Thursday, 12 July 2007

The one with... bits and pieces of (my) life.

Harini terase sangat suram… why eh? Huhu. I really have no mood to work. But I have no choice but to. Trying to search for my mojo now. Hopefully blogging can be a good kick off.

For three days in a row this week, I tagged myself out from office the latest by 6pm. On Monday and Tuesday, I went straight to hospital to visit atuk. Stayed there with mom until the end of the visiting hour 7.30pm. Atuk is weak and fragile. A lot of wires and tubes attached to his body. Sigh. And today he’s going to go for these treatments called CT Scan and biopsy. Whatever that means, but the doctor is to find out the source of the cancer and also whether the cancer has affect atuk’s brain or not. And the doctor also sought for my mom’s advice on getting atuk to depend on this thing called life support machine. Oh dear, all these things are so new to my family and I…


Yesterday I went to watch the fifth installment of the Harry Potter series at GSC One Utama. Kerol has booked for the tix since last week, through Maybank2u. I guess, yesterday was really not our day. Lepas satu, satu thing happened. Mule2, we had the problem..well, more like GSC HAD THE PROBLEM in verifying our booking. Reached there at about 6.15pm, so thought of going for dinner first before the movie, which is at 7.15pm. But it took almost 45minutes for GSC to resolve the problem. What a bugger!! Dah la lapar gile, I became so grumpy. Huhu. Then of course la kalau nak dinner pun tak sempat kan. The queue at the popcorn counter was damn long, so Kerol suggested us to buy one of those pies at the King Pie (or whatever the name is). We bought that, and there were still few minutes left before the movie started. So we joined the queue at the popcorn counter anyway, and Kerol bought mineral water and corn-in-cup.

Soon after, we moved our butts to the queue made by those wanting to watch Harry Potter too. Ntah ape la nasib, those guys perasan la pulakkk we were bringing outside food. We’ve put the pies into the GSC’s plastic bag punnnn diorang boleh perasan… Kecoh laaa! Well yea yea I know we were at the wrong side.. tapi tak kire la kan… lapar laaa! Haihhh nak tak nak kene laa tinggalkan the pies yang masih warm itu… huhu. Nasib baik laa Kerol sempat beli the corn in cup. Bertahan la kitorang shared that corn for 2.5 hours…. *tsk* Keluar2 je, we went to claim for our pies, and makan macam orang yang tak pernah jumpe food before… :D then we went off for dinner at this place I’ve never been before.. somewhere at the Damansara area, near the old Lim Kok Wing place. The food was surprisingly good, despite the improper built up area; a place I wouldnt want to stop by just by its look.

Anyway, this 5th Harry Potter movie, hmmm.. not so nice la. Entertaining tuh memang la entertaining, I enjoyed it so much though. But, I mean, maybe am not really a fan, unlike Kerol who thought he would want to watch it for another round. So, ape2 pun.. Die Hard is still on top of my list, followed by Transformers and baru laa Harry Potter.. =) no offence ya Harry Potter fan.. Different people different opinion..

OK lah… I think I shall stop now. There’s a lot in my plate. I’m going off at 6pm today so I better make sure nothing will get hold of me.


  1. lilia,

    sory for your atuk. speedy recovery.
    hari suram mu akan berakhir, life is like a wheel. :) take care!

  2. dalie,

    thank you!!

    yeah hari suram will eventually end. big girls dont cry. heh.

  3. waaa... dah tgk HP!!! oya baru nk tgk sabtu nih... and on Sunday Transformers for the third time...(eh, mcm rilek je tgh2 peak period nih..hehe)

    anyway, about ur atuk, this is life... take it as life's experince... moga cepat kuar hospital... and recover...

  4. for some comments r not getting through..i hope thats the reason why urs arent goin thru mine..wahaha..

    i sincerely hope ur atuk gets well..although i have been thru it, and i personally feel that they shudnt go thru all dis pain at such an old cruel..

  5. Oya,
    Hahaha.. you should you know. i mean, taking a break between this hectic moment of yours.. chill ok! I think HP this time around dont have the 'umphh'. but i guess you'd find otherwise. heh.

    Of the atuk, yeah its indeed a valuable experience in life. i used the experience i had in handling my late opah and definitely getting better at it. thanks btw.

    for some reasons i find its hard to comment on your entries, esp nowadays your food reviews are not halal. hehehe. but hey, you saw me contributing my 2 cents whenever you procrastinate aite.. (hinting! hahaha).

    Of the atuk, thanks. i guess thats the fact of life.. gain and pain always come hand in hand.

  6. ala. harry porter x best ke ? baru nak tengok. hehe.

  7. incik alan,

    you have to see for yourself first, then we shall see whether you are in agreement with me or not k? :)

  8. lilia,

    really hope atuk get well very soon. really hope ur mum, you and family have full of patience and love to take care of him. take care.

  9. ma,

    thanks.. very thoughtful of you.