Thursday, 26 July 2007

The one with.. life is just like a roller coaster.

Too many of happy days and happy moments, its about time to feel down…

1. Hari sepi #1… and counting.. I feel a bit mellow. (Kerol is in Koh Samui).

2. Hari cranky #1.. and counting too.. (I’m fasting today and will be doing that for the next couple of days).

3. I am mad. I got my exam results already this morning, as expected, I FAIL.... again! That’s it. That's soooo gonna be the end of my study days. To hell with professional qualification. M*cpa has becoming something I hate, so much! Maybe I am not meant to be. Anyway I have potentials in other aspects of life. I’ve just got promoted. I’ve just finished my Toastmaster speeches. I still have a lot of annual leaves to spend for myself with friends / family / Kerol rather than to be used for something that is not meant to be. And what doesn’t kill me won’t hurt me. So be it.. >:-( True enough, we can never have it all.

4. I feel suffocated thinking that almost the whole month of August I’ll be doing outstation jobs – 2 weeks in Kedah & 2 weeks in JB. *puke*



  1. hari sepi #1... and counting? same with me here... jom kita jalan2 pulak tinggal diorg... haha
    hm...going to Kedah? where hah? somewhere in Sg Petani? can i follow tak? leh singgah umah parents aku..

  2. itula.. sepi...

    jom la... end of this year.. kite pegi trip mane2... aku dah maleh dah nak saving annual leaves aku untuk exam.. :P

    hmm outstation job kat Kedah tuh, client's place kat Sungai Petani.. tapi tak sure kitorg duduk mane nanti.. yes you can follow.. kami bertolak ari selasa 7 ogos pagi.. yakni sehari selepas birthday saya 6 ogos =)

  3. hey girls..

    alala..sepi ye..jgn la sedey².ditinggalkan beberapa hari je ^_^..planning 4 a trip yea? nak itot nak itot!!!

  4. just presume the outstation jobs your holiday, you'll feel better. ;)

  5. Pae,

    hahaha.. dont worry ape2 we'll make sure you are included. (KALAU la ade ape2 plan... ye ye jer ni haaa.. heh).


    hmm..... if skejap2 je takpe.. ni sampai 4 minggu.. sigh! sakit wooo menahan rindu... cewah! :P

  6. hey..didnt know about number i feel sincerely sorry lar..dont give up..1 day you will finally make it..then make it big, big time!

  7. babe,

    takpe..u've done your best kan, so u hv nothing to regret upon.. just chill and when teh right time has come, u'll seat for the paper again, ye tak??

    look at the bright side, u've finished ur toastmaster and just got promoted!! it's allrite la..


  8. Lia...

    Life is not just about passing exams..Chill out, kay. Getting promoted and finishing toastmaster lagik best!!!

  9. Joe, Tina, Ziez,

    Thanks... really. I am still 'grieving'. Will be fine soon. Huhu.