Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The one with... Treasure Hunt 2007.

Event: Company's Treasure Hunt 2007
Theme: Superheroes
Date: 27 & 28 October 2007
Flag off: KL
Pit stop: Ipoh
Finish line: Penang

Despite the tight schedule, I still made myself go for this year Treasure Hunt... (Joe, I feel sorry for you.. but hey, you lose some..but you gain some aite? ;))

Main reason: I've been giving it a miss for the past 2 years just because of the [freaking] exam...and I think I've had enough of that exam. Huhu.
Second reason: This is going to be the last Treasure Hunt I ever gonna have with Parveen, and another quite-close colleague of mine [not sure whether he's ok with people knowing he has tendered the letter, so I better not disclose his name here since there are few readers from office]. *isk*

Anyway, am too sleepy and too exhausted to type it all out about the event. Let's make it short and simple.

So, here goes...

The treasure hunters had to gather at Pusat Sains.. The flag off was at 7.30am.

Being so kiasu, three teams (as far as I'm concerned) made it a deal to collaborate in solving the clues.. hehe.

My team - The Wonder Woman.. (yeah I know there's a dude. Don't ask me how come that's the name of my team).

The Spider Pig team...

And, The Super Morons team.. (ni mase pit stop kat Ipoh, kat orphanage home where we had to hand in the right 'treasures', and performed the assigned task - strike a superhero pose with at least 2 kids, using 2 eye masks, 2 weapons & a high heel..)

Oh yeah, not to forget.. my sister Erin at home was on standby to help us out too... Thanks sis!!! :)

Adrian was the driver, and Parveen was the navigator..

Jean & I mainly had to focus on solving the clues.

We reached Penang at about 5.30pm... and stayed at this place arranged by the company - Copthorne Orchid hotel.. or maybe resort. I'm not too sure.

The dinner sucks. So while waiting for them to announce which team's the winner, we took a heck lot of pictures just to kill the time. Ada banyak lagi pose yang merepek2, tapi malas lah nak upload.

My team was at 10th place, out of the 20 placings. We won Parkson vouchers worth RM350. Not bad huh! :P

The Spider Pig team was even better, they won 3rd placing and dapat cek RM1,000.

And The Super Morons team was the best, they won 2nd placing and dapat cek RM2,000.

And the happy faces...

The End.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The one with... fools again.

[To be read according to the tone of that song by Westlife - Fools Again. IF, you could remember].

Client, I know the theory,
I've seen the figures, It's written all over the page..
Tell me, why the losses…That you've been incurring?
At this hour, who's gonna take my place?

I should have seen it coming,
I should have read the signs,
Anyway, I guess it's too late.

Can't believe that I'm the fool again,
I thought this assignment would ever end,
How was I to know?
No one ever told me..
Can't believe that I'm the fool again,
And I’d thought it was easy to amend,
How was I to know?
You never told me……

Junior, you should've called me,
When there’s difficulty,
When you needed me to be there..

Sadly, you never gave me,
Too many chances,
To show you how much I care..

Ooh, I should have seen it coming,
I should have read the signs,
Anyway, I guess it's too late.

[repeat chorus]

About the pain and the tears,
Oohh If I could, I would,
Turn back the time,

Ooh yeah I should have seen it coming,
I should have read the signs,
Anyway, I guess it's too late…….

Sighhhh. Shitty shitty bang bang.

Friday, 26 October 2007

The one with... demotivated.


Am back in office.

Workloads are adding up. Sigh.

People who were there during my time are leaving. It has been one after another. Sigh.

Damn why I have to depend on others to feel motivated.

DUH me.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

The one with... the end of the Raya break (~_+)

The thought of having to go through the rest of the available days in 2007 really made me feeling so down.. *isk* As for a start, tomorrow is going to be the first day at work after the good 1 week off. Huhu.. The ever mounting workloads are waiting for me; rest assured I’ll be damn occupied until the end of the year. Sigh~! Hopefully I can still squeeze in some time holidaying for I still have another few more days of annual leaves to be utilised.. Paling busuk pun at least I get to go for my yearly Christmas sale in Singapore.. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, let’s worry about tomorrow…only when that tomorrow comes aite?!

