Monday, 30 July 2007

The one with... quarter life crisis.

Hmm.. Am having a love-hate relationship with life lately. Mood swings are too common and am left without my support pillow. My support pillow is having fun watching elephants at Thailand. Huhu.. I feel lost. How pathetic. *uhuk*

Anyways, life goes on.

And so it does.

Been very busy lately. There’s a lot to be cleared off before I go for outstation jobs. Weekend was spent on an alternate mode - watching SATC at home, doing office work, doing (some) house chores, hanging by Atuk’s bed at the hospital or spending good quality time with mom. Missing Kerol most of the time. Form 5 twins who were there at the hospital on a routine basis visiting their dad tried to hit on me thinking that I am the same age as theirs. Flattered and offended at the same time. Flattered – I am hitting the quarter of my life soon and there are still people mistakenly think I am still in secondary school / university. I mean, that’s the best compliment I wish to receive all my life. Offended – I am there at the hospital almost every freaking day after work with my office attire and people can’t see the professional side of me? Looks like I need to do some self re-branding here, seriously. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I have few plans in place already for my big day. *wink wink* Its not like I'm looking forward to be reminded that I'm going to be a year older, but seriously, I don’t feel like one. Age is but a number right? (dasar tak sedar diri. Hehehe). Anyway, can’t help it from hoping that this year gonna be great for me, considering the fact that I’ve never got to really celebrate my birthday since I started my working life. Things were a bit limited and constraint you know. Oh well, that statement may sound a bit exaggerating, but what the heck. Heh.

6 August 2004 (Friday) – I was still on a anti-social mode at that time (read: post break-up syndrome) so I didn’t really bother actually.

6 August 2005 (Saturday) - I was on a reallllly tight deadline assignment so I had to come to office on that day. Plus, Eh but come to think of it, I already met Kerol at that time (still just- friends stage). So, knowing that I had to come to office on Saturday, he actually got me to join him for bowling with his friends (which is my Gombak friends now) on that Friday night after work. And he actually bought me birthday presents as well (yes, it’s a plural :P).. Hmmm.. not too bad actually laaa. Anyway, I had shingles on my forehead so I need to stay at home for almost 2 weeks! *isk* Oh yeah, I treated myself with my own birthday present – the WNE 6882 :)

6 August 2006 (Sunday) – Again, I was on an urgent assignment. Had to go to Penang on Sunday, so yeah… Monday was spent doing work at client’s place in Penang. Boo hoo.

There you go. My birthday milestone. Hence should serve as hints for whom it may concern. LOL.

As for a start, my manager on the upcoming outstation assignment had actually on purpose arranged the meeting to be kicked-off on 7 August. Very nice of her after all.

Okie dokie. Till later! The printer is making sound on its own. Yaiks!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

The one with.. life is just like a roller coaster.

Too many of happy days and happy moments, its about time to feel down…

1. Hari sepi #1… and counting.. I feel a bit mellow. (Kerol is in Koh Samui).

2. Hari cranky #1.. and counting too.. (I’m fasting today and will be doing that for the next couple of days).

3. I am mad. I got my exam results already this morning, as expected, I FAIL.... again! That’s it. That's soooo gonna be the end of my study days. To hell with professional qualification. M*cpa has becoming something I hate, so much! Maybe I am not meant to be. Anyway I have potentials in other aspects of life. I’ve just got promoted. I’ve just finished my Toastmaster speeches. I still have a lot of annual leaves to spend for myself with friends / family / Kerol rather than to be used for something that is not meant to be. And what doesn’t kill me won’t hurt me. So be it.. >:-( True enough, we can never have it all.

4. I feel suffocated thinking that almost the whole month of August I’ll be doing outstation jobs – 2 weeks in Kedah & 2 weeks in JB. *puke*


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The one with.. feeling so happy!

WeeeeEEeeEEEeee HoooOOooOoooOoo...

Saya sangat gumbira... karena...

1. Tepat jam 9 malam semalam, saya dengan rasminya telah disahkan selesai menghabiskan ucapan Toastmaster saya yang ke-10 !! Maka, syarikat saya tidak perlu lagi menyekat bayaran kenaikan gaji saya sebanyak 50% mulai Ogos nanti. Dan, 50% kenaikan gaji yang saya tidak dapat bulan ini juga akan dibayar balik ("backdated") pada bulan Ogos.

