Friday, 15 June 2007

The one with.. good things vs bad things.

Hmm.. lately I felt lazy when it comes to blogging. Its not like I hate to blog, but more like I’m losing the mojo. Time and again all I felt is to vent out about work. I felt like whining. Complaining. B*tching. So on and so forth.

So much so until I myself feel sick of my own crap.

Don’t I have a life? The one that does not revolves around office / work?


But life after work often considered a bit too personal, so I don’t want be so transparent you see. Trust me, I have A LOT to express whats inside me regarding the other part of my life.

To talk about family, hmm… how do I put this. Well, i’m sure those who knows would understand how hard it is. But let just say, the family members are all doing fine with their own life.

About love life… I guess I did mention here and there about Kerol’s involvement in my life. All in all, things are doing fine between us, thank God. We’ll meet up every night for dinner as and when we do not have any other plans. And I guess that should be all about it. Don’t want to fall into the PDA (public display of affection) category :)

About friends, I am all in a good condition with them. Not much activity going on these days – everyone is so up to their own direction. Fair enough I guess, we are all in our mid 20s.. Friendship doesn’t mean you have to spend time together during the day, and being on the phone with each other at night. My childhood friend – Farah has just got engaged. Heh, the once-a-tomboy Farah. So happy for her. My high school + uni friends – Muni and Famie, they are getting married soon. Muni has asked me to be her bridesmaid on that important day. hehehe am still considering. Oya & Karim just attended the kursus perkahwinan, more big steps to follow soon, I guess? :) And many more have either settled down, or are going to.

So yeah, all in all, my off work life is just fine.

Out of curiosity, in the words of Nelly Furtado – why do all good things come to an end? What caught me is, its true isn’t it, why is it hard to cherish the good things in life? Like, its so easy to whine, to complain, etc etc – my writings flow like water. But when it comes to happy moments, I’m struggling with words.

When we are in love, we are so into the moment. But when we broke up, all the good moment is gone in a blink of eyes.

When we take a week off to go for a holiday, we had a good time. But when we come back to work, we face sh*t things on the first day at work, the holiday doesn’t mean so much any more.

When we enjoy a friendship, we treat each other so nice, putting the others before ourselves. But once we fight over some things, we acted as if we’ve never known each other.

And there are so many more real life example, isnt it?


Why bad things always easily wipe out good things?

That’s a thought for us, well at least me, to ponder.

OK lah I give up for now. Will write more soon, hopefully. Looking forward for an eventful weekend. For a start, I’m having a barbeque "party" tomorrow night.. wee hooo! \(^_^)/

Have a nice weekend y’all.


  1. 1. i have no problem with VDA (virtual display of affection)... it's ur blog... write whatever u want... and why not the mushi2 stuff for u to remember when u r annoyed with him... (salah satu cara nak memujuk diri sendiri)heheh...

    2. yeah, we went for the kursus pra-perkahwinan, and it was such an eye opener for us... so i guess the big steps will follow much much much later la... not so soon la...

    3. all good things must end so that all bad things will also end... i know it is irritating, but logical... so, enjoy it while it lasts...

    4. and we can forget all the good times when we are hit with the bad times because sometimes the peribahasa "kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga" is true... so what i did was hate it/him/her for a few days, and after i have cooled down, i will tell myself that maybe the person have a good reason for doing it to us... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...

  2. Oya,

    1. heh, i can see that you are perfectly ok with vda.. via the 'slides on the other half' in your blog... :D (nanti ajar cemane buat all those slides k!)

    2. well, whatever it is, one step is taken.. ye tak? :)

    3. yeah, its a cold hard fact that eveything in life is temporary. but why its hard to enjoy the good things, as compared to how easy we let the bad things taking contol of our life...

    4. true, sometime it works, sometime it doesnt... huhu...