Weekend was very much well spent. To begin with, on Friday, after the first half of the day spent at work, both Kerol and I went to the Midvalley. We wanted to watch a movie. The show time of the third sequel of Resident Evil – ‘Extinction’ seemed to suit to our timing, hence the decision to watch that movie. Oya was right; the movie is full of horrying zombie scenes! Huhu.. I couldn’t remember how many times I had to control myself from screaming in horror.. :P

Then that night we went to our ex-primary schoolmate – Alifah’s open house. Not many people we knew were there, so we left within 1 hour; just nice after we ate almost all the food served. *hehe*

Attended my ex-colleague – Suzi’s open house at Uptown Damansara the next day on Saturday. I went with Kerol, with Parveen tailgating us. Not all of our colleagues showed up though. After spending some time, both Kerol and I made our move back to Gombak for our friend – Nikman’s open house pulak. Before that we stopped by at Ampang Point for Kerol wanted to make a booking of Carlo Rino’s handbag for his mother. Hmm, I don’t know what’s the odd but people seemed to mistakenly think that we are a married, OR at least already-engaged, couple. Doink~! Sangat merimaskan okeyyyy. Nak kata dress up sedondon, takde la pulak. Nak kata berkepit2 ke, suap menyuap ke, lap mengelap mulut ke, laaaagi la takde. Nak kata tolong amekkan food pun takde jugak. Haishhh.


On Saturday night, Alip came and made the Raya visit to my house – he came with his mother and his auntie. The mother has called my mom earlier on to tell that they were coming. My mom has prepared some dishes, so even there was no electricity at our residential area that night for almost 2 hours from 7.30pm till 9.30pm; they still came to our house. Haha so funny. I could see on the street people still went to visit other people’s house despite the darkness. And open house was still going on too. There goes the Raya spirit, woo hoo~! :) So from 8.30pm to 9.30pm we were having guest in our house in darkness, with the help from the dim of the candles light. Sangat romantic the time spent with Alip. Hehehe.

Alip with his handmade Raya card for Mama, so cute!!

Of all the days of my Raya leaves, I finally had my sleep at quite an early time that night on Saturday, and woke up late on Sunday (as in, today). Heaven~! Woke up at 12.30 just in time for Melodi Raya. Then after I did my so called designated chores around the house – melipat kain, (Erin has to wash the dishes, Liana takes cares of the dirty clothes – makes sure they are loaded in washing machine & washed, and Ajim has to handle the trashes – makes sure they are emptied and thrown); I got myself ready for Firdaus’s open house. Before going there, I went and ‘kidnap’ Alip first and brought him along. Mama and Erin were following too. Apparently Firdaus was too busy playing video games with his other friends, leaving Alip sticking with us all the time. Heh. He can be quite reserved when it comes to a new crowd. By the way, he looked sooooo adorable in his Baju Melayu! After Firdaus’s house, we sent Alip to his and made the Raya visit straight away.

Gosh I soooo need to watch out for my diet from now on for I’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow during this first week of Raya. Yaiks~.

And finally, my leaves ended with the night I’ve been waiting for! Today is Kerol’s birthday and also, the day marks our 2nd year anniversary.. *wink* We decided to have dinner at Victoria Station, Jalan Ampang (both of us never been there!). Thanks to the waiter and my sister Erin, my plan to surprise Kerol went very well. Though I didn’t actually expect the VS waiters will sing him a birthday song… Hehehe. But it’s such a good feeling to see the smile put on his face :) And as always without fail, he somehow managed to make the sensitive me feeling so touched with his present… Hmm, we thought the food at VS was nothing to shout about, really.. Nice ambience, no doubt. But the food we paid for, I think we can get something to that effect yet with a more reasonable price at places like Chilli’s and TGIF. Anyway, all in all, a very enjoyable dinner, a moment to be cherished!

Kerol had their sizzling steak. Not so bad...

... And I had their Chicken Ala Ki'ev, a bit dry! :(

I told Kerol I can give his present only later at night after the dinner, or maybe tomorrow (konon gimmick, heh). So he gave my present first. A frame with our picture in it.