2. Harini dan esok saya mengambil cuti sepenuh masa.

Best tak?? hehehe.

Semalam lepas Toastmaster meeting abis dalam pukul 10 lebih macam tuh, saya rase tersangat happy saya telah mengajak Kerol makan nasik lauk, di mana saya dengan sesuka hati telah memesan nasi goreng, ayam paprik, teluk bistik dan sayur kailan ikan masin.

Semua itu telah abis masuk ke perut saya pada pukul 11 malam. Sah2, semua akan bertukar menjadi lemak.

Kerol hanya mampu menggelengkan kepala.

Haishhhh... happy pun makan banyak, sedih pun makan banyak. Apa kes?

Haishhhh... ni baru pukul 1 pagi, apa kes semua orang dah tidur? Layan TV series sudahhhhh :D Hmm, saya agak ketinggalan zaman, saya baru nak mula tengok series Sex and The City (SATC). Dah masuk season 3 saya layan, boleh lah.. not bad... Cuma, cerita itu terlalu omputeh sangat lah, tak sesuai dengan lifestyle kita orang Malaysia, well, at least... definitely not mine.

OK. Nak gi layan SATC ni. Till later. Ciao!!


Friday, 20 July 2007

The one with.. of my random food experiences.

Story 1
On last week Saturday night I went to La Bodega in Bangsar to celebrate my friend Joanne’s birthday. It was kinda a last minute plan, but all in all things went well and we had so much fun given it was merely such a short period of time. There were only 3 of us – Joanne the birthday girl, Jean and myself. Another close friend of ours, Parveen, cannot make it.

Story 2
Finally the other day I managed to try the Big Apple donuts yang heboh diperkatakan sana sini. Semua orang pun dah tangkap gambar and put in their blogs, so I wont bother to do that. Went there with Kerol and I must say, the donuts are better than Dunkin’ Donuts’. Well in the sense that the texture was very much softer, hence yummier. I have sweet tooth for donuts, really. So yeah I liked it so much! =) To side track a bit, ingat lagi punye lah suka kat donut sampai I applied for a part time job at Dunkin Donuts once during my uni days. And I got to eat donuts every freaking day until at one point of time, I can’t even hear the word ‘donut’. It made me wana puke. Huhu. Muka pun dah memang macam donut.. Kwang kwang kwangggg. But now I make peace with donuts already, it just that I am not that crazy over them anymore. Oh well, life goes on. Maafkan saya, donuts.

Story 3
And just now my colleagues and I went to have lunch at this place in The Curve – Paddington house of pancakes. Very nice and satisfying! Huhu. And for every RM50 spent, you’ll get a free pancake dessert for free… I am so having the AFS (after food syndrome) now. Help!

Story 4
Another food I would really love to try is – the Pizza Hut’s diplicious. Huhu.. Awat laaa banyak teringin makanan2 yang menggemokkan nehhhh. Haishhh. Anyway, I shall see how, maybe going to have that tonight. *grin*. Was supposed to try it yesterday, but we didn’t have much time. After I came back from the hospital, I went to accompany my mom for dinner, and then went to meet Kerol. We’ve bought tickets for the new Indonesian movie ‘Love is Cinta’. Nevermind the title, but I would say it was quite a nice movie to watch since Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC). Few other Indo movies I watched after AADC sucks big time..

Kata2 penutup
Haihhh okey lah. Need to get back to work. Friday blues plus AFS are really kicking in now. Huhu... Help! Please update your blog so that I can kill the time by reading them all. Muahahaha.

Have a nice weekend people! I am so gona make sure that I make full use of mine. Kerol is going for a one week holiday at Koh Samui plus Bangkok with his guy friends next week.. *isk*

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The one with.. the sound of music.... ;)

Haihhhh I’m feeling rather lazy and sleepy.

Blame it to the weather. Its raining heavily outside there. Oh yeah, and also the room temperature. Office suddenly is becoming so freaking cold these few days.

