Sunday, 21 October 2007

The one with... the end of the Raya break (~_+)

The thought of having to go through the rest of the available days in 2007 really made me feeling so down.. *isk* As for a start, tomorrow is going to be the first day at work after the good 1 week off. Huhu.. The ever mounting workloads are waiting for me; rest assured I’ll be damn occupied until the end of the year. Sigh~! Hopefully I can still squeeze in some time holidaying for I still have another few more days of annual leaves to be utilised.. Paling busuk pun at least I get to go for my yearly Christmas sale in Singapore.. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, let’s worry about tomorrow…only when that tomorrow comes aite?!

Weekend was very much well spent. To begin with, on Friday, after the first half of the day spent at work, both Kerol and I went to the Midvalley. We wanted to watch a movie. The show time of the third sequel of Resident Evil – ‘Extinction’ seemed to suit to our timing, hence the decision to watch that movie. Oya was right; the movie is full of horrying zombie scenes! Huhu.. I couldn’t remember how many times I had to control myself from screaming in horror.. :P

Then that night we went to our ex-primary schoolmate – Alifah’s open house. Not many people we knew were there, so we left within 1 hour; just nice after we ate almost all the food served. *hehe*

Attended my ex-colleague – Suzi’s open house at Uptown Damansara the next day on Saturday. I went with Kerol, with Parveen tailgating us. Not all of our colleagues showed up though. After spending some time, both Kerol and I made our move back to Gombak for our friend – Nikman’s open house pulak. Before that we stopped by at Ampang Point for Kerol wanted to make a booking of Carlo Rino’s handbag for his mother. Hmm, I don’t know what’s the odd but people seemed to mistakenly think that we are a married, OR at least already-engaged, couple. Doink~! Sangat merimaskan okeyyyy. Nak kata dress up sedondon, takde la pulak. Nak kata berkepit2 ke, suap menyuap ke, lap mengelap mulut ke, laaaagi la takde. Nak kata tolong amekkan food pun takde jugak. Haishhh.


On Saturday night, Alip came and made the Raya visit to my house – he came with his mother and his auntie. The mother has called my mom earlier on to tell that they were coming. My mom has prepared some dishes, so even there was no electricity at our residential area that night for almost 2 hours from 7.30pm till 9.30pm; they still came to our house. Haha so funny. I could see on the street people still went to visit other people’s house despite the darkness. And open house was still going on too. There goes the Raya spirit, woo hoo~! :) So from 8.30pm to 9.30pm we were having guest in our house in darkness, with the help from the dim of the candles light. Sangat romantic the time spent with Alip. Hehehe.

Alip with his handmade Raya card for Mama, so cute!!

Of all the days of my Raya leaves, I finally had my sleep at quite an early time that night on Saturday, and woke up late on Sunday (as in, today). Heaven~! Woke up at 12.30 just in time for Melodi Raya. Then after I did my so called designated chores around the house – melipat kain, (Erin has to wash the dishes, Liana takes cares of the dirty clothes – makes sure they are loaded in washing machine & washed, and Ajim has to handle the trashes – makes sure they are emptied and thrown); I got myself ready for Firdaus’s open house. Before going there, I went and ‘kidnap’ Alip first and brought him along. Mama and Erin were following too. Apparently Firdaus was too busy playing video games with his other friends, leaving Alip sticking with us all the time. Heh. He can be quite reserved when it comes to a new crowd. By the way, he looked sooooo adorable in his Baju Melayu! After Firdaus’s house, we sent Alip to his and made the Raya visit straight away.

Gosh I soooo need to watch out for my diet from now on for I’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow during this first week of Raya. Yaiks~.

And finally, my leaves ended with the night I’ve been waiting for! Today is Kerol’s birthday and also, the day marks our 2nd year anniversary.. *wink* We decided to have dinner at Victoria Station, Jalan Ampang (both of us never been there!). Thanks to the waiter and my sister Erin, my plan to surprise Kerol went very well. Though I didn’t actually expect the VS waiters will sing him a birthday song… Hehehe. But it’s such a good feeling to see the smile put on his face :) And as always without fail, he somehow managed to make the sensitive me feeling so touched with his present… Hmm, we thought the food at VS was nothing to shout about, really.. Nice ambience, no doubt. But the food we paid for, I think we can get something to that effect yet with a more reasonable price at places like Chilli’s and TGIF. Anyway, all in all, a very enjoyable dinner, a moment to be cherished!

