Sunday, 30 September 2007

The one with... my trip to India..

It's so, extremely GOOD to be back in Malaysia !!! :)

Ni baru seminggu pergi negara orang, dah mula..

- Ada rasa semangat patriotik yang membuak2.
- Ada rasa rindu gile nak makan masakan Malaysia, especially nasik! (To confirm that statement: Berbuka tadi makan yong tau foo & popiah basah, lepas tu dlm kol 10 makan nasik goreng paprik ayam tambah telur mata, pastu balik umah tengok ade magi goreng atas meja, belasah dalam 3 suap..and soon am gonna have the bfast meal from McD for sahur. Hows that??? :P )
- Rasa tersangat grateful dengan apa yang ada here in Malaysia.

Seriously, no kidding.


Maybe because I went to a quite an outskirts part of that other country, I felt it was such an exposure, a really an eye-opener. Yeap, I learnt from the trip that Kolkata is not so much of a well developed part of India, as compared to Mumbai and Bombay. Well, not that I’ve been there to the two states, but at least that’s what I was told.

Anyway the trip was good. The seminar / training were informative. And, it was not so much of an international thing, instead it was actually appeared to be a training session for our counterpart offices in India; five offices altogether. Means Joanne & I were the only ‘foreigners’, beside the instructors team, which came from US. Yeap. But really, it was a good opportunity not to be missed. I can never feel thankful enough for that.

Hmm, what else. RM appreciates better than Rupees, but their stuff are not so cheap, especially when they know you came from the other countries. And often they took advantage by offering you to go through the huge crowd (very!) of people at almost every place, expecting (insisting, in a very pushy ways) for tips. And they asked for a ‘standard’ amount. You won’t have much of a choice. I found that to be a bit scary, especially when Joanne and I were alone without any male companion. [note: this is not to bad mouth about or look down upon the people and their country, but merely a fact for information. And so does this entry as a whole].

On a positive note, their hotels were damn nice, with a great hospitality service rendered to us. Well, maybe because we were placed at two 5-star hotels. *wink* And throughout our 7 days there, we couldn't still got adjusted to the time in India, which was 2.5 hours behind Malaysia. So every night we felt sleepy at about 11.30pm - 12 midnight (which was only 9pm - 9.30pm in India) and went to sleep by then. The course started at 9am India time every morning, which means 11.30am in Malaysia. Definitely we had a good beauty sleep during our stay! =)

OK lah. Lets get the pictures to do more of the story telling ya. Well, ada banyak sangat gambar, but i'll just pick and choose.. Here goes.

DAY 1 - SATURDAY 22/9/2007

Captured from the tv screen at my seat in the plane.

Joanne and I in the plane, just departed from Malaysia.

Food brought from Malaysia... heehee.

DAY 2 - SUNDAY 23/9/2007

In the middle of the most decent shopping mall there called City Centre.

Bargaining for bangles.

Bling bling, me likeyyy~~ heh.

DAY 3 - 6, MONDAY - THURSDAY; 24 - 27/9/2007

Joanne and I

In front of the hotel

I was teamed-up with this dude.. heh.

With the instructors

DAY 6 & 7, THURSDAY & FRIDAY; 27 & 28/9/2007

Quite a busy city

We found out that the cars over there do not use side mirrors. Its either both sides are folded.

Or completely none. What happened was, they will honk at each other to ask for ways. A bit scary... Because other vehicles can be so close to each other.

As close as this! Huhu. This picture was taken while I was sitting in the cab, and that was a lorry okey approaching so close to us. These people, they are quite daring on the road!

We got freaked out every time other vehicles got too near to us! yaiks~~

A normal scene - little boy went from one car to another begging for money..

We had our fair share of experience too.

At their Botanical Garden.

And the place was flooded. But the car was damn selambe redah jer.

Honestly, there's nothing to shout out about. Anyway, these water lilies are nice eh?

At the Victoria Palace, where Queen Victoria used to reside once upon a time. We went inside, it was like a museum, full of lots of historical information. Hmm, not our cup of tea. We left within half an hour :P

Another scene.

Excited to see a mosque

We went to visit Mother Teresa' s tomb, and the room she used to stayed in last time. Again, no photos were allowed. Also, we went to some other places like the temple, and also the famous bridge at the Ganges River. But again, we were not allowed to take pictures. Anyway, the visit to the temple was quite an experience. Hmm, I don't want to comment further, because it has something to do with religion. So, enough said.

We were required to be at the airport 3 hours before departure time. And this is how crowded the airport was. We almost died in boredom! (literally that is).

Goofing around in the plane, feeling so excited to go back to Malaysia.. =)

All in all, a very valuable experience. Something I would treasure all my life.

Sekian.... I really wish Monday won't come so fast!


  1. lilia laling,

    1st, waaaaaaaa jelesnyaaaaaa...

    2nd, walaupun aku jeles, tapi aku lebih byk happy untuk kau, so..i'm glad u're home !!!

    3rd, adakah aku mendapat souvenir? wakakaa..gurau je..

    have a nice day!!!

    and nice pics. kau sgt comel. teeheehee.

  2. dalie daling,

    1st, jangan jelessssssss...

    2nd, thanks! =) am glad too.

    3rd, kalau ko kt KL, mesti ko dapat... *wink*

    you too have a nice day!

    and... speechless. heh.