu2, sedang2 aja... tak sebahagia anda yang ade long distance relationship ngan cik abang di bulan.. :)

    anyway, hows ur raya? sure fire you had a blast, will check out ur blog on that...!