Friday, 13 July 2007

The one with.. short and simple.

1. Lapar. (re: food)
2. Rindu. (re: Kerol, Alip, sisters)
3. Risau. (re: mama, atuk)
4. Panic. (re: workloads)
5. Excited. (re: 1pm later, weekend, Kerol)

Yeah basically those are my current feelings. Short and simple, yet straight to the point. Heh. Ni gara2 baru lepas submitted my answers for the open contest held by my firm for us the staffs. We are moving to the new building soon, so they are asking for opinions on some taglines to be displayed as signage around our working place. Those inspirational, thought-provoking taglines. And one of the rules is, the taglines must be three words or lesser.

So, like, "sharing is caring". something like that...

Ok, I shall end this for now.. am on half day leave today.

Enjoy your weekend !!


  1. eh nvr tell me 1?..ok lar have a good weekend!!..

  2. Joe,

    You guys went for early lunch laaa that time. tak sempat to update you. anyway, my weekend sucks!


    each staff is allowed to submit maximum 10 taglines. heh, so yeah, i submitted 10. hmm dont want to share all, sebab memang ntah pape... main submit jer.. :P one of them was, 'walk the talk'. ok tak? hehehe.