Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The one with.. guests oh guests..

It is believed that there is blessing in each guest who comes to the house. Meaning said, the more guests you have entering your house, the more blessings you’ll receive. Blessing as in, rezeki. That’s why during Raya celebration or even during the normal days, we are encouraged to always welcome guests to our house.

Okey, but I am suck at entertaining guests! Huhu. Really.

I am friendly, true, but its always hard if the other person is not being responsive enough. Like:

Me: Datang dari mana ni?
Guest: Bangi. [full stop]
Me: ... Oh senang tak nak cari jalan tadi?
Guest: Senang. [full stop]
Me: [EEeeeee!!!]. Tadi jalan banyak keta tak?
Guest: Tak. [full stop].
Me: [that’s it!]. Hmm.. OK. Minum la air tu. Tu magazine kalau nak bace. Paper harini pun ade. [nah, me terus blah pergi layan tv].

That’s the situation like last weekend for me. Sigh.

So what happened was, ever since my late grandma passed away, my grandpa stayed alone in Port Dickson. Well, not so alone, because there’s an uncle of mine staying together with him. But this uncle also, a bit.. how to say.. don’t know how to take care of my grandpa laa senang cite. He’s single and unemployed. So you put two men like that together in the house, all you know at the end of the day, both ended up eating Maggie every day and no one bothers to clean the house and all.

Whats more my grandpa is getting older, and weaker. He is sick. He’s suffering from the liver cancer which is starting to affect his heart. This condition of his came into the knowledge a little too late. Its 'eating' him in the inside. The doctor said there’s nothing much that they can do. Well, I don’t believe that, but… sigh, apparently, all things considered, the family also couldn’t do much. He’s on the traditional treatment now. Anyway you cant tell that he is sick, because from the outside, he looks perfectly fine. Weak, but fine. He can still walk and talk.

My mom’s eldest brother, i.e. my uncle @ Pak Long, is currently stationed overseas. He’s attached with Petronas. I guess, in my mom’s family, he’s the one that can be hoped for when it comes to financial support. So, getting a bit worried with his father’s condition, he asked my grandpa to stay at one of the children’s house, so that he can be properly looked after. Pak Long on the other hand, will provide in terms of the monetary.

He himself is overseas, so it’s a bit too much to ask the wife, i.e. the in-law who’s staying in Bangi to take care of his dad. So next choice, my auntie @ Mak Ngah. Mak Ngah stays in Taiping, a bit too far from KL and also PD, should anything happen. Down to the next option, my another auntie @ Mak Lang. Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve never even met my Mak Lang. My mom told me that last time, Mak Lang got married to the paddy farmer. So she and her husband, as you can tell, are a bit unfortunate. They stayed in Kedah, and never had the chance to even come to PD to visit the rest of the family. So, she’s out of question. And finally, down to my mother. As the youngest, she was quite close to both my late grandma and my grandpa as compared to other siblings of hers. So, yeah, in the end, it was decided that my grandpa stays with us.

So last Saturday, my Pak Long came to our house, with Atuk tagging along with all of his belongings. And that’s when relatives started to come to our house. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. And this morning even. Long-distant; out of contact relatives, that is. Its more like Atuk’s relatives, not the close relatives of mine. They are those whom I’ve never thought they exist. Huhu.

The conversation earlier was one I had with my mom’s second cousin. I tell you, its so hard to communicate with people who doesn’t response. My mom wasn’t around at that time, she went out to bring Mak Ngah and family drive around KL. The moment I saw there’s a guest coming, I quickly called my mom, wanting her to come back. Gile ke ape? I don’t even know where in the world mom puts the jug and the glasses! Not the glasses used by us the family ok. The glasses held classified for guests, you know what I mean. Yeah, feel free to laugh. But seriously, all this while whenever we have guests, it’ll be mom who does the whole entertaining part. I’ll be the co-pilot only. So yeah, when I called mom, guess where she was? In the gondola of the Eye of Malaysia! sheeeshhh. And she was only having the first round. yaiks.

Nak tak nak, I had no choice but to entertain the ‘unknown’ relatives for a while. Tell you, I was really in panic.. :D but all in all I managed the whole situation well. Or so I thought. I served them the peel fresh and also the keropok.. :P Lucky me, mama just fried the keropok the day before. And the fridge was still full with peel fresh. Atuk siap sound “ni air ape yang kau hidang ni. Pegi buat teh”. I replied, “Ish atuk ni, diorang travel jauh ni, mesti haus nak air sejuk”. And thank God they nodded their head. Huahuhua. After the ‘short talk’ I had as above, I gave up, and went sit in front of TV. It was Atuk who layan them.

I am bad. Huhu.

Its easy to entertain your own friends you see, because you can be so slumber with them. Ask my friends, how I treat them.. *wink*

Oh well, another skill to polish perhaps! :P


  1. ur funny la..but then again im also like the door for that person..then i jump to my room and mind my own biz..wahahaha

  2. i have been there too!!! kalau relatives yang tak rapat datang, terus call my mom suruh balik cepat2, then dok kat dapur 'buat' air lama-lama... heheheh

    and i have been to ur house too!!

    Lilia Edlina: korang nak air ape?

    Kitorang: Ape2 la Lia...

    Lilia Edlina: Eh, Erin, mama letak jag kat mane ek?

    Kitorang: Hahahaha...

    Lilia Edlina: Air Ribena ok ek, korang?

    Kitorang: Boleh aje...


  3. Joe,

    hahaha yeah man, exactly! I'll normally do that also.. :P


    hahaha, please, dont have to share that moment in public. hahaha.. :D aritu mase sedara datang still tak jumpe tau jag nak hidang air :P

  4. lilia,


    i do hate small talks, and asking obvious questions too.

    peel fresh is a really good idea though.

    nti ada rumah sendiri, hidang air tin je. hehe.

  5. yo laa tuh... hidang air tin *grin*

  6. Dalie,

    air tin definitely a brilliant idea! hihihihi.

    dear s0ulz,

    boleh je kan, kalau nanti nak hidang air tin kat tetamu? :P

  7. air tin pn ok jgk. tak yah basuh cwn.hbs minum buang terus. hahaha...