Friday, 20 July 2007

The one with.. of my random food experiences.

Story 1
On last week Saturday night I went to La Bodega in Bangsar to celebrate my friend Joanne’s birthday. It was kinda a last minute plan, but all in all things went well and we had so much fun given it was merely such a short period of time. There were only 3 of us – Joanne the birthday girl, Jean and myself. Another close friend of ours, Parveen, cannot make it.

Story 2
Finally the other day I managed to try the Big Apple donuts yang heboh diperkatakan sana sini. Semua orang pun dah tangkap gambar and put in their blogs, so I wont bother to do that. Went there with Kerol and I must say, the donuts are better than Dunkin’ Donuts’. Well in the sense that the texture was very much softer, hence yummier. I have sweet tooth for donuts, really. So yeah I liked it so much! =) To side track a bit, ingat lagi punye lah suka kat donut sampai I applied for a part time job at Dunkin Donuts once during my uni days. And I got to eat donuts every freaking day until at one point of time, I can’t even hear the word ‘donut’. It made me wana puke. Huhu. Muka pun dah memang macam donut.. Kwang kwang kwangggg. But now I make peace with donuts already, it just that I am not that crazy over them anymore. Oh well, life goes on. Maafkan saya, donuts.

Story 3
And just now my colleagues and I went to have lunch at this place in The Curve – Paddington house of pancakes. Very nice and satisfying! Huhu. And for every RM50 spent, you’ll get a free pancake dessert for free… I am so having the AFS (after food syndrome) now. Help!

Story 4
Another food I would really love to try is – the Pizza Hut’s diplicious. Huhu.. Awat laaa banyak teringin makanan2 yang menggemokkan nehhhh. Haishhh. Anyway, I shall see how, maybe going to have that tonight. *grin*. Was supposed to try it yesterday, but we didn’t have much time. After I came back from the hospital, I went to accompany my mom for dinner, and then went to meet Kerol. We’ve bought tickets for the new Indonesian movie ‘Love is Cinta’. Nevermind the title, but I would say it was quite a nice movie to watch since Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC). Few other Indo movies I watched after AADC sucks big time..

Kata2 penutup
Haihhh okey lah. Need to get back to work. Friday blues plus AFS are really kicking in now. Huhu... Help! Please update your blog so that I can kill the time by reading them all. Muahahaha.

Have a nice weekend people! I am so gona make sure that I make full use of mine. Kerol is going for a one week holiday at Koh Samui plus Bangkok with his guy friends next week.. *isk*


  1. cik lilia,

    kelakar la part donut too. :D

    ko pesan baaaaanyaaakkk sket ngan bf ko tuh sebab dia nak gi thailand tuh bahaya tau. mesti nak gi tgk tiger show.

    (hahahaha jahatlah mengadu domba)

    tak,tak.kerol baik.


    have nice weekend too!!!

    will update mine. hiks.

  2. have heard a lot about the apple donut too, tp wait till my donut craving kicks in dulu la baru try... but Che K suka donut, mabbe can suggest that donuts to him...

    um, ever heard of absence make the heart fonder? hehehheheh... nnt masa dia balik mesti tak sabar nk jumpa & nk tunggu buah tangan (argh! i cannot believe i am even typing this!)

    have a nice weekend!

  3. koh sa mui...
    next week...
    huk huk huk...
    (i think u know y im making this sad face...)

  4. this entry make me hungry la. diplicious ok la. not bad. tapi cepat muak. hehe.

  5. to dazzledalie : enough said bout the tiger show.... the thought being given to lia for me to have thai massage jer dh kena leter about a month or so =P haha~

    to oya : aku dh bgtau lia dh yg buah tgn die tuh.... kuku panjang from thailand dance ritual... hahahaha.... ko nk tk satu? leh nanti ko, lia & mak die sekali pakai... hahahahahahah~

    to fiza : lek aaaa seminggu je... kiteorg nih pon ntah2 extend agi sehari dua.... (haha~ bakar2...)

    udah mcm blog aku jer reply comment nih... huhu~

    no offence k dear.... PEACE!!! i just cant resist from replying

  6. dear Dalie,

    glad the part i wrote about donuts made you laugh. hope that you were not actually laughing at the fact that my face and donuts are look alike. huhu.

    heh, itu lah... udah le depa pegi sesama kaum depa je tuh.. ade sedikit was2 di situ.. tapi takpe.. trust itu penting.. eceh! =)

    bilekah hari sibuk mu akan berakhir?


    hah, kalau your Che K pun dah suke donuts, ape lagi, umpan laaa dia ajak pegi try.. baru lah up-to-date sket with the current in-thing. hehehe.

    and heck yeah absence will definitely gona make my heart grows fonder.. *wink*


    Itu lah.. isk jugak.. sad face jugak... huhu.. so, next weekend ape plan untuk kita2 yang 'ditinggalkan' di Malaysia nih??? hehehe.. :P


    well at least this entry doesnt have pictures you know... hehe.. sah, memang tengah lapar agaknyer. anyway, yeah i've tried the diplicious, you are right. muak! i mean, diorg ni saje je nak memancing peminat2 cheese. haishhh i should have known! huhu.

    s0uLz dear....

    ahem.. panjang nampak reply kali niii.... well, since all the comments were made to the respective ppl, we shall see what are their replies. hehehehe.

  7. how come no 1 told me abt joanne birthday celebration...ur face look like donut eh?..what flavour keke..

    eh that pizza hut dipping thing ar..very jelak..had it last week

  8. Joe,

    that joanne's bday celebration was meant for us girls only.. so thats why lah u were not told.. i guess there'll be another celebration kua... with eddie, ruben, adrian, you and all...

    no comment about the donut flavour, why dont u ask Kerol? huahuahuahua.

    yeah man, the diplicious was very jelak for me as well.. i dont like it.

  9. I need to find that Big Apple Donut in Queensbay Mall in Penang. Wish me luck!!!

  10. Ziez,

    Do they have big apple donuts there? heh, ok ok.. all the best k! Enjoy your stay in Penang and make sure you start to learn where to find good food. Nanti i ade outstation job kat Penang, ade la tour guide nye.. ehem. ehehehe.

  11. semua story berkisar makanan.

    hurm ..............

  12. dont worry lilia..
    i'll take good care of ur hubby there.. haha. kalu die nk gi rmh urut, aku sebat die siap2 :P

  13. hi Abby !!! =)

    It has been quite some time ya? anyway... heh, as the title suggests.. ngape, lapar ke?


    ceh... boleh percaye ke nehhhh? =P

    s0uLz dear,

    AMBOI !!!