I slept late yesterday, as late as four in the morning. I was so sleepy I felt like asking my mom to wake me up when September ends. But as always mom will try to make me to go to rehab, I mean, office, I said nope, nope nope. Haihhhh, never again, will I stay up late.

I got myself ready, and I could see it was about to rain. So the first thing I did when I got into the car was making sure that I had the umberella ella ella eh eh, I had the umberella ella ella eh eh... and yeah, it was there at the side of the driver seat. Its tearing up my heart when I saw the traffic was badly congested even it was already 8.45am. I put the radio on to let the music heal my soul. I was still ‘merajuk’ with Kerol over something, but as the hey hey you you I want to be your girlfriend, I sms-ed him anyway, thanking him for the few wake up calls this morning that I missed. Huhu. Oopss I did it again. You know, even I merajuk with Kerol, he is still my candyman candyman… As always, I cant wait to fall in loveeeee with him. He cant wait to fall in loveeeeee with me. And I know I don’t love him, like I did, yesterdayyyyy. Cause I love him more, of course. All we need to do is just keeeeeep hollldingggg onnnn.. cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through.. I guess its normal for couples to have a silly fight, so yeah, I’m a big girl now. And big girls don’t cry… A friend reminds me once, whenever bad things happen, always try to think about the good memories you had. It’ll help. So yeah, thanks for the memories thanks for the memories… I’m almost a-ok now.

When I reached office, I was bugged by someone who must not be named here. I felt like screaming “So shut up shut up shut up, don’t wana hear it. get out get out get out get out of my way, step up step up step up, you'll never stop me.. nothing you say today is gonna bring me downnnnn”.. but of course, i didn’t have the reason.. and she also didn’t have the time…. and it really makes me wonder if I ever gave a damn about her.. give me something to believe in cause I don’t believe in her, anymore.. anymoreeee… Things ended just there, and I quickly got myself to work.

I had a whole long to-do list. Crap. I write sins not tragedy you know. If only I can be invisible, but it justttt too little too late, too little too wrong, my boss suddenly appeared from no where behind me, asking me to join for a discussion. Haihhh.. so I had a bad day, I was taking one down, I sing a sad song just to turn it around…. Kan best if Kerol is here, he definitely will protect me.. literally, he will say something like, ahhaaa ahhaaa keep your hands off my girl.. keep your hands off my girl…! Proudly he’d probably will then say, ba ba da da.. ba ba da da take a look at my girlfriend.. She’s the only one I have.. Ohh so sweet… =)

Eeeeee.. if only I can talk to the air conditioner of this office, I will definitely blame it for making me so lazy now.. huhu.. Oh, look what you've done, you've made a fool of everyone… Oh well, it seems likes such fun though..

Yeah yeah I know what goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around.. I am so gonna be 'punished' later for wasting time like this.. huhu.. don’t want to think about it, don't want to talk about it, i'm just so sick about it… about karma, you get what I mean?

Ok lah.. got to go now… hehehe mase merepek dah abes. Tak larat dah.. :P I have one hour and half more to go.. wee hoo, cant wait to just walk awayyyyy…

Before my boss get to say “I wanna see you out that door

I shall say to all of you readers, “baby, bye, bye, bye...”.

Till later!


Friday, 13 July 2007

The one with.. short and simple.

1. Lapar. (re: food)
2. Rindu. (re: Kerol, Alip, sisters)
3. Risau. (re: mama, atuk)
4. Panic. (re: workloads)
5. Excited. (re: 1pm later, weekend, Kerol)

Yeah basically those are my current feelings. Short and simple, yet straight to the point. Heh. Ni gara2 baru lepas submitted my answers for the open contest held by my firm for us the staffs. We are moving to the new building soon, so they are asking for opinions on some taglines to be displayed as signage around our working place. Those inspirational, thought-provoking taglines. And one of the rules is, the taglines must be three words or lesser.

So, like, "sharing is caring". something like that...

Ok, I shall end this for now.. am on half day leave today.

Enjoy your weekend !!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

The one with... bits and pieces of (my) life.

Harini terase sangat suram… why eh? Huhu. I really have no mood to work. But I have no choice but to. Trying to search for my mojo now. Hopefully blogging can be a good kick off.

