Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The one with... busy days are approaching...

I’ve been quite occupied with works ever since I came back to office on Monday. And I foresee it's gonna be that way until i-dont-know-when. Sigh.

There were a lot of unread emails during my 3 ½ weeks absence. Thank God not all are work-related.

And, the claims need to be submitted the soonest possible to make sure it’ll be in my September pay.

My company is moving to the new building soon, as soon as this coming 17 & 24 September (2 phases). Though I have done the spring cleaning and threw all the junks, I think I still have a lot of things on my table. Each person is provided with two big boxes to pack the stuffs – I hope that would be enough for me. I just received my ‘pre-move pack’ and I haven’t gotten my picture taken for our new access tags as well, whereas my colleagues were all have done with theirs. Huhu. There are internal sales for the furniture, am buying my own cabinet and drawer – sold at RM30 each. Quite a good deal eh? The office chair is selling at RM20, but i don’t know where to put that at home. So I gave that a pass. Travelling from home to the new building is still a question mark. The building is near the KL Sentral. I’m still contemplating as to whether should I take the Putra LRT since the Setiawangsa station is 5 mins walking distance from my house (hence save money & get to work out) OR should I stick to driving (hence easy to travel in case there’s a meeting or I need to carry a lot of things, plus I get to be in control of my own timing). But for now the option to drive is outweighing the option to travel by Putra (malas dowhhh nak naik Putra! hehehe)

OK, that’s enough about office.

On the non-office part of my life, I’ve been fasting for three days in a row already. Huhu serve me right, Ramadhan is approaching and now baru terhegeh2 nak ganti puasa.. huhu.. But if I manage to complete my fasting today, then esok Raya!!! Hehe.. (dah abes dah la buat puasa ganti – you get what I mean… do you?)

Oya gave me a belated birthday dinner treat on Monday. I decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) for it has been so freaking some time I didn’t get to have their Spinach Artichoke Dip. For those who always go there for dinner, you’d agree with me that sometime CPK can be quite annoying in the sense that they always ran out of stocks for their food shown in the menu. VERY duh-uh! And yesterday was no exception. We were there quite early, at about 7pm. And they were already ran out of 2 of their pastas and 2 appetizers. And expected, their Spinach Artichoke Dip too! I was so pissed off I told the waiter “Eh, dari tahun lepas I datang tak dapat2 nak makan benda ni. You cancel off je lah from your menu. Kasi harapan je kat customer!”. To which he replied “Bulan lepas ade kak.. Hmm, ni stock tengah on the way”. Then I said “Takpe lah.. give us some more time before we place our order”. Geram betul! Huhu.. After we placed our order and suddenly in the midst of conversation with Oya, the waiter came again, “Excuse me, stock untuk Artichoke tu dah sampai.. Nak order tak?”. I was like, okeyyyyy… That was fast. What da… Anyway, yeah I ordered that one eventually of course. Hehehehe.. Yeay, cravings satisfied!

Gambar tak berapa clear sebab guna camera phone..

So I had a good time catching up with Oya and after dinner we went to Watson for a while before heading off to Famie & Muni’s place – the Desa Putra kondo near NZ / Carrefour Wangsa Maju. Oya wanted to check out their new place.. Did I tell you that they are one hell of a lucky newlywed? The kondo is all nicely fully furnished and renovated and decorated for them – a wedding gift from Famie’s parents! Huhu.. (note to ownself: Jangan compare2… Tak baik… Rezeki orang kan lain2… So, count your each blessing..) Anyway, we hung out there until 11pm before going back home.

The next day (i.e. yesterday), another great dinner took place. I had a night out with my girls from office. We had Chinese food for dinner at KL Hilton – Chynna Restaurant. Before that we managed to go check out our new office and also the proposed parking lots. The building looks nice. But the parking lots quite far lah. To walk from the Putra also is actually quite far (for a lazy bum like me I guess). Anyway, the Chynna Restaurant - nice place, nice food, great company… We had a really good catching up and laughing (read: gossiping) session.. =)

Goofing around before leaving the office.. (see, the boxes are all over the place)

Myself with Jean, Joanne & Parveen at Chynna Restaurant, KL Hilton

And today, I am soooo looking forward to have a night out with Kerol !! huhu.. Come to think of it, it has been quite some time we didn’t get to spend a good quality time together. I was away for nearly a month and he has been so nice all this while accompanying me to weddings and following me entertaining my friends… So, yeah.. can't wait for the office hours to end!

Back to work... Ciao!


  1. hey...can i get some computer table and a chair? if possibe, an L-shape table. tapi mcm mana lak nk ngangkat nanti....

  2. hi.. hm, computer table takde la pulak.. but i'll check that for you. see how k? if chair definitely i can get it for you.. mengangkat tu belakang kiraaa.. hehe.

  3. best ke cpk ? macam tempting. huhu.

  4. alan,

    CPK besttt.. the spinach artichoke dip is a must.. ;) and the pizzas are better than the pastas. coz i find their spaghetti is a bit dry. sile lah mencuba ye. ape salahnye kan.

  5. lilia,

    Happy moving into new place, and happy hari raya! (i mean puasa ganti, i got it) hehe..

    ya, tak baik banding2 rezki org. kau philosopher, not fullofshitter. hehe

    till again. :)

  6. philosopher not fullofshitter...

    nice one dalie


  7. lilia,

    how do we pronounce artichoke?

    is it 'ar-tee-choke'?

    i'm serious..

  8. soulz,
    it was from lilia actually. i'm the repeater.

    she shud get the credit. :)

  9. Dalie,

    Am not happy moving to new place, seating arrangement tak best! huhu. hehe i know you'd understand with the Hari Raya thing, u r a smart girl! =)

    dear s0ulz,

    thanks for the compliment! hahahaha yes yes !! Dalie, thanks to you, i dapat pujian. hehehe.


    yeap, spot on! thats how u pronounce it.