Sunday, 26 August 2007

The one with... just a quick update..

Gosh, August is coming to an end soon! In a couple of days its gonna be pay day, again. woo hoo~!

Things have been quite hectic for me I dont even have the time to log in the internet.. Been busy travelling (for work, not holiday) AND attending friends' weddings.. Gheeezzz am I (uneccesarily) affected and presurred for nothing or what that I feel getting married is like an achievement, so much so I feel like a loser..?? huhu. Nahhh, getting married what? (I take back my statement) :P

And I dont even have much time now either. Need to have some rest, tomorrow am driving to JB. Four more days to go, and I'll be back in KL, 24/7... Can't wait !!

So yeah, till later then. Got lots to update!


  1. getting married is an achievement ? hurm, interesting. hehe. :P