Sunday, 8 July 2007

The one with.. likes and dislikes during the weekend..

Despite the constant nagging on how I always have the tendency to misplace my handphone pouch, Kerol bought a new one for me still.. heh. I likeeeee.

Then we went to eat at the Waffle World in One Utama after work on Friday. I had the blueberry waffle, and i likeeeeee.

The good time spent with Kerol, i likeeeeeee.

The fourth installment of the Die Hard movie - i like it very much! Went with Kerol and the other 11 friends at Cineleisure just now.

On the flipside.

Atuk wasnt feeling very well this morning. He is suffering from stomach cancer, which has affected some other parts of his body systems due to late discovery. These days, his stomach was bloated and also hardened. He had the difficulty to go toilet and he complained it was very painful inside his stomach, it became very much unbearable today. Mama brought him to the clinic, but she was asked to bring Atuk to the Emergency section of the GH instead. Mama then woke me up at 9am, and I drove them both to the hospital. It was so awful and heartbreaking to see Atuk whining in pain. And it was even more depressing to see how the govt. hospital works when they actually have one big building with the word 'Emergency' stated so clear, but Atuk had to take turn still ok! I wonder what 'emergency' really means to them. And when my mom asked about the exceptional treatment for those 'warga emas', they said they have it only during the weekdays! Gosh. I was so speechless. Sigh. Ape, ingat weekend sume yang sakit tu orang2 muda je la is it???!

Sigh. Guess there's nothing much for us who cant afford to go to the private hospital can do huh? Thats all what we can get for, yeah, i know i know, for free. But, see for yourself, there were so many patients yet they only open 2 counters??? Out of 7 - 8 counters! Sedih tau.....

and as at this moment am typing this... Mama is there, again, bringing Atuk for treatment. She went with my sister Erin when I brought my brother Ajim out for dinner just now. Apparently, Atuk is still complaining that it was so painful inside his stomach. I wanted so much to go there too. But Mama asked me to stay home with my brother, who is recovering from his chicken pox. I smsed Mama whether Atuk still has to take turn, and sadly, Mama replied "Yes". Mama went at about 10pm just now.. and look at the time now, its already half past midnight.

I am sad. I wish I have enough RM to do something for Atuk, to send him to get a better treatment. But I am just plain helpless.

Praying hard for Atuk, God bless......


  1. that is indeed very sad..what does the govt have to say le?..

  2. i am just plain speechless lah. anyway, my grandpa was eventually awarded in the 4 in the morning! sigh.

  3. be patient k my dear...
    insyallah atuk will get better

  4. lilia,

    colleague aku (lelaki)kata kau comel..hehehe

    soulz jgn marah aa.

    anyhw, don't feel bad. its not your fault. hope atuk will sehat again. cheer up :)

  5. sOulz,
    yeah, hopefully... thanks dear~*

    hehehe..taktau nak kate ape.. err thanks? :P

    takpe, soulz ni understanding orangnyer.. =)

    and yeah, thanks...lets pray he will get well soon..

  6. my best wishes and prayers...

  7. check hr policy / or whatever insurances you have on medical claims... you never know... who knows, you could send him to get speedier treatment..

  8. ruben, alan,

    thanks !