For three days in a row this week, I tagged myself out from office the latest by 6pm. On Monday and Tuesday, I went straight to hospital to visit atuk. Stayed there with mom until the end of the visiting hour 7.30pm. Atuk is weak and fragile. A lot of wires and tubes attached to his body. Sigh. And today he’s going to go for these treatments called CT Scan and biopsy. Whatever that means, but the doctor is to find out the source of the cancer and also whether the cancer has affect atuk’s brain or not. And the doctor also sought for my mom’s advice on getting atuk to depend on this thing called life support machine. Oh dear, all these things are so new to my family and I…


Yesterday I went to watch the fifth installment of the Harry Potter series at GSC One Utama. Kerol has booked for the tix since last week, through Maybank2u. I guess, yesterday was really not our day. Lepas satu, satu thing happened. Mule2, we had the problem..well, more like GSC HAD THE PROBLEM in verifying our booking. Reached there at about 6.15pm, so thought of going for dinner first before the movie, which is at 7.15pm. But it took almost 45minutes for GSC to resolve the problem. What a bugger!! Dah la lapar gile, I became so grumpy. Huhu. Then of course la kalau nak dinner pun tak sempat kan. The queue at the popcorn counter was damn long, so Kerol suggested us to buy one of those pies at the King Pie (or whatever the name is). We bought that, and there were still few minutes left before the movie started. So we joined the queue at the popcorn counter anyway, and Kerol bought mineral water and corn-in-cup.

Soon after, we moved our butts to the queue made by those wanting to watch Harry Potter too. Ntah ape la nasib, those guys perasan la pulakkk we were bringing outside food. We’ve put the pies into the GSC’s plastic bag punnnn diorang boleh perasan… Kecoh laaa! Well yea yea I know we were at the wrong side.. tapi tak kire la kan… lapar laaa! Haihhh nak tak nak kene laa tinggalkan the pies yang masih warm itu… huhu. Nasib baik laa Kerol sempat beli the corn in cup. Bertahan la kitorang shared that corn for 2.5 hours…. *tsk* Keluar2 je, we went to claim for our pies, and makan macam orang yang tak pernah jumpe food before… :D then we went off for dinner at this place I’ve never been before.. somewhere at the Damansara area, near the old Lim Kok Wing place. The food was surprisingly good, despite the improper built up area; a place I wouldnt want to stop by just by its look.

Anyway, this 5th Harry Potter movie, hmmm.. not so nice la. Entertaining tuh memang la entertaining, I enjoyed it so much though. But, I mean, maybe am not really a fan, unlike Kerol who thought he would want to watch it for another round. So, ape2 pun.. Die Hard is still on top of my list, followed by Transformers and baru laa Harry Potter.. =) no offence ya Harry Potter fan.. Different people different opinion..

OK lah… I think I shall stop now. There’s a lot in my plate. I’m going off at 6pm today so I better make sure nothing will get hold of me.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The one with... berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul...

Quoting my mom:

People says, a mother can take care of her 10 children very well… but, that one person can’t even manage to take care of his / her single parent….



Perhaps, that’s because… a mother can scold and make the 10 children listen to her… but, a person cannot simply scold and yell at his / her single parent to make the parent listens…

Hmm, whatever it is, its always easier said than done, kan...

Wishing my mom all strengths in the world….(~_~)

The one with... walking down the memory lane..

I did my form 1 - 3 at MRSM Terendak, Melaka. And that was the most enjoyable 3 years of mine. True, I had the worst through out the 3 years as well, but looking back, things were all fun with the presence of friends who were of the same ‘kepala’. And it’s really tearing me apart when I had to move to other MRSM after that to do my form 4 & 5. *tsk* (I hate that next 2 years of mine though.)


Normal lah kan mase zaman skolah dulu masing2 ade their own clan… :D and mine consisted of 10 ppl: (hahaha yeah yours truly yang tengah bertenggek kat palang jambatan tuh…)

Both Lin & Nasal are happily married now with one kid.