And who knows, at the back inside the frame, I found this potrait picture of myself, sketched by himself! What touched my heart was, eventhough it's not as perfect as done by the pro, the effort he put, that really matters. A very personal gift. Huhu.

The surprise finally came for the birthday boy... (heh, 'boy' la sangat ye... dah doploh lima dah oiii... :P)

A pen with his name engraved on it, my present to him for our anniversary.

Then a wallet as his birthday present. Normally (hmm, not so normally lah kan.. I mean, last year..), I will just combine the birthday+anniversary present... But this year rasa murah hati pulak.. :) Anyway, masa dia bukak hadiah ni, sangat laaa nervous sebab takut dia tak suka kan.. Ye lah, wallet is a very personal thing, different people has different preference. Sangat risky untuk dijadikan hadiah surprise. Anyway, glad that he liked it~!

Hmmm, we made one of the waitress took the picture of us together... But both of the pictures she snapped didn't turn out very well, a bit shaky that is.. So there's no nice picture of us together during the dinner. Bummer.

Anyway, after Kerol sent me back home, I went to search for the photo of mine he claimed to be the reference for the sketch he did. I found it and made the comparison, not so bad aite? [Kerol thought he would want to sketch another better one. To Kerol - you don't have to, dear.. :)]. So, tepuk tangan sikittttt...! =)

With that, my Raya leaves had officially reach to an end… *tsk*

Busy days, here I come…! Will be going to Penang from Tuesday till Thursday next week for an assignment. So I don’t think I’d be able to update my blog that often after this....

Okie dokie, I’d better make myself to bed now. The last thing I want is to wake up late tomorrow feeling all cranky. Nitey nite!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

The one with... sukasuka nak update blog.

Heh, the title says it all. Nasib lah kan...


Soon when am back in office, I'm so gonna lose the luxury of updating my blog like nobody's business for am gonna be damn busy like a queen bee! huhu. Oh yeah, talking about going back to office, I'm gonna be in for the first half of the day tomorrow. Sigh~~~ (+_~)/ Nevermind, that should serve as a preparation time for me before going on full swing next week...!

This morning I went to the Jalan TAR, again! :) Mama wanted to buy some cushion covers as we didn't manage to do that before, thanks to the crazy crowd created by the last minute shoppers; just like us. Heh. Surprisingly, traffic (of both people and cars) at Jalan TAR was much better today, I like it so much! It was so clear, we were wondering if we ever covered certain shops the other day because they looked rather unfamiliar to us today, so we did another round of window shopping...! *wink* That explains why I TERbeli this one nice kain to make baju kurung / kebaya, at a very reasonable price! hehehehe.

We didn't find any cushion covers of our likings at neither Kamdar nor Nagoya. Then Kerol called telling me Sogo is having a warehouse sale on shoes and handbags, so we decided to go there. Mama said perhaps we could find some nice cushion covers at Sogo. On the way walking towards Sogo, we passed by a few bridal shops, boleh pulak Mama ajak masuk survey barang. She even went survey for the pricing of the package they have on those lacey materials whatnot.. Aduhhhh saliha betul la~! Huhu..

Anyway, I don't normally like to shop at Sogo but today was a tad exceptional. There were not many people around, so browsing from one stuff to another was easy *phew*. Hmm, instead of buying cushion covers, we bought cushions straight away - 6 altogether. And even they packed 3 cushions in one plastic bag, it still did look bulky for us. Huhu. Mama pulak boleh pulak happily carried the plastic bag behind her back, (mentang2 lah tak ramai orang so takde lah nak terlanggar2 bile pusing), dahhhh nampak macam Santa Claus pulak... LOL~!

Santa Claus memilih tudung? :D

Oh yeah, I found this one cute decor they always put on curtains - the fake butterflies! Sold at RM1 each, the curtains at my room entrance now is nicely accessorised! :P

Cantik tak? Ramma rammaaa~~~ (tone Ella yang gedik, erghh.)

Hmm, reached home at about 4pm, after which I did nothing but just lazing around in bed. It was Kerol's turn pulak to go to Sogo with his mother and his siblings.. Haha. Since he wanted to buy his mother a handbag as birthday present, I told him that the mother will be spoilt with choices at Sogo. Who knows, Kerol made his decision right away. Heh.

