Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The one with... walking down the memory lane..

I did my form 1 - 3 at MRSM Terendak, Melaka. And that was the most enjoyable 3 years of mine. True, I had the worst through out the 3 years as well, but looking back, things were all fun with the presence of friends who were of the same ‘kepala’. And it’s really tearing me apart when I had to move to other MRSM after that to do my form 4 & 5. *tsk* (I hate that next 2 years of mine though.)


Normal lah kan mase zaman skolah dulu masing2 ade their own clan… :D and mine consisted of 10 ppl: (hahaha yeah yours truly yang tengah bertenggek kat palang jambatan tuh…)

Both Lin & Nasal are happily married now with one kid.

Huda, Zura & Fara are a bit out of touch – Huda studied in UK and I heard she’s back in Malaysia for good recently. And the last time I saw Zura was in 2002, when both of us studied in UiTM Shah Alam. Fara is working in Melaka now, I think.

I am still in a very good contact with the rest of the gang – (L to R) Tazz, myself, Dayana, Alin, & Roxie.
See how different we were then, compared to now? hahaha. I know!

Oh well, we all have gone through that, you know.. the before and after thing. heh.

How I miss the good old days….. haihhhh.


  1. omg..u look the same la!!! difference..when u getting married..??

  2. lilia laling,

    haha..classic ah gambar! bleh buat template dak mrsm sedunia.

    huh? you hate that 2 years in taiping? i thot you were having a blast with narqes and all.

    and i thot mine was difficult.. :p nevermind, cerita lama. all the things we've been through made us what today.

    dulu dan skrg, skrg a lot cuter definitely :)hehehe

  3. Joe,

    thats only 1 pic lah.. you really have no idea of how diff i am now, compared to then.. :P ANDDDDD..... whats with the lame pop up question lah? ceh.

    Dalie dearie,

    hahaha.. classic pic it is..

    of course, hate it so much laaa.. come to think of it, there's a period where i was under depression. huhu. seriously.

    anyway, yeah.. like u said.. cerita lama.. tammo ingat dah. but true, i am thankful to be accepted to that school.. else i wouldnt be here now..

    the same goes to you, dulu and skrg, a lot cun-ner! plus, dulu and skrg, you are still gila2 but at the same time one heck of a brilliant girl.. =)

  4. lilia laling,

    aku tanya 10 orang budak maktab, 6 orang akan kata idup kat maktab tak best. aku termasuk dalam 4 org tu, yang tak rasa pape. hahaha

    gila2 yes, but brilliant? mmm..let's just say that the more you know, the more you feel stupid. :p

    dude you're not so bad either. tahun dpn jadi manager, yeahh!! :)

  5. oh, you and tina geng lain2 eh ? hehe.

  6. alan,

    heh, mase kat maktab dulu lain2 geng.. siap rival lagi okeyyy.. hehehe.. pastu dh besar2 ni bleh ngam plak... kan tina kan? (if ever tina gonna read this..) :P