Friday, 14 September 2007

The one with.. crankiness.

Yesterday night I had a good breaking fast time at home with the girls – my sisters Erin & Liana; and Mama. I had a decent portion of rice and dishes; and I didn’t drink much water (for I was still bloated with food). I planned to munch something more and also drink water later after the tarawikh. And for that, I even had plan with Kerol to have a meet up at a place yet to be decided. But my I was so tired (I had no idea why) that I felt flat the moment I came back home from surau. It was 9.45pm (buat 8 + 3 jer… :P) and all I could remember was feeling so so so sleepy the moment I entered my room to get changed. The next thing I knew, it was already 8am this morning!

Sigh sigh sigh.

That’s it. I knew it I would be all cranky today with the lack of food and water, plus, with the morning rush.

Reached office at about 9am, but thank God big bosses were not around. Office is freaking cold la these days damn it. Today as suggested by Kerol, I brought my own sweater, plus I made myself wrapped by a shawl. Not bad, at least today my fingers are not all too 'frozen up' to type things. Huhu.

Anyway things were a bit kelam kabut in office since today is gonna be our last day here. We are officially moving into the new building next Monday. So we must have all our things packed and the boxes sealed; all ready to be picked up by the transporters.

And the office looks rather spacious now with the absence of ever mounting pile of documents, files, cabinets, drawers, etc. Heh. And as always, no one is in the mood to do work on Friday. What's more with this moving thing happening around us, so we had some good moment goofing around taking pictures instead :D

OK lah.. I have nothing more to write. Enjoy the pictures lah k! It’s lunch hour so I don’t mind spending time adding all these pictures here :)

Pictures I had with the girls at home the other day – dinner at Saisaki:

Pictures I had with me colleagues this morning:

And at this moment am typing this, they are starting to dismantle the table and workstation one by one. I guess its gonna be an early day for us today huh? *yeay~!*

Hmm I know this is bad, but I couldn’t help it but to count down hours to berbuka! Huhu. My mom is picking up my brother, Ajim today from his boarding school, he’s coming back for the weekend. So my sister Erin is going to cook a simple meal instead and I myself on the other hand will have to go to PaRam (Pasar Ramadhan) to buy the kuih muih as a back up. Hehehe.

Can't wait!


  1. bye lia... see you on the 24th at KL Sentral... moi pon x de mood nak buat keje... sungguh malas... our dept belum kemas2 lagik... tgk la next week... siap la...

  2. hehehe... takpe takpe.. last minute always work the best.

    bye2! (hahaha poyo plak rase... even same building also pun bukannye see each other :P )

  3. aiyoh..i got big camera..nvr ask me to take photos for u guys..

  4. selamat berpindah ke opis baru. :)