In the evening Parveen came and picked me after work, initially she wanted to ajak me to go have a drink, but we ended up doing some grocery shopping at Carrefourre, before heading to Great Eastern Mall for dinner at Cozy Restaurant. Nice~! Great food, great company.. :)

Eeeee esok nak kena bangun awal pergi kerja~~~! Takpe takpe, show face jer. Lunch hour jer nanti, belasah sudah. Heh. (That's how this one Indian manager said everytime she wanted to make a move back home, instead of saying "Eh I blah dulu...", she will say "Eh I belasah dulu...". She got confused with the two words, but since she just so used to the word 'belasah' as 'blah', everyone in office knew what she meant everytime she said that. Haha).

Alrite, nite2.

The one with... enjoying my Raya leaves..

It's only the 5th day of Raya but somehow it feels like as if the celebration has long lost its excitement. 4th day of Raya was already spent at shopping malls. Heh. Things are sooooo much different now as compared to once upon a time when we were kids. My, I feel so old now… *isk*

Anyway, I am still all excited in the sense that I am still on my Raya leaves… Though the midnight of 2nd day of Raya was spent on burning the midnight oil until 7am the next day to finish parts of the report I owe my manager for her review. But it was really worth the time spent & effort put, as I do not have to worry (as for now only) about the unfinished business for the rest of my available leaves… yeayieeee~!

I’ve attended only one open house thus far. Kak Kam, the secretary from my department, held it on the 3rd day of Raya. But I guess she had it just too soon, none of the colleagues turned up that day, except myself & Parveen. I made Kerol tagged along and I guess zero attendance of others means lucky for us – we ate like nobody’s business! Haha. There were nasi beryani, mutton curry (which was damn delicious!), fried chicken, beef rendang, ketupat nasi, lemang, the Raya cookies, and not to forget, her signature chocolate cake! Woo hoo. Didn’t want to let our effort to dress up went wasted, together with Parveen we went to make a pit stop at Kerol’s house to do the Raya visit after Kak Kam's place.. So now my best friend finally got to meet my boyfriend’s mother, and that means a lot to me.. :)

The next day (4th day of Raya, Tuesday 16/10/2007), Parveen took EL. So to make sure she utilised the day very well, we agreed to have a day out… Nice~! We went to office first as I needed to pass my work to my manager. After which off we went to Bangsar Village II. Parveen managed to settle her pre-wedding errands there, and we had lunch at the Marmalade. I would say that the food was so-so only, nothing great to shout about. We both reckoned the sandwiches were too healthy for our likings. Then we headed to One Utama… Had a great time there, before ending the day with dinner at Sushi Groove. Weeeeee, another nice place to satisfy my cravings for sushi was discovered… We had few of their best selling items, such as the “Extravaganza roll” and “Godzilla roll”… Hehehe ain’t the names are tad groovy? No pictures were taken, but I guess you can Google about the place, I've tried.. and it got me here. Or better still, go and try for yourself!

Then today, finally, an outing with my other half! :) We went to the Cineleisure to watch The Bourne Ultimatum.. Seriously, it has been ages since we last watched a movie.. Maklumlah, bulan puasa.. Cewah~! Anyway, the movie was very nice, though I didn’t watch the earlier two instalments - The Bourne Identity & The Bourne Supremacy. Will make sure I pick up the pieces soon. Before the movie, we had lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market (“MFM”). I initially suggested for either Sakae Sushi or Paddington House of Pancakes. But Kerol insisted for the MFM. All these while I’ve been having the normal fish & chip there, which was fine but rather typical and safe-and-it-wont-go-wrong kinda meal. But today, I had the Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two – of which I found that meal to be so scrumptious! A new discovery for me… heh.
The meal.... (ade oyster, calamari, fish, shrimps, chips, & butter rice. yummy!)

The happy faces.... (I noticed that I'll have a weird thin upper lips everytime I smile, and I felt that to be a bit cacat... huhu.)

