Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The one with... a detailed 'report'.. :P

Ohoiiii… it has been a while since I last viewed by own blog. Been doing an alternate mode between blog-hopping vs working yesterday and now it’s my turn to update mine.

Be prepared. For the long winded ramblings. I mean, very long :D

So last Thursday I went to JB with my manager, with her driving this time around. I initially planned to drive so that I get to benefit from the mileage claim *wink*, but yeah safety comes first I guess. My car was due for the next service anytime soon. So I didn’t want to take my chance. I’d never know when it’s going to cause me trouble – it’s a Proton car for that matter, you know what I mean. Such a spoilt brat. Enough with the one incident I had when I was on an outstation assignment in Kedah. What a nightmare! Anyways, had a good day with the meetings and all, and the night was spent with an outing with my childhood bestfriend – Farah. She came and picked me up at my hotel and brought me to this makan place called Anjung Warisan. Turned out that, both of us just got to know that we were on the promotion list! Yeah, I just got promoted!! weee hoooo. My colleagues called me at about 5.30pm earlier to inform me the good news. Wish I was there in office to see myself, the thrill & excitement would be different – you get what I mean ;) But, I could never feel thankful and grateful enough. Alhamdulillah. However, the bummer side of it, I have one more speech to do (see: of the Toastmaster), before I can fully enjoy my increment. Well, what happened was, my firm imposes on a new condition – minimum requirement to be promoted: 6 speeches. And for one to fully receive the new salary increment, one needs to finish another 4 speeches within the next 6 months after promotion. Else, half of the increment will never be yours – hangus just like that. Confuse? Don’t bother :P Anyway, Farah and I, we talked and talked and talked. She even came to lepak in my room for a while until midnight; we updated each other by showing pictures. She showed me her engagement pictures and so funny, we happened to come across a lot of common friends. What a small world…

Friday’s meetings went on smooth sailing. Reached KL at about 5pm, Kerol picked me up and we thought of hanging out, but something happened, so he sent me back home instead. The traffic was bad like hell ! Basically I did nothing that night, just resting and lazing around at home. Nice.

Woke up early on the Saturday morning to meet Jean & Joanne at Ali Maju in front of Menara Millenium. We had a Toastmaster meeting at the HELP Institute – yeah, we actually can do speeches at other Toastmaster clubs as well to speed up the whole process. So all this while the three of us have been calling around for an opportunity to do our project speeches at the other Toastmaster clubs.. Well, firm gives us ‘game to play’, we shall play it well then… shouldn’t we? *grins* Anyways, the meeting ended up at about 1pm and off we go for lunch. The girls wanted to have a mini celebration, so we headed to La Bodega at Jalan Telawi. I reckoned it was such a good lunch session with them.. Reached home at about 3pm and went dozed-off straight away. The next thing I know, it was already 8pm! huhu. eh I must say, the weather is so hot lah these days. I woke up feeling annoyed, I was all sweat up my skin was so sticky. Rimas !!! Anyway, soon later Kerol came and picked me up. We went to have a good quality time together lepaking at the Starbucks @ Alpha Angle, talking and laughing over frappucinos and apple crumble. Sweet :)

I was staying up late on the Saturday night after coming back home from Starbucks – thanks to the earlier nap I had, and the coffee. So I was on the internet, chatting with Alin, catching up through Y!M. And also checking out the latest updates of some of my friends, through Friendster. Kerol on the other hand went for a futsal game. He reached home at the time I was about to sleep. So I waited for him to clean up and all, both of us were then on the phone at 4am and chatted for a while before kissing goodnights.

I woke up quite late on Sunday, and did the normal – read Pancaindera and watched Melodi. Boo hoo. Not long after that, I got myself ready to go out with Kerol. We went to Cineleisure – thought of watching Transformers but the crowd was humongous! Tickets were practically all sold out when we reached there at about 3pm. Definitely a wrong move by thinking that we could get tickets just by queuing up. We gave up and headed back to KL then. Stopped by at Penang Village in TTDI for a late lunch (note: I must say, the food wasn’t that good) and next stop – Kerol’s office. huhu. He suddenly remembered that he has got something to do, so yeah.. as always I was ‘rewarded’ with the free usage of internet while having to wait for him. We made a move at about 8pm, not knowing where to go, to spend the rest of our Sunday. On the way to yet-to-know-place, we stopped by at the Petronas petrol station. Kerol was thirsty so I went down to buy him the 100plus. Got into the shop, picked the 100plus bottle and paid for it. I went out, and opened the car door and said, “Nah ni haaa 100plus” only to find out that it wasn’t Kerol I was talking to! I got into the wrong car !!! So embarrassing! Damn why on earth there are so many Myvi cars these days. huhu. I looked around and Kerol was actually waiting at some other spot. Gosh luckily I didn’t really got into the car and sit down. huhu. Sangat memalukan I shed some tears when I told Kerol about it, who of course, laughing himself out loud.. (+_~).

