Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The one with... scary.

No no no no no, this is not going to be on some crap ghosts story review.

You know that the stat counter thing can actually reveal the IP address / link etc etc of the viewers right.... I just checked and noticed that I have a reader coming from one of my client office in JB! Isnt that scary? Because I cant seem to recall any of my friends working there, so.. who else that can be? Fingers crossed, hopefully he / she is an anonymous dude who just so happened to view my page (keep on reading dude!!!), not the personnel I worked together with (please stop coming here.. huhu). I'm not trying to be a drama queen or what here, but... imagine... the unnecessary impression.. the wrong judgement... its like..

"Lilia... I know what you did in office.."

yaiks! real creepy.......... help.


  1. hmm... scary... when we want to keep the two parts of our life separate... huhu... but it could also be just anybody... so chill... we are just human who have normal feelings and stress and mood swings after all...

  2. lia,
    i need ur help..mcmane kita nak install stat counter yg boleh reveal all the IP address and links?
    thank you!!

  3. hurm. stat counter is good. I got track of readers even from israel. I bet they tersalah tekan. hahahaha .... but yeah, knowing that you got hits from all over the globe is a bit .... aaaaa ...

    now in my wordpress, I got to know, not only their IP, but from where they click my page, what they click on my page and what they search for in my page. COOL HUH!

    owh tina, awak tak bagi saya baca blog awak dah yek. hehehe.

    lia, most of my officemates read my blog. hence, I dont talk about office or work anymore, I don't give a bloody shit if they read about my pathetic life tho, sape suruh buang masa! but my 58 yr old HR officer was cute, he would walk pass by my cubicle and say "abby of cosmic abysssssss" sambil tersengih. hahahaha.

  4. hahaha..thats funny to know..the most scary 1 is my dad knows my blog!!! now thats breach of privacy i tell i used u as a topic of my latest entry..want to see if it warms up any response..

  5. oya,

    if its really my client, its like revealing the unprofessional side of me.. huhu.. tak best.


    i've replied to u via ur chatbox.


    stat counter offers those too - i also got to know from where they click my page, what they click on my page and what they search for in my page.. and i thought ppl wouldnt be able to google for my blog, but apparently they can, through yahoo. sigh, me and my blog are starting to lose our anonymousity. oh well, i should have known.

    and... how not to whine about office and work when thats one of the main purpose i created this? huuuuu~~~


    its not funny ok. its... creepy. scary. making me feel uncomfortable. you get the picture. wah ur dad read blog one ah? thats.. pretty scary too. but u dont blog abt him, so i guess in the end, nothing to be concerned of.