Huda, Zura & Fara are a bit out of touch – Huda studied in UK and I heard she’s back in Malaysia for good recently. And the last time I saw Zura was in 2002, when both of us studied in UiTM Shah Alam. Fara is working in Melaka now, I think.

I am still in a very good contact with the rest of the gang – (L to R) Tazz, myself, Dayana, Alin, & Roxie.
See how different we were then, compared to now? hahaha. I know!

Oh well, we all have gone through that, you know.. the before and after thing. heh.

How I miss the good old days….. haihhhh.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

The one with.. likes and dislikes during the weekend..

Despite the constant nagging on how I always have the tendency to misplace my handphone pouch, Kerol bought a new one for me still.. heh. I likeeeee.

Then we went to eat at the Waffle World in One Utama after work on Friday. I had the blueberry waffle, and i likeeeeee.

The good time spent with Kerol, i likeeeeeee.

The fourth installment of the Die Hard movie - i like it very much! Went with Kerol and the other 11 friends at Cineleisure just now.

On the flipside.

Atuk wasnt feeling very well this morning. He is suffering from stomach cancer, which has affected some other parts of his body systems due to late discovery. These days, his stomach was bloated and also hardened. He had the difficulty to go toilet and he complained it was very painful inside his stomach, it became very much unbearable today. Mama brought him to the clinic, but she was asked to bring Atuk to the Emergency section of the GH instead. Mama then woke me up at 9am, and I drove them both to the hospital. It was so awful and heartbreaking to see Atuk whining in pain. And it was even more depressing to see how the govt. hospital works when they actually have one big building with the word 'Emergency' stated so clear, but Atuk had to take turn still ok! I wonder what 'emergency' really means to them. And when my mom asked about the exceptional treatment for those 'warga emas', they said they have it only during the weekdays! Gosh. I was so speechless. Sigh. Ape, ingat weekend sume yang sakit tu orang2 muda je la is it???!

Sigh. Guess there's nothing much for us who cant afford to go to the private hospital can do huh? Thats all what we can get for, yeah, i know i know, for free. But, see for yourself, there were so many patients yet they only open 2 counters??? Out of 7 - 8 counters! Sedih tau.....

and as at this moment am typing this... Mama is there, again, bringing Atuk for treatment. She went with my sister Erin when I brought my brother Ajim out for dinner just now. Apparently, Atuk is still complaining that it was so painful inside his stomach. I wanted so much to go there too. But Mama asked me to stay home with my brother, who is recovering from his chicken pox. I smsed Mama whether Atuk still has to take turn, and sadly, Mama replied "Yes". Mama went at about 10pm just now.. and look at the time now, its already half past midnight.

I am sad. I wish I have enough RM to do something for Atuk, to send him to get a better treatment. But I am just plain helpless.

Praying hard for Atuk, God bless......

Friday, 6 July 2007

The one with... (my) shopping dilemma.. :P

Malaysia is having the Mega Sales, again.

Oh yes, I do love shopping. Very2 much, of course. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s one form of an effective therapy session, with you get to be the therapist of your own. Nevermind with the aftermath (read: hole in the wallet). heh.


I kinda hate having to shop for the items under the ‘needs’ category, instead I prefer and love and enjoy when shopping for the ‘wants’. Well, put it this way, it’s such a pleasure isn’t it to shop for a pair of nice shoes you stumbled upon during that time you hang out at the mall, rather than having to search high and low for a pair of shoes of your preference just because the current one you are having is spoilt? You get what I mean?

So yeah.. I hate it when it’s the time to replace….

1. Kasut kerja – adoiiii laaa.. when its about time for me to buy the new one, mase tu laaaa tak jumpe yang berkenan. Ikutkan hati dan nafsu serakah (LOL), once I found a pair or two that I like, nak je beli in bulk, beli terus satu lori so that I don’t have to worry about having to find the new ones later.

2. Baju jalan / baju kerja – I tend to get easily bored having to rotate the same exact piece again and again. BUT, I am so darn lazy having to choose a new one, having to queue up at the fitting room, and having to try and try until you get the perfect ones. Rimas ok! Especially when you are all dressed up to go to the mall, then bile nak try baju dah pulak nak kene bukak balik and all. Pastu pakai balik. Pastu jalan sikit lagi, the whole chain of process repeats. Sigh. Leceh laaaa. That’s the reason why I prefer to just buy t-shirt (for baju untuk pergi jalan2).. all I have to do is pick & choose, ukur baju di badan sendiri, if OK, beli terus sudahhh.