After the movie, we went for bowling. Apparently, you can get one free game when you purchase movie tix from the Cineleisure. All you have to do is to show your tix stub. So yeah, had a whale of time there with Kerol, before did some shopping at the Metrojaya.. *wink* Tapao-ed donuts from Big Apple before heading back home. We stopped by at the Melati Curry House, and had a lepak session there with some of our Gombak friends.

Isn't it just nice if life is all about hanging out and spending time with your loved ones and shopping? :P

OK lah, I think I better make myself to bed now. It’s been few days in a row I’ve been sleeping at a wee hour, it will be hard for me to adjust once am back to my working life!

Till later~*

Sunday, 14 October 2007

The one with... first day of Raya 2007.

Gosh... blogging in the middle of the night of the first day of Raya, don't I have a life? :P

I just can't sleep la.. been tossing and turning for a while before finally decided to turn on the PC. This is what happened when you slept during the daytime due to lack of sleep the night before.. *isk* I slept as late as 3am yesterday, keeping my sister Erin a company. She was making the Raya cookies, and I think it's really in the genes, she did everything at the very eleventh hour! To stay awake, I managed to finish the 3 episodes of Heroes season 2, 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives season 4, and 1 episode of ANTM cycle 9. Errr, me helping her with the cookies? What were you thinking? :P

Oh, another thing I did while waiting for Erin to finish with her cookies, like most people, I forwarded the Raya sms to all my Muslim friends listed in my phone book. I somehow found it rather annoying when people replied by asking "who's this?" or even called not only once, but more than that just to find out who's the sender (I purposely malas nak answer). I mean, first I couldn't accept the fact they don't have my number.. and second, I didn't get it.. Why until to the extend of calling 2 - 3 times? Sms raya je pon... Nape sampai menggelabah macam tu. Oh well, maybe it's me.. huhu.

Anyway, things were sailing in a pretty much smooth direction today. Despite celebrating Raya in KL for the very first time instead of having it at the kampung in PD, we had the usual stuff. After the solat sunat Hari Raya, the family had the meal together. Mama made the family's favourite - ketupat daun palas & rendang ayam. Then we did the bersalam2an & bermaaf2an session, was a bit awkward though when one member of the family is not around.. *isk* Then off we went to Pak Long's house in Bangi.

Again, another round of meal there with Pak Long & family, and I just can't resist the temptation of mini popiah simpul! huhu... It's sort of like an addiction I tell you.. I love it, so much so until I finished the whole jar... :P By the way, it was much relieved to see Atuk, he looked much livelier. Weak and pale, but still strong. I was actually quite amazed & overwhelmed to see how strong he is, despite suffering from the cancer inside...

Anyway, Mama wanted to wait until Mak Ngah & family arrived from Taiping, so that's when I fell asleep while waiting.. Had a nap in baju kurung for about 2 hours before being awaken by the noise made by the crowd.. We were home by 8pm.

Didn't do much afterwards as we were quite tired by then, and it's not like we can go visit other people since most of them were not in KL. So I just lazed around in front of the idiot box, switching from one channel to another..

OK lah, I want to play some computer games in the hope that'll make me feel sleepy real soon. Need to wake up quite early tomorrow as Papa has reminded us that we are having breakfast at Langat straight away.. errk.

Enjoy the pictures! (huhu, there'll be no pictures for tomorrow as I've passed the camera to Kerol - I mean, to be fair lah kan.. Kata camera tu 'harta sepencarian'... kena la sharing is caring.. :P)

Nak 'saving' punye pasal because I knew I weren't going anywhere else, so I didn't put on any of the baju kurung I bought for Raya.. Instead I wore the 'free' baju pengapit I got from wedding Famie & Muni... kuikuikui... [kot2 la kan ada yang perasan... :P]
The family... without Liana around.

Mase ni lah I fell asleep in boredom.... Memang tak buat ape pun sementara nak tunggu family Mak Ngah sampai...

Ok lah.. till later.. Hopefully tomorrow, I mean later, would be more exciting..! =)

Friday, 12 October 2007

The one with... a day before Raya 2007..

Hmmm tomorrow is Hari Raya... am I not happy? Oh well, its a mixed feelings actually.

First thing first, I did not manage to finish the supposedly-finished workloads before I go for my Raya leaves.... and I don't like the feelings! huhu...

