Thursday, 6 September 2007

The one with... killing some time.

Am waiting for Kerol to come and pick me up for lunch. Did I tell you that his department just moved to his office HQ in Great Eastern mall? Quite near to my place kan.. hehe.. But after this I dont think I'd be able to have him sending me to office in the morning (activity sekali sekala) since it'll be quite troublesome for him. Dulu boleh la because he's passing by my area before he goes to his office in Technology Park Malaysia. Whats more I'm moving to Sentral soon. Jaaaaangan la harap. Huhu~

Anyway, I've been tagged by Ziez. So sambil2 menunggu, here goes...

4 things that scare me
1. Death – and when & how’s mine going to be.. mintak dipermudahkan.. Amin.
2. Losing my loved ones.
3. Ghosts and stories related to them.
4. Lipan, lipas, tikus, ulat2an, and binatang2 yang sewaktu dengan nye.

4 people who makes me laugh
1. Kerol
2. My sisters
3. Alip – oh did I tell you that ever since Atuk was hospitalized, Mama stopped taking care of him and the others as well? I miss them kids so dearly!
4. My friends, especially my office friends and my Terendak friends.

4 things that I love
1. All things bought using my own money = shopping.
2. Presents from people, especially from Kerol… his taste suits mine very well! =)
3. Holiday.
4. Watching movies.

4 things that I hate
1. Things not going my way.
2. The fact that I put on weight easily.
3. If things falling apart between me and people around me.
4. To see Mama sad.

4 Things that I don't understand
1. How people can fall out of love and have no guts to tell the partner in person? Especially those already married and have kids for that matter. Screw them!!
2. How come a person can love two people at the same time? B*llSh*t! Screw these species too!
3. Why is it so hard to control my past issues from affecting the current me? :(
4. Why can a person steal some other’s partner?

(WOW its all about relationship.. huhu)

4 things on my desk
1. Laptop.
2. Stationeries.
3. Ever mounting files and documents.
4. Phones – office phone & my handphone.

4 Things I'm doing right now
1. Doing these tag questionnaires.
2. Waiting for Kerol to come and pick me up for lunch.
3. Thinking where to go for lunch.
4. Feeling guilty – I should be taking this opportunity to do work instead of this. huhu.

4 things I want to do before I die
1. Sempat bertaubat and mengucap.
2. Get married and have kids and own house.
3. Send Mama to perform Haji.
4. Sempat tell people I love, that I love them and that I’m sorry for all my wrongdoings.

4 simple things to describe my personality
1. Friendly. But I don’t normally initiate conversation :P
2. Emo. Huhu.
3. Sensitive.
4. Loyal. (ish gf sape ler ni... hehehe)

4 things I can't do
1. Multitasking. Huhu. Am easily distracted.
2. Doing something when am in a panic mode.
3. Eating nasi lemak at night :D
4. Drink too much of plain water :P (am learning to!)

Alritey.. Kerol is here.. Hmm am tagging whoever feels like to be tagged ok? Feel free to fill up your blog with this!


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