Monday, 3 September 2007

The one with... picking up the pieces...

Yuhuuu.. am back~!

Hmmm... Am quite overwhelmed to find that the # of visitors is still adding up despite my absence.. :)

Anyway, yeah am back in KL.. back in office… back to the routine - something I’ve been waiting and dreading for, but yet now I find myself sighing constantly and wishing that I’m away from this hectic place. Hahaha. Oh well, please don’t be so quick to judge, am just being normal. Human, we never feel satisfied.. kan?

So, where shall I start. Hmm.. I guess I’ll just do some quick summary lah for all the happenings in this month of August, to date.

7 - 10 August 2007
I’m in Kedah doing some field work at client’s place. Those people who attended us were very nice, making the whole assignment progressed smoothly. BUT, they were too attentive and too available for us, we didn’t have much time to prepare the work on our own. And we were too tired at the end of the day either to spend extra time doing work back in hotel. So, that was a little bit of bummer.

Weekend, 11 & 12 August 2007
Am back in KL. Attended friends’ wedding at Gombak – Najib & Yanie. Lazed around at home. Spent some time with Mama and watching TV. Spent some time with Kerol as well. Hmm cant remember in detail actually how did I spend during that weekend.

13 - 17 August 2007
Back in Kedah… yadda yadda.. bla bla bla..

Weekend, 18 & 19 August 2007
Off I went with Kerol to Ipoh for my bestfriends’ wedding – Famie & Munie. That was the first time I observed the complete process, right from the ‘akad’ till bersanding. And I experienced some embarrassing moment as well during the bersanding ceremony. huhu. Thanks for the last minute request from the lovebirds, they wanted someone close to them to talk on how they met and seal the deal bla bla bla.. And right at the moment I felt like saying to Sharifah Amani “hey, I feel you”.. Seriously, I sounded so stupid when I spoke in Malay. huhu. Especially when everything were so unprepared. And last minute. And it was a very formal occasion. A lot of Pakciks and Makciks. Atuks and Neneks. Waaaa… so embarrassing!! My Toastmaster skill didn’t help much either. Huhu. Anyway, whats done is done. That small bit of the whole event definitely was the least to be remembered. The limelight obviously were on the newlyweds throughout the day.. :)

Serious kan muke Famie mase ni?? hehe... cuak agaknyer depan Tok Kadi...

Ini lah adegan yang memalukan itu..... huhu.

The rest of the pics can be viewed here and here.

And while we were there, I managed to spend some time with my Terendak buddy – Tazz, who’s now a warden at UTP. hehehe.. Sounds funny, but hey, she was provided with a damn big house ok… Tazz and I, we were so delighted to see each other even for a short while.. But I was definitely overjoyed. I love my Terendak friends so much!! And we managed to spend some time at Taiping as well, to revisit this Kuewtiow Doli place, which was, not as nice anymore… :(

All in all, one hell of a weekend!

20 – 25 August 2007
I went to JB. Unlike my trip to Kedah, this time around I volunteered to drive instead of taking flight. Hmm, why? No particular reason. Maybe it’ll be easier to have own transportation at JB, because at least we can drive around for food and all. Unlike in Kedah, no offense, but I guess nothing much to be done there. Plus, Kedah was way too far, hence it’ll be more tiring. The team also was not that fun to drive around town together with. Anyway, I enjoyed my stay in JB so much. It was school holiday, my manager and I had no choice but to be placed at the Deluxe room each since all the normal rooms were fully booked. Nice! Hehe. Actually I planned to bring Mama along, but she had to cancel it at the very last minute. Atuk was finally discharged from the hospital and he’s staying with us. So Mama had to stay home nursing him. Poor Mama. Thought it’d be a good break for her. Hmm, Atuk is so so. He’s still weak. And grumpy at times. I guess, that’s normal for the aged, ill people.

Back to my trip in JB. Apart from the nice accommodation, I was so blessed to have such a nice client as well. And I got to spend some time with my childhood friend, Farah. One of the night she stayed over at my room and she brought me around town for me to do some last minute shopping. heh. I had to find some matching tudung and brooch for my bridesmaid attire. I managed to buy all that, plus, a pair of matching shoes. Hehe.

Weekend, 26&27 August 2007
On Sunday, Kerol and I attended my uni friends’ wedding at Gombak – Muhsin & Shima. So happy for both of them!! :) And what a small world, I bumped into some of my classmates when I was in standard 1 – 4, which means, Kerol’s classmates too. Hehehe. There you go, a mini gathering of sort over there.. :P

Kerol and I, with the newlyweds Muhsin & Shima.

Then right after the wedding, I stopped by at Kerol’s house and had some chat with the mother (awwwww…) to kill some time and then off we went to Kem Wardieburn for Famie & Munie’s wedding rehearsal. The Ipoh’s one was Muni’s side ceremony. This one was Famie’s. And this is the one where I’m the bridesmaid.. *wink* The next day – the actual event. Everything went well. Was a bit tiring, but a very good experience! =)

Rehearsal #1

Rehearsal #2. Ntah ape ntah yang di discuss kan.

