Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The one with... my blue collection in office.. :D

Cool Slideshows!

i'm blue dabedidabedaaaaaa dabedidabedaaaaaa... yup, i'm a true blue fan!

hahaha.. not that i have got nothing else better to do laaa... saje gatal tangan nak try picture trail yang Oya baru ajar :p

well, anyway i sooo need a break right now. tomorrow and Friday i'll be in JB, so there's a lot to be cleared off from my plate before i go. been working my ass off since Monday lagi nak settlekan the necessary... sigh.

on the other hand, the trip to JB this time around should be fun... its not a field work, but more like a marketing assignment. i'm following my manager to get the exposure on how the managers 'sell' the job to the non clients. technically, my weekend is going to start pretty soon! ;)

ok lah.. nak abiskan kerja cepat2.. dah janji ngan Kerol nak pergi berfoya foya... huahuahuahua.. :D

till later then...


  1. waaa.... bagus2 dah pandai guna picture trail...

  2. lilia,
    cute! have a nice trip in JB!

  3. lilia, isi tersurat..cantik slideshow tu..isi tersirat..your cubicle is very tidy! kerap outstation kt jb..have a safe journey..

  4. dalie,

    thanks! arrived back in KL in one piece.


    thanks for finally converting yourself from a silent-reader to a reader-who-gives-comment... :P mane ade cubicle tidy, gmbr tuh sipi2 jer, tak tunjuk the full picture lagi.. penuh dengan documents ok! hehehe.

    and yeah, sbb JB ade industrial area, byk companies.. and sometimes slalu gak gi Penang, pun sbb ade industrial area...

    slalu2 lah komen yer :)

  5. hehehehe.. wait lah.. the July pay k? :)

  6. lia .. biru lg .. ?
    hey, passgate aku pon pakai tudung biru .. stationery collection also blue .. a lot blue blause .. n tudung or course ..
    damnn .. dr skola rendah lg ni ..
    bile nk berubah???

  7. farah,
    hahahahaha... some part of us as human, i guess, will always remain the same... =)