Sunday, 30 September 2007

The one with... my trip to India..

It's so, extremely GOOD to be back in Malaysia !!! :)

Ni baru seminggu pergi negara orang, dah mula..

- Ada rasa semangat patriotik yang membuak2.
- Ada rasa rindu gile nak makan masakan Malaysia, especially nasik! (To confirm that statement: Berbuka tadi makan yong tau foo & popiah basah, lepas tu dlm kol 10 makan nasik goreng paprik ayam tambah telur mata, pastu balik umah tengok ade magi goreng atas meja, belasah dalam 3 suap..and soon am gonna have the bfast meal from McD for sahur. Hows that??? :P )
- Rasa tersangat grateful dengan apa yang ada here in Malaysia.

Seriously, no kidding.


Maybe because I went to a quite an outskirts part of that other country, I felt it was such an exposure, a really an eye-opener. Yeap, I learnt from the trip that Kolkata is not so much of a well developed part of India, as compared to Mumbai and Bombay. Well, not that I’ve been there to the two states, but at least that’s what I was told.

Anyway the trip was good. The seminar / training were informative. And, it was not so much of an international thing, instead it was actually appeared to be a training session for our counterpart offices in India; five offices altogether. Means Joanne & I were the only ‘foreigners’, beside the instructors team, which came from US. Yeap. But really, it was a good opportunity not to be missed. I can never feel thankful enough for that.

Hmm, what else. RM appreciates better than Rupees, but their stuff are not so cheap, especially when they know you came from the other countries. And often they took advantage by offering you to go through the huge crowd (very!) of people at almost every place, expecting (insisting, in a very pushy ways) for tips. And they asked for a ‘standard’ amount. You won’t have much of a choice. I found that to be a bit scary, especially when Joanne and I were alone without any male companion. [note: this is not to bad mouth about or look down upon the people and their country, but merely a fact for information. And so does this entry as a whole].

On a positive note, their hotels were damn nice, with a great hospitality service rendered to us. Well, maybe because we were placed at two 5-star hotels. *wink* And throughout our 7 days there, we couldn't still got adjusted to the time in India, which was 2.5 hours behind Malaysia. So every night we felt sleepy at about 11.30pm - 12 midnight (which was only 9pm - 9.30pm in India) and went to sleep by then. The course started at 9am India time every morning, which means 11.30am in Malaysia. Definitely we had a good beauty sleep during our stay! =)

OK lah. Lets get the pictures to do more of the story telling ya. Well, ada banyak sangat gambar, but i'll just pick and choose.. Here goes.

DAY 1 - SATURDAY 22/9/2007

Captured from the tv screen at my seat in the plane.

Joanne and I in the plane, just departed from Malaysia.

Food brought from Malaysia... heehee.

DAY 2 - SUNDAY 23/9/2007

In the middle of the most decent shopping mall there called City Centre.

Bargaining for bangles.

Bling bling, me likeyyy~~ heh.

DAY 3 - 6, MONDAY - THURSDAY; 24 - 27/9/2007

Joanne and I

In front of the hotel

I was teamed-up with this dude.. heh.

With the instructors

DAY 6 & 7, THURSDAY & FRIDAY; 27 & 28/9/2007

Quite a busy city

We found out that the cars over there do not use side mirrors. Its either both sides are folded.

Or completely none. What happened was, they will honk at each other to ask for ways. A bit scary... Because other vehicles can be so close to each other.

As close as this! Huhu. This picture was taken while I was sitting in the cab, and that was a lorry okey approaching so close to us. These people, they are quite daring on the road!

We got freaked out every time other vehicles got too near to us! yaiks~~

A normal scene - little boy went from one car to another begging for money..

We had our fair share of experience too.

At their Botanical Garden.

And the place was flooded. But the car was damn selambe redah jer.

Honestly, there's nothing to shout out about. Anyway, these water lilies are nice eh?

At the Victoria Palace, where Queen Victoria used to reside once upon a time. We went inside, it was like a museum, full of lots of historical information. Hmm, not our cup of tea. We left within half an hour :P

Another scene.

Excited to see a mosque

We went to visit Mother Teresa' s tomb, and the room she used to stayed in last time. Again, no photos were allowed. Also, we went to some other places like the temple, and also the famous bridge at the Ganges River. But again, we were not allowed to take pictures. Anyway, the visit to the temple was quite an experience. Hmm, I don't want to comment further, because it has something to do with religion. So, enough said.

We were required to be at the airport 3 hours before departure time. And this is how crowded the airport was. We almost died in boredom! (literally that is).

Goofing around in the plane, feeling so excited to go back to Malaysia.. =)

All in all, a very valuable experience. Something I would treasure all my life.

