Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The one with.. the sound of music.... ;)

Haihhhh I’m feeling rather lazy and sleepy.

Blame it to the weather. Its raining heavily outside there. Oh yeah, and also the room temperature. Office suddenly is becoming so freaking cold these few days.

I slept late yesterday, as late as four in the morning. I was so sleepy I felt like asking my mom to wake me up when September ends. But as always mom will try to make me to go to rehab, I mean, office, I said nope, nope nope. Haihhhh, never again, will I stay up late.

I got myself ready, and I could see it was about to rain. So the first thing I did when I got into the car was making sure that I had the umberella ella ella eh eh, I had the umberella ella ella eh eh... and yeah, it was there at the side of the driver seat. Its tearing up my heart when I saw the traffic was badly congested even it was already 8.45am. I put the radio on to let the music heal my soul. I was still ‘merajuk’ with Kerol over something, but as the hey hey you you I want to be your girlfriend, I sms-ed him anyway, thanking him for the few wake up calls this morning that I missed. Huhu. Oopss I did it again. You know, even I merajuk with Kerol, he is still my candyman candyman… As always, I cant wait to fall in loveeeee with him. He cant wait to fall in loveeeeee with me. And I know I don’t love him, like I did, yesterdayyyyy. Cause I love him more, of course. All we need to do is just keeeeeep hollldingggg onnnn.. cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through.. I guess its normal for couples to have a silly fight, so yeah, I’m a big girl now. And big girls don’t cry… A friend reminds me once, whenever bad things happen, always try to think about the good memories you had. It’ll help. So yeah, thanks for the memories thanks for the memories… I’m almost a-ok now.

When I reached office, I was bugged by someone who must not be named here. I felt like screaming “So shut up shut up shut up, don’t wana hear it. get out get out get out get out of my way, step up step up step up, you'll never stop me.. nothing you say today is gonna bring me downnnnn”.. but of course, i didn’t have the reason.. and she also didn’t have the time…. and it really makes me wonder if I ever gave a damn about her.. give me something to believe in cause I don’t believe in her, anymore.. anymoreeee… Things ended just there, and I quickly got myself to work.

I had a whole long to-do list. Crap. I write sins not tragedy you know. If only I can be invisible, but it justttt too little too late, too little too wrong, my boss suddenly appeared from no where behind me, asking me to join for a discussion. Haihhh.. so I had a bad day, I was taking one down, I sing a sad song just to turn it around…. Kan best if Kerol is here, he definitely will protect me.. literally, he will say something like, ahhaaa ahhaaa keep your hands off my girl.. keep your hands off my girl…! Proudly he’d probably will then say, ba ba da da.. ba ba da da take a look at my girlfriend.. She’s the only one I have.. Ohh so sweet… =)

Eeeeee.. if only I can talk to the air conditioner of this office, I will definitely blame it for making me so lazy now.. huhu.. Oh, look what you've done, you've made a fool of everyone… Oh well, it seems likes such fun though..

Yeah yeah I know what goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around.. I am so gonna be 'punished' later for wasting time like this.. huhu.. don’t want to think about it, don't want to talk about it, i'm just so sick about it… about karma, you get what I mean?

Ok lah.. got to go now… hehehe mase merepek dah abes. Tak larat dah.. :P I have one hour and half more to go.. wee hoo, cant wait to just walk awayyyyy…

Before my boss get to say “I wanna see you out that door

I shall say to all of you readers, “baby, bye, bye, bye...”.

Till later!



  1. wow... eventho byk keje, still boleh post this 'creative' entry... must be the time ilham datang mencurah2 kan... but i like... :D

  2. hahaha..nice²

    me likey too!!..wonder whether i read it through or sang it through =)

  3. i think you listen to too many songs d...writing a new song ar??

  4. Oya,

    hihihi.. tu lah.. tak plan pun.. tengah type2 tibe2 dtg idea.. :P


    ;) glad that you liked it too! hehehe..

  5. Joe,

    hahaha.. yeah i reckon so, too many songs these days. need them to help me go through the days at work. no, no new song though.. :P

  6. life is full of music. kan ?

  7. Alan,

    yeah, agreed!

  8. s0ulz dear,

    heeee thanks! ;)

  9. joe,
    did u realize that u're making it ten. *rolls eyes*

    hi lilia! lama tak komen.most of the songs macam kat flyfm je. hihi.

  10. Joe,

    Eleh... i know laaa yours have wayyyyy more comments than mine.. eh anyway, i reached up to 9 comments whatttt before this.


    Hi! nah, not just flyfm, i guess all radio station also.. =)

  11. here i m making it 13 it a record yet??

  12. Joe,

    stop bombing my comments box with junk stuff.. yeah yeah we know you can count... clap clap.