Kerol had their sizzling steak. Not so bad...

... And I had their Chicken Ala Ki'ev, a bit dry! :(

I told Kerol I can give his present only later at night after the dinner, or maybe tomorrow (konon gimmick, heh). So he gave my present first. A frame with our picture in it.

And who knows, at the back inside the frame, I found this potrait picture of myself, sketched by himself! What touched my heart was, eventhough it's not as perfect as done by the pro, the effort he put, that really matters. A very personal gift. Huhu.

The surprise finally came for the birthday boy... (heh, 'boy' la sangat ye... dah doploh lima dah oiii... :P)

A pen with his name engraved on it, my present to him for our anniversary.

Then a wallet as his birthday present. Normally (hmm, not so normally lah kan.. I mean, last year..), I will just combine the birthday+anniversary present... But this year rasa murah hati pulak.. :) Anyway, masa dia bukak hadiah ni, sangat laaa nervous sebab takut dia tak suka kan.. Ye lah, wallet is a very personal thing, different people has different preference. Sangat risky untuk dijadikan hadiah surprise. Anyway, glad that he liked it~!

Hmmm, we made one of the waitress took the picture of us together... But both of the pictures she snapped didn't turn out very well, a bit shaky that is.. So there's no nice picture of us together during the dinner. Bummer.

Anyway, after Kerol sent me back home, I went to search for the photo of mine he claimed to be the reference for the sketch he did. I found it and made the comparison, not so bad aite? [Kerol thought he would want to sketch another better one. To Kerol - you don't have to, dear.. :)]. So, tepuk tangan sikittttt...! =)

With that, my Raya leaves had officially reach to an end… *tsk*

Busy days, here I come…! Will be going to Penang from Tuesday till Thursday next week for an assignment. So I don’t think I’d be able to update my blog that often after this....

Okie dokie, I’d better make myself to bed now. The last thing I want is to wake up late tomorrow feeling all cranky. Nitey nite!


  1. happy anniversary to both of you!sweetnya kerol. kerol ada kawan2 tak nak rekomen kat aku? abang ke? wakakaka

    abang aku dah balik..hahahah

    anyway, can i have your email?

  2. x sangka kerol ni sweet jugak orgnyee.. hihik :P

    hepi anniversary

  3. sweetnya.... idung tu dia lukis kecik sgt kot... :P

  4. udah... udah...

    to dalie :

    memandang kn aku nih anak yg paling sulong so mmg tk dapek laaa utk aku adr abg.

    tp kalo kenalan =) tuh yg bawah tuh name nikman tuh... manis, comel, hangat, duduk bersimpuh, kencing duduk... ishkk3 mcm2 lah lg =)

    to nikman :

    jemput laah kenal2 ngan kawan lilia nih name die dalie... mane tau lah kan manis sudah hilang manisnya :P

    to fieza :

    hidung lilia mmg kecik tuh dowhh... aku dh ukur pakai pembaris. hahahahaha~

    to lilia :


  5. wah very generous far as i name on the pen hasnt rub off..although i bearly use it..doesnt write smoothly for left handers..

    little alip looks likes yoda haha if u put him with some pointy ears..

  6. Dalie dearie - thanks! tu kerol dah bgtau dah, dia anak sulung.. tkde abg.. and with that, dia rekemenkan Nikman.. hehe aku pun rekemen si Nikman tuh.., Nikmanissssss.. :)
    [email aku dah sms, finally dapat dah nombor.. hehehe)

    Nikman - thanks..! heh, Kerol suweet time2 tertentu je.. saving... :D

    Fieza - heheh tu lah. takpe takpe, its his effort that matters.. buleh improve tuh.

    incik sOulz - PEACE jugak!

    Joe - hahahaha yeah, u had a point there. with the pointy ears, alip sure does look like a yoda. hahahaha. but heyyy yoda not cute. alip is.

    Alan - :)