Friday, 6 July 2007

The one with... (my) shopping dilemma.. :P

Malaysia is having the Mega Sales, again.

Oh yes, I do love shopping. Very2 much, of course. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s one form of an effective therapy session, with you get to be the therapist of your own. Nevermind with the aftermath (read: hole in the wallet). heh.


I kinda hate having to shop for the items under the ‘needs’ category, instead I prefer and love and enjoy when shopping for the ‘wants’. Well, put it this way, it’s such a pleasure isn’t it to shop for a pair of nice shoes you stumbled upon during that time you hang out at the mall, rather than having to search high and low for a pair of shoes of your preference just because the current one you are having is spoilt? You get what I mean?

So yeah.. I hate it when it’s the time to replace….

1. Kasut kerja – adoiiii laaa.. when its about time for me to buy the new one, mase tu laaaa tak jumpe yang berkenan. Ikutkan hati dan nafsu serakah (LOL), once I found a pair or two that I like, nak je beli in bulk, beli terus satu lori so that I don’t have to worry about having to find the new ones later.

2. Baju jalan / baju kerja – I tend to get easily bored having to rotate the same exact piece again and again. BUT, I am so darn lazy having to choose a new one, having to queue up at the fitting room, and having to try and try until you get the perfect ones. Rimas ok! Especially when you are all dressed up to go to the mall, then bile nak try baju dah pulak nak kene bukak balik and all. Pastu pakai balik. Pastu jalan sikit lagi, the whole chain of process repeats. Sigh. Leceh laaaa. That’s the reason why I prefer to just buy t-shirt (for baju untuk pergi jalan2).. all I have to do is pick & choose, ukur baju di badan sendiri, if OK, beli terus sudahhh.

3. Baju kurung / kebaya untuk function / normal wear – nak kene pegi pilih kain lagi, pastu anta tempah, pastu nak tunggu siap, pastu dah siap, nak kene cari tudung yang match pulak. Brooch lagi. Haihhh. Enough said. (nope.. luckily I am not that vain sampai nak kene carik matching shoes and matching handbags and some other possible things that can be matched. So yeah, it stops until brooch. Hehehe). Oh yeah, now that I remember, my tailor has actually stopped taking order for baju raya. Damn! I am so gona have to buy the ready made one then. See, this is the thing I hate about shopping. Tak suke nak kene shopping for the items categorised under the ‘need’ list. !!!! Dulu kan mase zaman belajar, bile tengok cikgu / lecturers pakai baju kurung cantik2, I've a thought, one day, I want to have 365 piece of nice baju kurung / kebaya so that I can wear each and everyday a different one, without having to repeat for the whole of that one year. Then next year repeat balik. Boleh? Oh well, guess I was being too ambitious then :P

4. Tudung – Every time I bought a new piece of item 2 or 3, I have to go search for the matching tudung. If the readily available tudung one way or another can seem to match with those, then that’s fine. Else, selagi tak beli tudung yang sesuai, selagi tu laa takleh nak pakai baju baru. And yeah, brooch. Tapi so far I’ve had in my collection all the basic colours for my brooches. So selagi tak rosak, I shall be at peace.

The key word here is – to replace. I hate to shop when it is to replace stuff. There’s a pressure attached.

I know impulse buying is dangerous, but somehow I know how to manage it. So yeah, I guess I’m an impulse (but on a moderate scale - I have budget) shopper rather than a well-planned one. (Tu yang banyak terbeli bende2 tak perlu tu, bende2 yang perlu pulak diabaikan. huhu.)

If ever there are such categories. Heh.

But I am not a shopaholic, that’s for sure. Because I tend to spend more for food & entertainment. Hmmm.

Happy Friday people!


  1. eh i so bz until i nvr read ur blog guilty la!!..

    eh eh..impulse shopping = me.. recently i realised i bought way too many cuff during my lazy days when i dont want to wear prim and proper.. im faced with all the same old shirts....

    but must tahan..must tahan...

  2. lilia,
    i feel you. if only i am as strong and sensible in the budget area as you. patutlah keje kira duit :)

    dah update.

  3. Joe,

    yea lahhh so busy dy these days huh? :D anyway bonus is to be declared soon! must tahan until then okey?

    sometimes i fall out of budget also you know.. thee heee.. :P

    (ok dah bace, dah comment).

  4. at least, u got buylist what. merancang sebelum berbelanja. hehe. :)

  5. my buylist is very generic okey, and it covers almost everything. macam serupa takde itu buylist jugaaaaa.. huhu.