Sunday, 16 September 2007

The one with... pimp my [......]

[.... err, Self]

Sebagai seorang yang sangat jakun (saya tidak suka ber make up yang over2, err more like tak tahu sebenarnye. Hehehe. Saving the best for last maaaa, i.e. untuk wedding nanti.. cewahhh~*), maka saya sangat teruja with the free makeover session done by Estée Lauder.

Parveen bought something from them you see, so she’s entitled with this one-to-one makeover session. And since I was there tagging along, accompanying her buying those stuff, I guess the girl at the counter had no choice but to extend the offer to me as well.. *wink*

So, as per the appointment, I met Parveen in KLCC at about 11.45am as agreed. Both my sisters Erin and Liana tagged along as well to be the observer. Heh. I asked the make up artist on how to deal with my imbalance eyes (the right side has a proper eyelid whereas the left one doesn’t have one.. huhu) plus how to conceal my dark circle plus how to make my chubby cheeks looks less chubby. (hmmm.. was it too much to ask? Heck, its FOC. I’d better grab the opportunity aite… Ah, a typical Malaysian, am I? hehehe) Parveen on the other hand wanted to know on how to do nice smokey eyes without having the smudge.

The result? Here goes…

(this is soooo one heck of a self exposé entry.. but heck, aku punye blog.. aku punye suke lah kannn.. huahuahua \(^_^)/ )

The before….
The after….

The power (and wonder) of make up huh? =) Nicely done I would say. Strong make up with natural finishing. But I wouldn’t be that daring to put on so much, unless it’s for special occasion. I mean really special, setakat dinner2 or attending weddings tuh, tak payah la kot. Simple2 sudahhhhh.

Oh yeah, and the two great sisters.... :)

[.... Ride]

Finally I had the time to send my car to be tinted. Yeay~! Memang dah plan mase dapat bonus haritu nak have my car tinted (bukan the type yang gelap untuk nampak cool whatsoever, I was keen to have the one yang boleh absorb heat tu.. alaaa yang tanak kasik kereta panas even I have my car parked at the open space under the fierce sun heat) and also, to put visors at the doors, and if RM permits, to install the CD player as well. So after the makeover session at KLCC, the four of us - Parveen, myself, Erin and Liana; we all went separated into our own ways. I myself went to meet Kerol at Danau Kota, and from there on I tailgated him to the car workshop. (ye, dengan proper make up and all... membazir je kan.. dah cantik2 pergi workshop yang comot plak.. huhu..)

Hmm, I'm aware that I bought my car with one layer of this thing called ‘safe tint’. But I didn’t know it took one heck of the mechanic’s time to remove those from all 6 windows before replacing with the proper ones… Huhu. Pity the mechanic. From what Kerol told me, normally the ‘tinted’ procedure wont take up so much time, but for my case, it took almost 5 1/2 hours! Huhu… But all in all, I have yet to verify the practicality of having my car’s windows tinted. We shall see how. Hope it’s all worth the money!

Hmm, I don’t have the pictures of my cars before and after tinted la. Heh. Anyway, I can’t tell the difference though. Like I said, I didn’t have my car tinted with those yang looks completely dark tu.

Ok lah, I’d better go to sleep now. Later tak terbangun pulak untuk sahur.



  1. waah..saye sgt suke part mata tuh!!

    misti kerol pun sgt suke..:->

  2. lilia,

    aku lg la tak reti mekap2 ni. mmg slalu comot2 je. huhu. tp ko tk mekap pun dah comel. pas makeover sangat comellllllllll...

    and so are your sisters.

    masa tinted kete tu mesti ko org plg stylo kat situ kan.. hehehe..

    happy monday! jgn blues sgt..

  3. so, when its the really special occasion ? hehe. :)

  4. Pae,

    He'd better be right! hehehe. Anyway yeah, he liked it. and I myself liked it too.. :)


    Thanks!! *blushing*

    And you are cute in your own ways too! both with and w/o make up =)

    The sisters? Oh yeah. We got it from our mama. heh.

    Itu lah, memang paling stylo. Pastu jadi paling grumpy. huhu. sebab tinted lambat siap, rimas dowh with the make up and all.

    Happy sifar-blues Monday to u too dear! I've just settled down with the moving and unpacking. Will do the post on it tomorrow. Connection still sucks.

  5. Alan,

    jawapan artis "no comment"... hehehe. or as per Datuk Siti - "biarlah rahsia...".