Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The one with... berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul...

Quoting my mom:

People says, a mother can take care of her 10 children very well… but, that one person can’t even manage to take care of his / her single parent….



Perhaps, that’s because… a mother can scold and make the 10 children listen to her… but, a person cannot simply scold and yell at his / her single parent to make the parent listens…

Hmm, whatever it is, its always easier said than done, kan...

Wishing my mom all strengths in the world….(~_~)


  1. lilia,
    i guess this has got something to do with atuk. org tua mmg macam tu. oversensitive. patient, patient.

    say hi to ur mum! :)
    malaysia boleh!!

  2. Dalie,

    spot on!

    thank you thank you. the same thing i told to my mom - to be patient and that orang tua ni, tambah plak dah sakit, are oversensitive...

    will pass your hi to my mum later when i go hospital.

  3. ya lor, x kan nak scold our parent kot ? that's why kena berbincang dari hati ke hati. chewah.

  4. actually i agree with what u said.. budak2 ngn org tua lain... tapi budak2 sekarang pn bukan senang nk jaga. dgn dadah, dgn membunuh, buli, rempit..

  5. alan,

    hmm nak berbincang dari hati ke hati tu.. i think, it should be developed since the beginning lagi.. else, it'll be 'easier said than done'.. huhu.. Maybe it’s our conservative Asian culture.


    itulah, selagi kite tak lalui sendiri, then we will never know.