Sekian.... I really wish Monday won't come so fast!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

The one with… [Singing] “Calcuttaaaa… taxi taxi taxi…” (repeat 2 times.. heh.)

Before I start typing what I want to type, just want to make it known that my heart goes out to the family of Allahyarham adik Nurin Jazmin Jazimin. Really, it broke my heart to know what had happened to such an innocent kid like her and it must have been extremely hard for the parents and family members to cope with the shocking news. Hopefully the person who committed such a cruel, insensitive, heartless and unacceptable act will be dreadfully punished both here and thereafter.


Things were so rushing for the past 3 days.. I was on this 2 days internal course of which I’ve enrolled since last week (which means, I cannot pull myself out from the course just like that) when suddenly the trip to India came into the picture.. (Yesss, it’s confirmed now!!! =) )

I had to juggle between being physically present in the training room and having the mind wandering around on what needs to be done with the current jobs am handling and also making sure that all matters relating to the trip to India are all sorted out.. The visa application, the booking of flight ticket, the accommodation arrangement, the food, the extension of credit card limit, timing for prayer and hence for berbuka and sahur, and the list just goes on…. In fact, even as at this moment I just got back from going out with Kerol (*isk* am so gonna miss him!) to run some last minute errants especially to change RM to Rupees. But all in all, thank God everything was all done deal.. The credit especially goes to the two helpful, very kind, and patient secretaries of my department. Really, I pity them for having to cope with the late notice but somehow they’ve managed it very well.. Impressive!

Hmm, but as to how the real situation is gonna turn out to be, I myself is feeling quite nervous just by the thought of it. It’s kind of having a mixed feeling I would say. Happy, tapi nervous; excited, tapi takut; something to that effect. Huhu… Mana pernah travel jauh2 macam ni… Bulan puasa pulak tu.. Haishhh. Nervous nervous. And to top that up, it’s kinda weird though facing the way my family is handling the news. Dad asked me to cancel the cab I’ve arranged earlier to go to KLIA since he said he will drive me there, with the rest of family members going to tag along. And yesterday mom asked me what I wanted for berbuka, to which I replied “anything” for I thought I would just left the option opened, but much to my surprise she made my favourite meal – the kuewtiow goreng basah plus, she even went to the PaRam and bought ayam percik and roti boom for me; another two favourite meals of mine. Gosh, I was so touched! I mean, maybe all these while I always carried myself as the typical eldest, the independent ones to be specific. The one who always turn down offers by the parents just because (I think) I know I am big enough to take care of my own self. After all, I’ve been away from the family since I was 13. Only when I started working 3 1/2 years ago I started to stay at home. So having the family members showing their concern like this, man I feel weird, but so touched at the same time. Huhu. Ok, I’m getting all emotional now.. (~_~)

Anyway, yeah.. am going to Calcutta (new name now is Kolkata) for a week with my colleague Joanne, departing later at 6.50pm and going to touch down Malaysia only by next week’s Saturday morning. India's time is about 2 1/2 hours behind compared to Malaysia's. Just so you know :P So with that, I shall bid farewell for now and officially leaving my page to be filled with dust. Heh.

Ok lah, as always, don’t miss me so much! Hehehe. Ciao….

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The one with... moving..

Phew, finally am all settled down with my new workplace.

Yesterday was the first out of two moving phases. My department was part of the 1st Group. Woke up quite early in the morning because I’ve agreed to meet Parveen at Jean’s place; located near The Mall, at 8.10am. Met the two of them just on time, before making our move to KL Sentral. Managed to find the designated parking lot, which is quite, well, DAMN far from the main office building which is located at the Jalan Travers. 15mins of walking ok! Sigh, so freaking far for the unfit me… Looks like after this I have to factor in the walking as part of the overall timing to reach the office. What a bummer.

Anyway, things were all exciting though for yesterday. We were all wearing this (ugly) shirt, of a fluorescent green in colour. And the size was ridiculous. Even ‘S’ was also big for the skinny girls like Joanne & Parveen. And Jean & I had the shirt with the size ‘M”. Huh. So if anyone happened to see people with that kind of shirt wandering around KL Sentral yesterday, yes that was us and some other staffs of the same company. Hahaha. Had to register at the 15th floor first, at which we had to return back our old name tags as an exchange for the new ones. Thank God my picture was a-ok. Huhu. We even received some goodies too, including a new laptop bag - backpack form. Not bad.

Then we took the lift down to 8th floor where our department is located. I could see my boxes were all already there. I would say my new workstation was rather spacious compared to the previous one. But I seriously pity those who had to sit at the ‘triple sharing’ workstation arrangement. So poor thing. Anyway, I am located quite far from the gang, especially from the girls. *isk*. Nasib baik I have Eddie sitting next to me. Hmm, my place is at the very far end, at the corner facing the glass window. Haihhh. Agak tidak best, I’m not in control of the traffic. I mean, people may just appear from my behind to see what I am doing. Huhu. Unlike those who sit facing the aisle you see. Oh yeah, another bummer, this time around we are sharing cabinets and they are located quite far from my place. All of my files were placed under the table then.

