Monday, 18 June 2007

The one with.. a friendly reminder.

Its funny isnt it, how the readers think that they know you, as in really know you, just by reading your blog?

Please, dont judge.

Okey, 'enjoy' the Monday blues peeps! Dont let your Monday hit hard by the 'blues', think about the nice and joyous weekend you just had!


Till later.


  1. well, but you dont know me inside out, do you? :)

    (this post was actually meant for the strangers who think they know me until to the extend of giving me their [lesser than 1 cent] advise, just based on what they read what i wrote. sangat duh-uh!)

  2. people care about u... (which comment/ advice yg sgt duh-uh tu?)

  3. the comment / advice itu di outside 'four walls' of the internet world. tu yang sangat duh tu.

  4. lilia laling,

    cakap kat dia, "eh kau ni..macam baguss.." :)

    have a nice monday! life is what we go through OFFLINE..

  5. dalie dearie,

    "life is what we go through OFFLINE".

    oh so true!