Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The one with.. attack of the laziness.

Saya sangat malas harini. Teruknya!!!!! Benci benci.

Tapi malas sangat. Betulllll, tak tipu.

Might as well do this no-brainer tag questionnaires huh? (lame excuse for a lazy bum)

Here goes:

5 things in my bag
1. Purse
2. Hand phone
3. Facial blotter
4. Umbrella ella ella ella
5. Name card holder

5 things in my wallet
1. Duit
2. IC
3. Driving license
4. Credit card
5. Picture of me and Kerol.. awww so suweeeettt.

5 favorite things in my bedroom
1. My bed; together with things on it – bantal kepala, bantal peluk tangan kanan, bantal peluk tangan kiri, bantal peluk kaki kanan, bantal perlu kaki kiri, bantal peluk panjang, bantal Spongebob, softtoys…
2. Coat hanger; which I use as my ‘handbags hanger’.
3. Dressing table; also together with things on it – hmm, malas plak nak listkan. You know lah those things – make up stuffs, perfumes, brooches, bracelets, ehhh ter list kan la pulokkk. Full stop.
4. Cermin panjang
5. Almari baju.

5 things I like to do
1. Tengok wayang / TV
2. Hang out with Kerol / family / friends; shopping with them
3. Holidaying
4. Surfing the net
5. Laze around in bed, sleeping..

5 things i'm doing now
1. Menjawab soalan no. 1 of this category.
2. Now, menjawab soalan no. 2 of this category.
3. And nowwww, menjawab soalan no. 3 of this category.
5. Menjawab soalan no. 5 of this question. DOH-OH I am officially pissed.

5 people i'm tagging
1. Kamu.
2. Anda.
3. You.
4. Awak.
5. Engkau tu haaaa.

Adoiiii apesal takde mood nak buat kerja niiii. Employee sapa laaa ni.

Takpe, esok ganti balik. Esok kene rajin. Percayalah, saya pekerja yang rajin.

Ok, dah 5.30 dah. Nak balik. Huhu.

Sekian. (benci.. benci..)


  1. aiyoh..sangat sure gonna disturb u today..c how u bcome rajin tdy hehehehe...

  2. where got disturb? u must be very rajin hah? coz i am you know. luckily u didnt come and kacau, else i would have blasted you.. hehehehe. happy packing weh!