So yeah, things were pretty much sorted out by lunch time. I felt so tired by then. Both the walking and the unpacking took out so much of my energy.. Huhu. And the dust made me felt uncomfortable as well, though I didn’t keep on sneezing like some others. I have yet to check out what’s in store for lunch – leaving it to the others for that. All I know once the fasting month is over, I’ll be fed with enough information on where to go for lunch... ;P

Kerol came during lunch time – I need to buy a new pair of sandal / sneakers since the one I was wearing was already spoilt. So sad, I was actually wearing this one sandal which I haven’t been wearing for quite some time. Boleh pulak sandal tu mereput. Huhu. I only realized that at about 11am, much to my disappointment and embarrassment too… Sebab separuh daripada tapak kasut tuh memang dah mereput and tertanggal. Sangat buruk rupenyer. No wonder I felt something was not right when I walked :P So yeah, both Kerol and I, we went to Mid Valley during the lunch time. Kerol tak abes2 gelak seeing me in that ‘moving’ attire. Boleh pulak staff Mid Valley pun wearing uniform of the same colour. Kemain suke la si Kerol menyakat. Ceh. Anyway, I managed to buy this one pair of sneakers of my liking from Hush Puppies. *happy*

Couldn’t really do work after lunch hour. Everyone was not in the working mood. Connection was still sucks. And we were all still excited and busy checking out around the new place and testing the new telephone. Hahaha. Jakun kan. Maklumlah dulu phone kat ofis lama was the normal phone from Telekom. Ni kat tempat baru dapat phone yang bleh screen calls, set ringing tones, scroll received calls, missed calls etc, and also scroll names in phone book like we normally do with the hand phones. OK, confirm jakun! LOL.

Went back at 5pm and was so annoyed with the traffic! Huhu. Office dah jauh from home… so sad... It took me almost 1 hour just to reach home. Walking from office to the car park je dah 15 minutes. Sigh. Sangat penat..... Any tips to go back to Keramat Au1 from KL Sentral the fastest possible??

Anyway, the highlight of my day – my director called me and one of my girls, Joanne into his room sometime just before lunch. Guess what, we might need to go to India next week! Yep, India paddayappa. Huhu. What happened was, there’ll be this international training on the area of what my department does, i.e. what I do for a living; held by our affiliate company there. This year it's going to be held in Calcutta, India. So my director wanted to send at least 2 of his staffs to learn and later share the knowledge gained from the training with the rest of the department. So he picked me and Joanne. Well, at least that's what I knew la. Not much details were made known to us just yet. But whatever it is, I was, and am still, feeling so happy and thrilled! Nervous is one thing also la, but that’s beside the point as at this moment. \(^_^)/

Anyway, like I mentioned, we MAY be going. Yes, things are not confirmed yet. Cause my director needs to get approval from the CEO first, as much as the budget is concerned.. Huhu. Hopefully luck is on my side! Wish me luck okey… *keeping my fingers crossed*

Ok lah, it’s almost 5pm. I’d better be ready to go back soon. As always, before I end the entry, enjoy the pictures!

This is Eddie, with Joe menyibuk.. :P

The view from my place. I could give traffic report to others hah?

Me, myself & I.

Joanne trying to play hide-and-seek.

Parveen, posing with the birthday present I gave her in April =)

This is Adrian.. I've always thought he looks like fido-dido, doesn't he? :)

Ruben and Jean, capturing my picture. heh.

KL Sentral diserang orang2 hijau.. :D

Another view around KL Sentral.

From L to R: Parveen, Jean, Joanne & myself.

Watch out for another group of 'greenish people' around KL Sentral next week on Monday as another batch is moving in! (and that includes Oya.. hehe).

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The one with... pimp my [......]

[.... err, Self]

Sebagai seorang yang sangat jakun (saya tidak suka ber make up yang over2, err more like tak tahu sebenarnye. Hehehe. Saving the best for last maaaa, i.e. untuk wedding nanti.. cewahhh~*), maka saya sangat teruja with the free makeover session done by Estée Lauder.