Anyway, I shall see what I can do about it.. Talked to my manager already, but no matter how much she told me not to spoil my Raya leaves, I guess I have to own up my own liability.. I mean, what should I expect her to say? "Oh, don't worry.. Pass it to me, I will help you to finish them.."? DREAM ON!

Somehow at one point it occured to me, we are all to some extend, alone. You do things together, have happy moments, but when it comes to your own responsibility, especially when it involves your own path in life, you are actually left alone. When you are stuck in certain situation, people around you can only give their 2 cent worth of words of comfort. But in the end, its you yourself to decide what's next for you to do. Past few days I've been planning to stay back in office to complete what's necessary. But somehow, friends and / or colleagues keep on telling me not to, for they believe there's more to life. And one thing is, I am a sucker to nice words. What was I thinking? Why I always let people decide what's best for me? Am I not independent enough? Why it's hard to be firm with my own decision when it's rather crystal clear that by the end of the day, it's going to be me myself having to carry on with my own life. And at that point, no one would be able to help me. Of course, it's not their fault either. People said nice things in attempt to comfort you, yes. But that doesn't mean they are held accountable should I choose to follow their words rite?

Haihhh I don't know where am I heading with all these whining, but this is something I always had in my mind before I sleep at night. No matter how happy I am and how blessed my life is with my partner, friends, and family, at the end of the day, I am still alone actually. And that's how life going to be when we leave the world. You are in charge of your own life, of how you want your life to be. No one but you to be blamed should things do not go your ways.

Enough said.

Eh ok lah .. let's talk about happy things. Tomorrow is Raya y'all!!! =)

Who am kidding kan if I were to say I am not happy with Hari Raya... Dah siap shop till drop, dari baju ke tudung ke brooch ke bag ke kasut, takkan laa tak happy kan??? *wink*

This year is going to be my first ever to celebrate Raya in KL. There's no one else in Port Dickson - Opah has left us on 26 December 2006 and Atuk is now staying with Mama's eldest brother Pak Long & his family in Bangi. So the plan is to go there and gather with the rest after solat sunat Hari Raya. Hmm, come to think of it, this is going to be the first Raya without late Opah. Oh, and Liana too! Liana my sister is in Jakarta, studying. She will only have 5 days of break should she decide to come back to Malaysia to celebrate Raya - not worth the price of the flight tix. I hope she understands that. Anyway, she just came back last month, and will be back again during Christmas. So, not that bad aite? Whatever it is, of course, Raya wont be as much fun without her around. Geez I miss her big time! Will call her tonight to find out how's her preparation there in Jakarta.

Second day of Raya, as usual will be spent at Papa's side in Langat - not that far from KL. Over there, there's only Opah - late Atuk left us in 1995. Opah is staying there with Pak Lang & family. Anyway, Papa's side will be much merrier with more crowd - there are Pak Long, Cik Rozie & family, Pak Lang & family, Pak Cik & family, and Pak Chu & family - only thing is we cousins have grown up to be quite distant from each other. So everyone will sort of do their own things with their families. Things are not as chaotic as it used to be when we were kids - playing 'kejar-kejar', go visit from one house to another collecting duit raya, having fun playing fire crackers, and so on. The guys are all now 'control macho' and the girls are all now 'control cun'. LOL. Poyo kan?! :P

So basically things are pretty lined up before me for the first and second day of Raya. The rest of the days will be decided later. Good thing is, Kerol is celebrating in KL too this time around instead of going back to his kampung in Kuantan... So perhaps I can plan something with him.. yeay! :P (tiba2 teringat Raya tahun lepas Kerol & family kena denggi... what an experience, for both myself and for his family.. huhu..)

OK lah.. I need to go down and see how I can offer my help in the kitchen. Both Mama and Erin are busy there.. Mama is preparing the ketupat daun palas and whatnot, Erin is making Raya cookies. As usual, I am not as friendly when it comes to that area.. hehehe. Sigh, if only Liana is here, she'll definitely be in the same 'category' as mine.. but sekarang sejak duduk Jakarta she's slightly better la. huhu. [note to Kerol: terima kasih kerana menerima saya seadanye ek! *muka cute*]

To all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin... may you have a great Hari Raya with family and friends. Mintak dihalalkan makan minum serta hutang yang ciput2 and mintak dimaafkan segala salah silap either sengaja or tak sengaja.

