Sunday, 12 August 2007

The one with... home sweet home...

I miss home.
I miss my bed.
I miss Mama.
I miss Kerol.
I miss blogging.
I miss blog-hopping.
I miss my friends.
I miss going to hospital visiting Atuk.
I miss my normal life here in KL. *isk*

Life’s so gonna be very tough for me in this month of August. Big sigh!

Anyhow. Here’s some recap. And some updates.

Ever since my previous entry, I've been very occupied with works. A lot to be done before I went for my outstation job. Been going off at 6pm from work to go to hospital, and came back to office later on after the end of visiting hour of 7.30pm to continue with the ever mounting workloads.

However, hectic life was mitigated by the fact that Kerol was back from his one week holiday at Koh Samui and Bangkok :) Had a great weekend last week, an early birthday celebration sort of *wink*. And finally, a proper birthday dinner and a proper (and surprise) birthday present on the day itself, thanks to none other my beloved Kerol. So happy! And not to forget, thanks my dear friends, for the nice birthday wishes. Through this blog of mine. Through smses. As well as through my Friendster. Appreciate it so much. Really.

As always, in the words of Nelly Furtado, all goods things come to an end.

On Tuesday 7 August (my sister Erin’s birthday. oh yes, we have 3 female LEOs at home :p ), I had to wake up as freaking early as freaking 3.30am to make sure I was all ready by 4.30am to be picked up by the cab driver. I was on the first flight out from KL to Penang, and the cab had to come at such an early hour because he had to make a stop at my manager’s place and thereafter my junior’s place, before heading to KLIA. Sigh, as always, my place will be the first pit stop. So yeah, off I went on Tuesday morning to Penang by flight, and took a cab to go to my client’s place in Sungai Petani, Kedah. (don’t ask me why my manager arranged the flight to land at Penang airport instead of Alor Setar’s). Damn tiring! Client was nice to us, but the assignment was quiet (well, very!) challenging. I’m a bit stressed out having to cope with both client’s and manager’s expectation. (+_~)

Hmm.. normally I am ok with travelling by plane... Tapi taktau nape aritu mase nak take off asyik dok terpikir pasal kes Nuri tu jer. Pastu mula la kan gatal dok pikir Final Destination pulak dahhhh. erk~! Serius takut sangat. Huhu. Mintak dijauhkan. I have two more trips nih...... (background song: Cause am leavingggg... on a jet plane.. don't know when I'll be back again.... oh babe.. I hate to go....). Heh. Dad is watching Armageddon maaaa.


Reached KL on Friday night yesterday, and today was spent at home during the early part of the day, then at hospital with Atuk during the mid day, and the rest of the later part was spent with Kerol. We went to One Utama to watch Rush Hour 3 and then after that we had dinner at Carl's Jr. Hmm Rush Hour 3 was a bit dissappointing. The burgers at Carl's Jr on the other hand was yummy! =) But, pricey! =( Couldn't find the Malaysia's website though, but here's the closest - Singapore's Carl's Jr. As the tagline suggests "Its gonna get messy". So, sangat tidak sesuai untuk first date atau untuk mereka2 yang jenis control ayu and macho. Hehehe.

Tomorrow I have a wedding to attend, and thereafter I plan to go to office to prepare what’s necessary for next week’s work plan. Going back to Kedah, again. And this time around it will be just myself and my junior. Stress stress. With more responsibilities comes higher expectation, it is. Huhu.

I’ll be going back to KL on next Friday night, and weekend will be spent one day at home and another day attending friend’s wedding. Then pergi JB pulak, going to spend another week at client’s place. Pastu again, balik hari Jumaat, weekend to be spent at home and friend’s weddings. Then pegi JB balik, yada yada yada so on and so forth. Begitulah alkisahnye sampai la end of August.

Outstation jobs. Attending weddings.

SIGH SIGH SIGH !!! (not the attending weddings part, more like on the outstation jobs part).

OK lah, going to get some sleep now.

Some pictures of my life happenings of late:

P/s #1: To kawan2 Gombak, pictures masa dinner @ CPK the other day will be uploaded at Yahoo Group by Kerol soon ok? (ehem, Kerol, please take note ;P)

P/S #2: Dalie, I miss u too!! Will update on the weekend-ly basis k? And hey, you should update regularly too. All I get to read after coming back from outstation work is only 2 posts? heh.

P/S #3: Two of my taglines were chosen! =) Refer to this post earlier. And my colleague Jean (the one featured in previous entry) got 2 of hers chosen too. And another colleague Eddie got 1 of his chosen. That made 5 taglines altogether, just from my department. Not bad.

P/S #4: Wanna have a good laugh over (really) stupid jokes? Go watch The Simpsons movie =)

P/S #5: Good night and have a good week ahead!

Don't miss me so much. hihihi.

Till later.


  1. penang airport instead of Alor Setar huh? i got the answer. if im not mistaken, Penang airport is closer to Sungai Petani than Alor Setar. by the way, where did you stay in SP? singgah la rumah minum2 kopi (cakap mcm aku ada kt kg kan...) :P

  2. wah, 3 leos in da house. me the only leo (king) in da house. hehe. :P

  3. i'm taking advantage of your absence; thus i don't update. u're some sort of my writer buddy who inspired me to write.hehe. anyhow, do take care of yourself. will miss you again!! hehehe..

  4. Hmm.. macam dah wayyyyy too late to reply. but heck, better late than never kan.. hehe.. so here goes,

    You're right, Png - SP is nearer compared to Alor Setar - SP. But Png bridge - jam macam harrruummm... Anyway, i stayed in Park Avenue.. and managed to have a tour in SP town.. ko tinggal area mane??

    Pening jugak laaa ade 3 Leos at home.. :P

    I'm touched! heh. you're my inspiration too :) lets keep on writing!