Parveen bought something from them you see, so she’s entitled with this one-to-one makeover session. And since I was there tagging along, accompanying her buying those stuff, I guess the girl at the counter had no choice but to extend the offer to me as well.. *wink*

So, as per the appointment, I met Parveen in KLCC at about 11.45am as agreed. Both my sisters Erin and Liana tagged along as well to be the observer. Heh. I asked the make up artist on how to deal with my imbalance eyes (the right side has a proper eyelid whereas the left one doesn’t have one.. huhu) plus how to conceal my dark circle plus how to make my chubby cheeks looks less chubby. (hmmm.. was it too much to ask? Heck, its FOC. I’d better grab the opportunity aite… Ah, a typical Malaysian, am I? hehehe) Parveen on the other hand wanted to know on how to do nice smokey eyes without having the smudge.

The result? Here goes…

(this is soooo one heck of a self exposé entry.. but heck, aku punye blog.. aku punye suke lah kannn.. huahuahua \(^_^)/ )

The before….
The after….

The power (and wonder) of make up huh? =) Nicely done I would say. Strong make up with natural finishing. But I wouldn’t be that daring to put on so much, unless it’s for special occasion. I mean really special, setakat dinner2 or attending weddings tuh, tak payah la kot. Simple2 sudahhhhh.

Oh yeah, and the two great sisters.... :)

[.... Ride]

Finally I had the time to send my car to be tinted. Yeay~! Memang dah plan mase dapat bonus haritu nak have my car tinted (bukan the type yang gelap untuk nampak cool whatsoever, I was keen to have the one yang boleh absorb heat tu.. alaaa yang tanak kasik kereta panas even I have my car parked at the open space under the fierce sun heat) and also, to put visors at the doors, and if RM permits, to install the CD player as well. So after the makeover session at KLCC, the four of us - Parveen, myself, Erin and Liana; we all went separated into our own ways. I myself went to meet Kerol at Danau Kota, and from there on I tailgated him to the car workshop. (ye, dengan proper make up and all... membazir je kan.. dah cantik2 pergi workshop yang comot plak.. huhu..)

Hmm, I'm aware that I bought my car with one layer of this thing called ‘safe tint’. But I didn’t know it took one heck of the mechanic’s time to remove those from all 6 windows before replacing with the proper ones… Huhu. Pity the mechanic. From what Kerol told me, normally the ‘tinted’ procedure wont take up so much time, but for my case, it took almost 5 1/2 hours! Huhu… But all in all, I have yet to verify the practicality of having my car’s windows tinted. We shall see how. Hope it’s all worth the money!

Hmm, I don’t have the pictures of my cars before and after tinted la. Heh. Anyway, I can’t tell the difference though. Like I said, I didn’t have my car tinted with those yang looks completely dark tu.

Ok lah, I’d better go to sleep now. Later tak terbangun pulak untuk sahur.


Friday, 14 September 2007

The one with.. crankiness.

Yesterday night I had a good breaking fast time at home with the girls – my sisters Erin & Liana; and Mama. I had a decent portion of rice and dishes; and I didn’t drink much water (for I was still bloated with food). I planned to munch something more and also drink water later after the tarawikh. And for that, I even had plan with Kerol to have a meet up at a place yet to be decided. But my I was so tired (I had no idea why) that I felt flat the moment I came back home from surau. It was 9.45pm (buat 8 + 3 jer… :P) and all I could remember was feeling so so so sleepy the moment I entered my room to get changed. The next thing I knew, it was already 8am this morning!

Sigh sigh sigh.

That’s it. I knew it I would be all cranky today with the lack of food and water, plus, with the morning rush.

Reached office at about 9am, but thank God big bosses were not around. Office is freaking cold la these days damn it. Today as suggested by Kerol, I brought my own sweater, plus I made myself wrapped by a shawl. Not bad, at least today my fingers are not all too 'frozen up' to type things. Huhu.

Anyway things were a bit kelam kabut in office since today is gonna be our last day here. We are officially moving into the new building next Monday. So we must have all our things packed and the boxes sealed; all ready to be picked up by the transporters.

And the office looks rather spacious now with the absence of ever mounting pile of documents, files, cabinets, drawers, etc. Heh. And as always, no one is in the mood to do work on Friday. What's more with this moving thing happening around us, so we had some good moment goofing around taking pictures instead :D

OK lah.. I have nothing more to write. Enjoy the pictures lah k! It’s lunch hour so I don’t mind spending time adding all these pictures here :)

Pictures I had with the girls at home the other day – dinner at Saisaki:

Pictures I had with me colleagues this morning:

And at this moment am typing this, they are starting to dismantle the table and workstation one by one. I guess its gonna be an early day for us today huh? *yeay~!*

Hmm I know this is bad, but I couldn’t help it but to count down hours to berbuka! Huhu. My mom is picking up my brother, Ajim today from his boarding school, he’s coming back for the weekend. So my sister Erin is going to cook a simple meal instead and I myself on the other hand will have to go to PaRam (Pasar Ramadhan) to buy the kuih muih as a back up. Hehehe.

Can't wait!