3. Baju kurung / kebaya untuk function / normal wear – nak kene pegi pilih kain lagi, pastu anta tempah, pastu nak tunggu siap, pastu dah siap, nak kene cari tudung yang match pulak. Brooch lagi. Haihhh. Enough said. (nope.. luckily I am not that vain sampai nak kene carik matching shoes and matching handbags and some other possible things that can be matched. So yeah, it stops until brooch. Hehehe). Oh yeah, now that I remember, my tailor has actually stopped taking order for baju raya. Damn! I am so gona have to buy the ready made one then. See, this is the thing I hate about shopping. Tak suke nak kene shopping for the items categorised under the ‘need’ list. !!!! Dulu kan mase zaman belajar, bile tengok cikgu / lecturers pakai baju kurung cantik2, I've a thought, one day, I want to have 365 piece of nice baju kurung / kebaya so that I can wear each and everyday a different one, without having to repeat for the whole of that one year. Then next year repeat balik. Boleh? Oh well, guess I was being too ambitious then :P

4. Tudung – Every time I bought a new piece of item 2 or 3, I have to go search for the matching tudung. If the readily available tudung one way or another can seem to match with those, then that’s fine. Else, selagi tak beli tudung yang sesuai, selagi tu laa takleh nak pakai baju baru. And yeah, brooch. Tapi so far I’ve had in my collection all the basic colours for my brooches. So selagi tak rosak, I shall be at peace.

The key word here is – to replace. I hate to shop when it is to replace stuff. There’s a pressure attached.

I know impulse buying is dangerous, but somehow I know how to manage it. So yeah, I guess I’m an impulse (but on a moderate scale - I have budget) shopper rather than a well-planned one. (Tu yang banyak terbeli bende2 tak perlu tu, bende2 yang perlu pulak diabaikan. huhu.)

If ever there are such categories. Heh.

But I am not a shopaholic, that’s for sure. Because I tend to spend more for food & entertainment. Hmmm.

Happy Friday people!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The one with.. pause filler...

I am so freaking hungry now. There’s not many people in office, promised to go lunch with Jean.

But she’s freaking stuck in a freaking discussion still.

So while waiting, I thought of updating my blog.

I got this from Dalie.

"By doing this meme you are contributing rm127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage".

1. A person is only as good as ....... how he / she perceives what is the meaning of ‘good’.

2. Friendship is always ...... a bond with a mutual understanding.

3. To love is to........ to be able to accept that person when he or she is at his / her worst.

4. Money makes me...... spend! huhu.

5. I miss ...... my sisters… both of them, Erin and Liana.. *tsk*

6. My way of saying I care is by..... being there.

7. I try to spread love and happiness by..... trying to be in the other person’s shoes so that I can spread love and happiness in that person’s ways.

8. Pick the flowers when....... the person you want to give the flowers to, can appreciate flowers. Else, don’t bother… [sebab tu so far Kerol tak pernah kasi flowers.. hehehe :P ]

9. To love someone is to........ to be able to accept that person when he or she is at his / her worst. [repetitive answer for a repetitive question].

10. Beauty is..... real, when it comes from within. [in the attempt to rephrase ‘the real beauty is the beauty of the soul].

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was......feeling so happy to be accepted to a boarding school. I was soooo into the Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Seri Melur book series at that time.. :P

12. When I was twenty one, I remember...... having the feeling that I cant wait to be in the working world, earning my own money, and hence, spending like nobody’s business. Turned out, life is not that easy.

13. I am most happy when ....... everything goes my way… ;)

14. Nothing makes me happier than ....... having things to go my way. [again, repetitive answer for a repetitive question.. duh!]

15. If I can change one thing, I will change........ nothing.. i guess, what happened in life shaped a person to be the better.

