Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The one with... What A...

What a Saturday.

Woke up early to go to office - I need to take back home my cabinet and my drawer that I bought. So I went to meet Kerol at GE Mall first, he’s taking the trolley from his office so that it would be easier to transport the two furniture later. We had breakfast at O’Brien before heading straight to my office. Thank God everything was smooth sailing – though berpeluh2 jugak la nak transport those two stuffs from my work station into our cars; we put one in Kerol’s car and another one in my car. Then we went back to my house and unloaded those. From there we separated into our own ways – Kerol needed to go to Bandar Kinrara to settle some stuff and I needed to go back to office – I had to attend the so called workshop on the National Budget 2008. It’s a yearly thing where we will briefed with the changes announced during the Budget and how are they gonna impact our work. But as always, I won’t be able to understand what they are talking about because it’s more like a conversation between those higher level people – the partners and the directors. We small fries don’t understand oneeeee. Huhu. Or maybe it’s me. Perhaps those things do not really have a direct impact on my daily work.

Anyway, before going for the workshop, I went for a drink with my girls from office, at Delicious Café in Bangsar Village II. Then we attended the workshop, before again, another lepak session. That time around, it was at the La Bodega in Bangsar. The girls were already so happily ‘high’, so I decided to call it the day. I contacted Kerol and we agreed to play bowling… =) Picked him up and off us went to Flamingo for 2 rounds of bowling games. As always, I cannot beat him. Huhu. We ended up our day by having dinner at Suzi’s Corner in Ampang. Tiring, but a happy ending.. :)

What a Sunday.

Woke up quite early, and settled the normal and basic house chores. Read newspaper and watched Melodi before getting ready to go out with Kerol. We decided to go to Sungei Wang (SW), because I wanted to go to this one tailor place my colleague used to go. I wanted to see how is it like having my office shirt and pants tailored for me; considering the fact that it’s quite for me to find something that suits my cacat size. Huhu. And Kerol, on the other hand wanted to gain the shopping mood for Raya. Heh. So we walked and walked and agreed that SW is one heck of a crowded place. Well, other malls also crowded la jugak, but SW’s type is one of a kind. Something that we don’t like la. So in the end, after having my measurement taken, we went to the games arcade instead of window shopping. Hehehehe. Boy we were reminded by how naïve we all used to be last time.. Spending hours there playing games, with the huge crowd of teens and loud music, what in the world were we thinking huh? =) Anyway, we had our whale of time there, before giving it another try browsing through one shop after another. Takbleh blah la. So balik rumah sudah… Dah la traffic jam, hujan pulak tu. Haihhhh la.

What a Monday.

I need to speed up my progress with whatever workloads I’m having, but as always, things do not always go our way.

For a start, I woke up quite early in the morning - in anticipation to reach office by 8.30am. BUT, the traffic was freaking bad; it took me almost one hour to reach office! What a bummer! Normally I only need 15mins or half an hour the max to get to office. Haihhhh.

Then the moment I ‘started my engine’ and about to ‘get to the second gear’, there was an announcement made – ada fire drill la pulakkkk. We had no choice but to vacate the building. Instead of going to the designated place for gathering in case of fire, my colleagues and I went to have breakfast at the mamak stall behind office.. *wink* And there goes 45 minutes of my time.

It was already 11.15am when I was back in office. I received an email from my department’s secretary – they were organizing a farewell lunch at SOULed Out for two of our colleagues; who have tendered their resignation some time ago. So by 12.30 we had to make our move. How to focus on work la with all these distractions… Sigh. And there goes the first half of my Monday.

Thank God nothing came in my way during the second half. Managed to get some things done and I went off at about 7pm. Had a great time having dinner with the girls from home (Mama and my two sisters – Erin and Liana) at Saisaki in Wisma UOA. There were pictures but I forgot to bring the cable to upload. So, I will post them in the next entry then.

OK lah. Looking forward for a one good Tuesday! Till later...

Oh ye, sila jangan tengok cerita Rouge Assassin. Tak best! (personal opinion)


  1. eh tapi kalau nak tengok to find out for yourself, sila kan ehhh.. :P thats only my personal opinion... huhu

  2. myk nya aktiviti..tak penat ke? hihi

    hope you are going through a good tuesday! and selamat berpuasa :)

  3. penatttttt. but i enjoyed it so much.

    my Tuesday? so far so good, i was being a very lazy employee. good for today, not good for tomorrow. huhu.