Ok, enjoy ya!

Before I end, as always somehow it feels a tad incomplete without pictures.. :P Those are captured yesterday. My family decided to break fast outside and it was quite a last minute decision. So, knowing that Saisaki Jap buffet requires no reservation plus rest assured there will always be available table, I brought them there.. =) Erin couldn't join, so there were Papa, Mama, myself and my brother Ajim... Glad that they enjoyed the food there, and afterwards we went to Jusco Wangsa Maju to buy baju Melayu and some other Raya clothes for Ajim. Well, one thing I would say, there are zillionth other people celebrating Raya in KL! Kerol and his siblings were there too shopping in Jusco but punye la ramai nye manusia, we didn't bump into each other. Instead, I saw Acap and his mother. heh.

Ok, the pictures.

PS/ I don't agree at all with his taste in colour! huhu...

Alritey... ciao~!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The one with... The Amazing Race Asia ("TARA") 2

TARA is back again, can't wait !!!!

Are you a fan? I AM! =)

Let's support the Malaysian team, especially Vince's (AF 1) siblings (Vanessa & Pamela Chong) !!! yeee haaaw.

Hopefully Malaysia will break the record again by having the all-girl team emerging as the winner of Amazing Race... =)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

The one with... final-weekend-before-Raya blues..

Hmmm... my sister Erin bought a brand new PC set for home usage, and she registered for Streamyx as well..

I like~~!! =)

My weekend has never been better, 2 days of shopping definitely is a (damn) good therapy... hee hee. Went to PKNS Shah Alam & One Utama with Kerol yesterday; we had Sakae Sushi for berbuka (a place I would definitely come again to satisfy my cravings for sushi), and this morning I went to the-must-visit Jalan TAR for tudung(s) and stuff with Mama.. Gosh I seriously cannot understand why the heck parents bring their kids to such a crazily crowded place. I mean, the babies are still in pram for goodness sake..

Anyway, I managed to buy (ehem, more than) what I wrote down in my must-buy list. Spent there for a good 5 hours with Mama. *wink* I am completely all drained out now.. (and so does my purse.. huhu)


All these good feelings are kinda restricted by the stupid workloads... Arghh~! A real bugger! I feel like taking EL for tomorrow, but that’s not gonna help to make things any better.. Oya is in office now, so nice.... she can settle her work first, and then she can enjoy her Raya break stress-free. Unlike me, tanak bersusah2 dahulu, kan dah menderita kemudian.... *tsk*

Sigh sigh sigh......

Look’s like somebody is gonna have a longgggg night today.

OK lah.. till later. Oh ye.. saya sudah raya!!! =) Selamat Hari Raya in advance peeps..

On a totally unrelated note, here's a pic of a newly discovered (for me laaa kan) yummylicious food to crave for:

Had it on Friday at this place named " D'lish " at Mid Valley, located next to Chili's (used to be the space lot for Secret Recipe), just before the alley to the new mall The Gardens... The rich combination of marshmallow and chocolate.... ahhhh, very nice.. =)

And some other pictures taken... (saje suke2 nak letak, nak test connection speed.. AND, nak test orang2 yang berpuasa.. heh)

The last picture was specially captured for Hana... hehehe. Hana maki __?__ [fill in the blank]. Memain je lah. Takleh nak bayangkan pun Hana memaki hamun.. nampak gaya jenis yang more towards silent protest je.. :P ye ke? (heh, suke2 aku je assume)

OK lah.. Nak pergi tengok Erin beli apa untuk berbuka. Ciao~*

Friday, 5 October 2007

The one with... happy friday =)


Job in Penang has been postponed to the week after Raya week !!! Happy nye!!!! :) Alhamdulillah sangat2.

Mom helped me to send the car for service yesterday… Now I don’t have to worry about squeezing in time for that. Weeee~~!

Tomorrow can go jalan jalan window shopping, or perhaps, shopping!

Seronoknya. Bestnya. Workloads haven’t been reduced, but it’s ok, at least I feel more composed now..