16. If smiles were...... all I need to do to get things to go my way, then, I will smile 24 / 7.. If only, huh?

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could........ all live in peace. V

18. If you want to ..... be a good girl, then… get yourself a bad boy…. [purely merepek for the fun of it. hungry!!!]

19. Money is not everything but...... everything = money. Fact of life baby!

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is when… someone does nice things for me. I am sensitive person, I got touched easily. Huhu..

21. I smile when........ I’m happy laa.

22. When I am happy, I.......errr smile? duh.

23. If only I don't have to ...... work my ass off to live a comfort life…

24. The best thing I did yesterday was... having dinner with Kerol :)

25. If i ever write a book, I will give it this title, "the imperfection in me fits the imperfection in others".. whoaaaa.

26. One thing I must do before I die is.....mengucap dua kalimah syahadah.

27. Doing this meme, I feel like ........ screaming in anger because Jean has not finished with her discussion yet. Hungry!! ( in the words of Dalie - tapi saya ikhlas bang…)

I will tag those in my ‘life.. from the others’ point of view’ list…

last but not least, I quote (again) Dalie - it's for charity, but that guy better not be doing some dubious activity…

am out for lunch.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The one with... a detailed 'report'.. :P

Ohoiiii… it has been a while since I last viewed by own blog. Been doing an alternate mode between blog-hopping vs working yesterday and now it’s my turn to update mine.

Be prepared. For the long winded ramblings. I mean, very long :D

So last Thursday I went to JB with my manager, with her driving this time around. I initially planned to drive so that I get to benefit from the mileage claim *wink*, but yeah safety comes first I guess. My car was due for the next service anytime soon. So I didn’t want to take my chance. I’d never know when it’s going to cause me trouble – it’s a Proton car for that matter, you know what I mean. Such a spoilt brat. Enough with the one incident I had when I was on an outstation assignment in Kedah. What a nightmare! Anyways, had a good day with the meetings and all, and the night was spent with an outing with my childhood bestfriend – Farah. She came and picked me up at my hotel and brought me to this makan place called Anjung Warisan. Turned out that, both of us just got to know that we were on the promotion list! Yeah, I just got promoted!! weee hoooo. My colleagues called me at about 5.30pm earlier to inform me the good news. Wish I was there in office to see myself, the thrill & excitement would be different – you get what I mean ;) But, I could never feel thankful and grateful enough. Alhamdulillah. However, the bummer side of it, I have one more speech to do (see: of the Toastmaster), before I can fully enjoy my increment. Well, what happened was, my firm imposes on a new condition – minimum requirement to be promoted: 6 speeches. And for one to fully receive the new salary increment, one needs to finish another 4 speeches within the next 6 months after promotion. Else, half of the increment will never be yours – hangus just like that. Confuse? Don’t bother :P Anyway, Farah and I, we talked and talked and talked. She even came to lepak in my room for a while until midnight; we updated each other by showing pictures. She showed me her engagement pictures and so funny, we happened to come across a lot of common friends. What a small world…

Friday’s meetings went on smooth sailing. Reached KL at about 5pm, Kerol picked me up and we thought of hanging out, but something happened, so he sent me back home instead. The traffic was bad like hell ! Basically I did nothing that night, just resting and lazing around at home. Nice.

Woke up early on the Saturday morning to meet Jean & Joanne at Ali Maju in front of Menara Millenium. We had a Toastmaster meeting at the HELP Institute – yeah, we actually can do speeches at other Toastmaster clubs as well to speed up the whole process. So all this while the three of us have been calling around for an opportunity to do our project speeches at the other Toastmaster clubs.. Well, firm gives us ‘game to play’, we shall play it well then… shouldn’t we? *grins* Anyways, the meeting ended up at about 1pm and off we go for lunch. The girls wanted to have a mini celebration, so we headed to La Bodega at Jalan Telawi. I reckoned it was such a good lunch session with them.. Reached home at about 3pm and went dozed-off straight away. The next thing I know, it was already 8pm! huhu. eh I must say, the weather is so hot lah these days. I woke up feeling annoyed, I was all sweat up my skin was so sticky. Rimas !!! Anyway, soon later Kerol came and picked me up. We went to have a good quality time together lepaking at the Starbucks @ Alpha Angle, talking and laughing over frappucinos and apple crumble. Sweet :)

I was staying up late on the Saturday night after coming back home from Starbucks – thanks to the earlier nap I had, and the coffee. So I was on the internet, chatting with Alin, catching up through Y!M. And also checking out the latest updates of some of my friends, through Friendster. Kerol on the other hand went for a futsal game. He reached home at the time I was about to sleep. So I waited for him to clean up and all, both of us were then on the phone at 4am and chatted for a while before kissing goodnights.