'Ekor' Muni ini sangat berat okeyyy! :P

Bridesmaid in action. Hehehe.. Kipas tuh pun berat tau!

28 – 30 August 2007
Back I was in JB. But this time, my manager was with me until the second day only. Then I was left alone. Was ok, at least I got to do work on my own, at my own time. But, the only bummer was the mega huha made on the riots at the Pasir Gudang. Rumors had it that some riots will take place on one of the days, close to the Merdeka eve. There were FRUs and police at Masai there, which was near the Pasir Gudang highway – the only way that takes me back to JB town. Huhu. Even Farah warned me to be cautious and all.. and all the huha really took the creeps out of me! huhu. But thank God, nothing happened whatnot, and I’m back in KL in one piece.

31 August – Happy 50th Merdeka, Malaysia !!! I didn’t go anywhere, was still tired from the long journey. So I just lazed around at home. In fact, I was already in bed gone deep in my dreams on the eve of Merdeka.. huhu.. I feel so old! Oh yeah, my sister Liana is back from Jakarta today. She reached home at about 12 something.

1 September – Was awake quite early to get ready for my Terendak friend’s – Tina’s engagement in Melawati. Went to pick Roxie & Tazz at Roxie’s apartment in Pandan Indah and off we went to Tina’s house. We dashed straight into her room, and there she was, half way done with the make up. Even then so, she looked so beautiful. Abby joined soon after, followed by Dayana & Harris. Suria and her husband came in much later. And there we were, chatting merrily and laughing out loud like always. Boy I really enjoyed that moment. I guess the photographer pun macam dah naik menyampah dah dengan kitorg sebab menyibuk jer.. :P Tina pun satu, sibuk goofing around with us despite the nice make up and nice outfit. Hehehe. All in all, the event went well. Congrats Tina & Ajib!

After that, both Tazz and Roxie followed me back home, and we freshened up a bit and changed our outfit and hopped into Kerol’s car at about 3.30pm. Went to Mid Valley, and the road was all clear outside the mall, but goodness, inside, there was like a huge traffic at the parking lot. That, annoyed me like hell… huhu.. It took us almost 45minutes just to find the freaking parking space. Itupun Kerol did some illegal park.. What to do… Stupid Mid Valley went close the upper levels' carpark. Huh!

Well, on a brighter side, we had so much fun at the Mid Valley. Tazz & Roxie enjoyed it so much when I introduced them one of Kerol’s and my favourite past time at Mid Valley – playing games at the arcade there.. hehehe. God knows how much we spent on the tokens that day.. :P Don’t know really how to describe the game we liked it the most, but its this machine that has these 3 coloured button – red, green and blue. And it can have up to 3 players. Addictive ok! :P And another game we played was this thing called ‘Photo Hunt’. And not to forget, the game we used to play mase zaman muda2 dulu – Daytona! :D

After spending the good 2 hours there, we went to have dinner at Hartamas Square before heading back home. Boy, what a day! :)

2 September – Woke up quite late and decided to take Tazz & Roxie to the Curve. Picked them up, then picked Kerol and reached there at about 4.30pm. Bought ourselves movie tickets for ‘Perfect Stranger’. Nice, psychotic movie, hahaha. OK lah, nothing to shout about. Ratatouille definitely is still my fav at this moment. Went through the flea market, spent some time at the Big Apple’s Donuts and later we were joined by Tina & Ajib. Tazz’s friend reached there not long after and off she went back to UTP in Tronoh. The rest of us had our dinner at the Secret’s Recipe before calling it the day.

Sigh, I had so much fun whenever I met my Terendak friends, and like always, everything passed by so quickly. Wish Alin was there too to join the clan.

Alritey people. I feel sick scrolling back what I have written. Huhu.. Sorry yer, terpanjang ler pulak essay ni.. :P

OK, I owe you guys nothing, and till later for more updates! =)


  1. panjangggggggggggggggggggggggg nye!!

  2. pennnnnndekkkkkkkkkk nye comment!! :P

  3. lilia,
    good to have you back!!!

    comelnya ko..hehe

    meriah nye wedding munie..

    ok. keep writing!

    take care!!

  4. wah, sungguh happening. hehe. cik lilia biler lagi..? ;P

  5. eh its a signal.. all this weddings..a good signal..i m waiting for your turn now..wahahha..

  6. Dalie,

    good to see you are back in action too! =)

    am sure you are cute in your own ways too! you have a cute personality thats for sure bebeh.. hehehe. anyway thanks.

    a'ah muni nye wedding memang meriah.. she's lucky!

    ok, will do. tapi mcm susah jugak la. biziiiiii!!

  7. Incik Alan,

    Memang happening kan. Bulan Ogos bulan yang sangat memenatkan. huhu..

    Errr.. my turn..? hmmm, biarlah rahsia.. wahahaha.


    welcome back! =)

    and yeah, i am waiting for my turn too.. hmm, lets wait together k.. kakakaka.