Anyway. Ingat tak yang my Mom baby-sits the neighbours’ kids, including the ever cute Alip and the naughty him? And ever since Atuk was hospitalized, Mama has stopped taking care of them, because she wanted to focus on nursing Atuk.

Well, the other day just before I went to India and Liana flew back to Indonesia, we ‘kidnapped’ him and brought him back home. He is still so cute and adorable! And great thing was, he still remembered us, remembered where he used to play the toys while watching TVs, remembered where the toilet is, etc etc etc. And it’s so happy to see how he’s grown up so fast; he could construct a full sentence when he talked to us. And we thought he looked ‘slimmer’ a bit.. hehehe.

Whatever it is, he is so so so cute and cheaky!!!!

OK lah.. Nak pergi berborak2 ngan Oya and Puan Muni.. :) Muni is in KL, she's having a training here.

Have a nice weekend ya!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The one with... nak whining nih.

Rasa takde mood sangat since I came back to office on Monday. Keje melambak2. Pastu tiba2 dapat tau pulak next week Monday to Wednesday kena pergi Penang. Arghhhh!!! LHDN tiba2 aktif dan aggressive la pulak. Bencinya!! Penat laaaa travelling. Asyik2 kena travel. Dari bulan August haritu lagi. Pastu September. Pastu ni October pun kena. Rasa macam hectic sangat :(

Dah la nak Raya. Cuti dah apply, starts from 12hb and continue with the rest of the week after. So means I only left with this week to rush things out. Rimas!!!!

Dah la nak kena siapkan kerja2 yang tertangguh tu. Maka bermula lah episode bercamping di office. So saddddd… *isk* Bukan nak tunjuk baik ke ape, tapi nak la jugak pergi tarawikh minggu2 last ni. Tahun ni, dapat buat the first week & a half jer…..

Tinggal one final weekend je before Raya.

Pastu ada nak kena pergi servis keta. Dah due sangat dah! Weekend ni mesti la nak keluar, bila pulaknya nak anta servis? Pening!!!

Pastu nak shopping baju raya. Slalu tahun2 sebelum ni, even takde la bershopping sangat, tapi ade laaa jugak masa2 untuk berleisure2an kat shopping malls, pergi Jalan TAR, survey2 itu, survey2 ini, enjoying the pre-Raya excitement together with rest of people. Ni so far, baru skali jer keluar jalan2 ngan Kerol, itupun last weekend pergi Ampang Park. Nak pergi PKNS Shah Alam lagi.. Nak pergi Jalan TAR lagi.. Macam tak berpeluang jer.. (~_~) Tahun ni tak tempah langsung baju raya. Ni dah tinggal satu weekend nih, nak kena la bahagikan antara untuk diri sendiri, bf lagi, kawan lagi, family lagi… Erghhh!

Pastu tak berbuka puasa ngan kawan2 pun lagi. Tahun ni so far sume berbuka kat rumah, 3 kali je ngan Kerol. Ngan kawan2 Terendak takde. Ngan kawan2 Taiping / UiTM pun takde. Yang firm punye pun terpaksa gave it a miss.This year they had it at JW Marriot. :( And berbuka ngan kawan2 Gombak haritu pun terpaksa cancel last minute sebab nak kena pergi India. Slightly a lighter note, semalam dapat la berbuka ngan Oya kat KL Sentral. Itupun sebab sama dah agreed nak balik office balik. And harini berbuka puasa kat Istana Budaya ngan a group of girlfriends from UiTM. But then again, going to have to come back to office for work.. Bencinyaaaa.

Pastu rumah pun tak kemas lagi. Mama mesti expect nak suruh tolong apa2 yang patut. Dah kalau kena pergi Penang Isnin – Rabu, tinggal Khamis & Jumaat je la nak buat sume2 bende. Saya sangat retak di bawah tekanan!!!! (crack under pressure)

I’m trying to take things one by one, but I just can’t. Sume bende campur aduk dah skang and mood pun teraffected and saya sekarang sangat down……

Harini perut banyak angin sangat, tatau kenape. Meletup2 macam mercun pop pop je dalam perut ni ha. Orang sebelah boleh dengar. Memalukan.