I woke up quite late on Sunday, and did the normal – read Pancaindera and watched Melodi. Boo hoo. Not long after that, I got myself ready to go out with Kerol. We went to Cineleisure – thought of watching Transformers but the crowd was humongous! Tickets were practically all sold out when we reached there at about 3pm. Definitely a wrong move by thinking that we could get tickets just by queuing up. We gave up and headed back to KL then. Stopped by at Penang Village in TTDI for a late lunch (note: I must say, the food wasn’t that good) and next stop – Kerol’s office. huhu. He suddenly remembered that he has got something to do, so yeah.. as always I was ‘rewarded’ with the free usage of internet while having to wait for him. We made a move at about 8pm, not knowing where to go, to spend the rest of our Sunday. On the way to yet-to-know-place, we stopped by at the Petronas petrol station. Kerol was thirsty so I went down to buy him the 100plus. Got into the shop, picked the 100plus bottle and paid for it. I went out, and opened the car door and said, “Nah ni haaa 100plus” only to find out that it wasn’t Kerol I was talking to! I got into the wrong car !!! So embarrassing! Damn why on earth there are so many Myvi cars these days. huhu. I looked around and Kerol was actually waiting at some other spot. Gosh luckily I didn’t really got into the car and sit down. huhu. Sangat memalukan I shed some tears when I told Kerol about it, who of course, laughing himself out loud.. (+_~).

Selepas incident yang memalukan itu, we went to Bukit Bintang. I told Kerol I wanted to try one of those foot reflexology services. Hahaha takde kerja. Sebab last time bace blog Hana telling Acap and herself went for it before they went for a full swing shopping.. and the other day also my friend Aja mentioned about him going for it on a frequent basis. So I thought why not kan. Nak la jugak try. Well, I don’t know what was on my mind, call me stupid, but all I thought about was to have a normal foot massage. You know, urut memain, sekadar nak hilangkan lenguh2 kat kaki tu. Who knows, reflexology is that type of massage where the masseur will use all of her energy to massage and press on your every muscle and urat to the max. huhu. menggeliat2 Kerol and I tahan sakit and geli. Hahaha jakun! That’s it, not gonna have any foot reflexology any more… :P

Sempat la jugak took one picture.. :)

Monday was bearable, except for the annoying part I had with one manager who kept pushing me things just because I’m one level higher now. sigh.. hate it la! I mean, come on… give me a break! Things were eased up during lunch anyway. Had a celebration with my girls from office – Parveen, Joanne and Jean. We had dim sums at the Maju Palace in Maju Junction and did what we do best – gossiping! :D Good food, good companion. In the evening I went for a meeting at client’s place in PJ and it ended up early but I didn’t bother coming back office. Went straight to Mid Valley and waited for Kerol. Finally, we got to watch Transformers! Huhu. Well, must admit I thought I’d ended up feeling disappointed - with my high expectation due to the so many huha about how great the movie is. Turned out, the movie was indeed a great and coooool one ~! Albeit a bit all over the place towards the end, the fighting scene was a bit too much for me. Serabut kepala otak… :P

All in all, this one aspect of life, could have never been better. I’m aware that life is full of ups and downs though. This, my friend, is the ups of mine…. Enjoying it to the bits, before the downs come… =)

Okie dokie.. going to get my bath soon. Nak pergi servis keta.. oh yeah, am at home now by the way. TERbangun lambat tadi, so alang2.. half day terus sudaaaa.. huhu. malas nak jawab banyak2 kang.. lagipun I still have one day off carried forward from last Friday – firm declared cuti but I on the other hand had to go JB doing some work.

Till next! Hopefully it won’t be this long. hehehehe.