Selepas incident yang memalukan itu, we went to Bukit Bintang. I told Kerol I wanted to try one of those foot reflexology services. Hahaha takde kerja. Sebab last time bace blog Hana telling Acap and herself went for it before they went for a full swing shopping.. and the other day also my friend Aja mentioned about him going for it on a frequent basis. So I thought why not kan. Nak la jugak try. Well, I don’t know what was on my mind, call me stupid, but all I thought about was to have a normal foot massage. You know, urut memain, sekadar nak hilangkan lenguh2 kat kaki tu. Who knows, reflexology is that type of massage where the masseur will use all of her energy to massage and press on your every muscle and urat to the max. huhu. menggeliat2 Kerol and I tahan sakit and geli. Hahaha jakun! That’s it, not gonna have any foot reflexology any more… :P

Sempat la jugak took one picture.. :)

Monday was bearable, except for the annoying part I had with one manager who kept pushing me things just because I’m one level higher now. sigh.. hate it la! I mean, come on… give me a break! Things were eased up during lunch anyway. Had a celebration with my girls from office – Parveen, Joanne and Jean. We had dim sums at the Maju Palace in Maju Junction and did what we do best – gossiping! :D Good food, good companion. In the evening I went for a meeting at client’s place in PJ and it ended up early but I didn’t bother coming back office. Went straight to Mid Valley and waited for Kerol. Finally, we got to watch Transformers! Huhu. Well, must admit I thought I’d ended up feeling disappointed - with my high expectation due to the so many huha about how great the movie is. Turned out, the movie was indeed a great and coooool one ~! Albeit a bit all over the place towards the end, the fighting scene was a bit too much for me. Serabut kepala otak… :P

All in all, this one aspect of life, could have never been better. I’m aware that life is full of ups and downs though. This, my friend, is the ups of mine…. Enjoying it to the bits, before the downs come… =)

Okie dokie.. going to get my bath soon. Nak pergi servis keta.. oh yeah, am at home now by the way. TERbangun lambat tadi, so alang2.. half day terus sudaaaa.. huhu. malas nak jawab banyak2 kang.. lagipun I still have one day off carried forward from last Friday – firm declared cuti but I on the other hand had to go JB doing some work.

Till next! Hopefully it won’t be this long. hehehehe.


  1. congrats lia on your promotion.. am so happy for u!!!! :D

  2. 1. congrats on the promo again!! open table later ek... hehe... (pls humour the not-promoted-ppl)

    2. um, humongous? your vocab surpassed mine already...

    3. TRANSFORMERS IS AMAZING & SUPER DUPER COOL!!! in fact i am going to watch it the second time today!!

    4. re: Toastmaster speeches - 9 down, 1 to go! best nyer! how i envy you...

    5. re: salah kete incident - HHHAHAHHAAHAHAH... ehem, lepas perasan org lain, lia buat ape?

    6. wanted to try the foot reflexology too, but u know lah with who i always go to Bukit Bintang area (Che K)... jgn harap la permintaan mcm tu dilayan...

  3. tina, thank you thank you! =)


    1. thanks.. nanti dah dapat gaji baru, lia buat open table k.. takpun tunggu september ke, bile Karim promoted. leh combine macam last time.. :P

    2. hahaha.. okeyyy.. my vocab may have improved, but i could be wrong in term of the usage. u know i dont read books like u.. hehehe. so i guess the word humongous was wrongly used.. theee heee.. point taken boss! :)

    3. have fun with your second watch! i'll keep mine to one only.. cool, but not super duper.. ;)

    4. you should start your game plan.. unless, of course laa if you have got your exit plan.. huhu..

    5. HAHAHAHA i know! so embarassing. lepas dah perasan org lain, terus tutup pintu, blah. tak tunggu pun dia cakap ape. terlalu malu okey...

    6. hehehe.. haritu permintaan lia pun hampir2 tak dilayan... :P you shouldnt give up, try la mintak lagi.. now that you know Aja dah pergi, and Kerol & myself pun dah pegi.. bleh la gune as testimony.. kekeke.. all the best! (takpun nnti kite pegi k.. ajak Muni skali..)

  4. lilia,
    LOL with the car incident!!

    congrats for the promotion.

    wow, this is really a detailed report. you should work as a crime scene reporter :p

  5. dalie,
    LOL together with you.

    thank you thank you !! =)

    i would lurvvveee to be a crime scene investigator, but i dont think thats possible. this is the closest i can be.. :)

  6. lilia,

    congrats for the promotion too..u put sooo much effort (i'm referring to your blog laa)

    "I got into the wrong car !!!" me also has that experience..siap dah duduk..kuar balik..malu not know how to describe the feeling kan..

    both you and dalie are really good in blogging. dalie, updet la :P

    lilia, i am a silent reader, ask dalie..but trying to comment often.

  7. ma,

    thank you thank you ! :)
    hmm well, i do believe i put the (at least) required effort la.. huhu. taktau la kan kalau ade pihak2 yang tidak bersetuju. oh well, we cant please everyone betul tak...

    hahaha the wrong car incident.. i guess yours was even more embarassing!!! huhu. i feel you!

    hmm, thanks.. sometimes rase macam pusing2 dok blog about bende yang same je.. but pikir2.. lantak la kan.. sendiri punye blog. am glad u enjoy it. and agree, dalie is REALLY good. i likeeee.

    rajin2 la tak jadi silent reader lagi =) comment anda dialu2kan. hehehe.

  8. hi lia ..
    skali lg kau last minute bgtau aku kat kat jb n nk hang out dgn aku, jgn harap aku nk layan .. sbb dah tau kompem hanyut until midnite .. :)

    owh congrate for the promotion again ..

    dun get to wrong car again fren ..

  9. farah,
    ya ampunnnnn.. hehehe.. ok ok lenkali aku dtg aku sound awal2.. :P

    same goes to you, congratulations...

    dont forget your promise to have a 'quick' double date with me here in KL fren.... =)