Monday, 30 July 2007

The one with... quarter life crisis.

Hmm.. Am having a love-hate relationship with life lately. Mood swings are too common and am left without my support pillow. My support pillow is having fun watching elephants at Thailand. Huhu.. I feel lost. How pathetic. *uhuk*

Anyways, life goes on.

And so it does.

Been very busy lately. There’s a lot to be cleared off before I go for outstation jobs. Weekend was spent on an alternate mode - watching SATC at home, doing office work, doing (some) house chores, hanging by Atuk’s bed at the hospital or spending good quality time with mom. Missing Kerol most of the time. Form 5 twins who were there at the hospital on a routine basis visiting their dad tried to hit on me thinking that I am the same age as theirs. Flattered and offended at the same time. Flattered – I am hitting the quarter of my life soon and there are still people mistakenly think I am still in secondary school / university. I mean, that’s the best compliment I wish to receive all my life. Offended – I am there at the hospital almost every freaking day after work with my office attire and people can’t see the professional side of me? Looks like I need to do some self re-branding here, seriously. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I have few plans in place already for my big day. *wink wink* Its not like I'm looking forward to be reminded that I'm going to be a year older, but seriously, I don’t feel like one. Age is but a number right? (dasar tak sedar diri. Hehehe). Anyway, can’t help it from hoping that this year gonna be great for me, considering the fact that I’ve never got to really celebrate my birthday since I started my working life. Things were a bit limited and constraint you know. Oh well, that statement may sound a bit exaggerating, but what the heck. Heh.

6 August 2004 (Friday) – I was still on a anti-social mode at that time (read: post break-up syndrome) so I didn’t really bother actually.

6 August 2005 (Saturday) - I was on a reallllly tight deadline assignment so I had to come to office on that day. Plus, Eh but come to think of it, I already met Kerol at that time (still just- friends stage). So, knowing that I had to come to office on Saturday, he actually got me to join him for bowling with his friends (which is my Gombak friends now) on that Friday night after work. And he actually bought me birthday presents as well (yes, it’s a plural :P).. Hmmm.. not too bad actually laaa. Anyway, I had shingles on my forehead so I need to stay at home for almost 2 weeks! *isk* Oh yeah, I treated myself with my own birthday present – the WNE 6882 :)

6 August 2006 (Sunday) – Again, I was on an urgent assignment. Had to go to Penang on Sunday, so yeah… Monday was spent doing work at client’s place in Penang. Boo hoo.

There you go. My birthday milestone. Hence should serve as hints for whom it may concern. LOL.

As for a start, my manager on the upcoming outstation assignment had actually on purpose arranged the meeting to be kicked-off on 7 August. Very nice of her after all.

Okie dokie. Till later! The printer is making sound on its own. Yaiks!!!


  1. waa... dah dpt payslip takmau sebut ka? dah gaji baru? hehe...

  2. hehehe... =) bulan ni still half of the increment. next month baru tau full amount. but all in all, happy.. ;) you should be happy too i suppose!

  3. lilia,
    makcik kayo! bleh la buat big birthday bash. hehe.

    tak lama lagi kerol balik la tu. :p

    take care going outstation!

  4. ok try this,

    29th july 2007 - got to work on sunday preparing for the meeting that had been scheduled.

    that's life. (i guess)


  5. eh so apa buat on 6th august..want a cake? kekeke..tats about what i have been organising lately..buying cakes..

  6. Dalie,

    kenaikan perbelanjaan & other commitment yang memerlukan pengeluaran duit berkadar rata dengan kenaikan gaji. hence zero effect :P

    he's back in Malaysia now! going to KL Sentral soon.. yeay!! hehe. pls excuse my unnecessary disclosure of excitement.

    thanks! hope all goes well with the assignments. Kedah punye a bit tak best, looking forward for the JB trip though! =)


    so poor thing. tak celebrate dengan gf baru ke? *wink* anyway, yeah.. thats life. huhu. anything can happen.


    surprise me! hahaha.

  7. nk sambut birthday eh... next time apply for leave siap2 2,3 bulan b4 birthday.
    yey...diorg dh aku just dpt tau bila dia dh smp umh... sedih tak? :(

  8. Fieza,

    hehehe.. tu lah kan, next time apply cuti siap2.. :P

    alalala jangan ler sedih, yang penting.. hari tidak sepi lagi...! =)