Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The one with.. blogging for the fun of it.

Wow, this is probably (one of) the most efficient day of mine… Have not visited any blog including my own since morning till now.. :D

Work life sucks big time !!! That’s all I want to say now, or perhaps shout out to the whole wide world. Well, that’s what Kerol always made me to do – whenever I complaint to him about work when we were in the car, he’d wind down the car window and asked me to scream out loud. So kalau2 ade ternampak dua orang manusia dalam keta on the road tengah menjerit macam orang gila tuh kitorg le tuh... :P Oh well to me, crying is still the best treatment for stress.

Things are a bit tied up for me lately. Its hard to manage client’s expectation and the superior’s expectation at the same time. I am left feeling suffocated and drowned in between the two. Sigh.

Last Friday I went to JB for a client’s meeting. Tell you having a day trip by driving to JB is one hell of a tiring journey! On the way back during the half way of the journey I started to make a zig zag on the road, pretty scary. Heck safety comes first, so I asked my manager to take over with the driving. Thank God we arrived home in one piece. Thereafter I was practically in bed from night till the next day.

Didn’t do much activity on the weekend. Just lepak-ing at home watching the entire ANTM cycle 8 and the final 3 episodes of Desperate Housewives season 2. Enjoyed these activities to the bits! :) and oh yeah, indulging in strawberry cheese ice cream from Baskin Robbin as well. niceeee. (i just happened to know about the 31% off on each 31st of the month.. huhu)

Monday and yesterday were spent at client’s place in PJ, alone. Sangat lah boring, but at least I got to do my work in peace – no disturbance whatnot. And today I am back in office, boo hoo.

Oh yeah, here’s my say on the latest sequel-movies I watched:

Spiderman 3 – pangkah.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – pangkah jugak.
Shrek 3 – pangkah… with a loud buzzer sound.

A total disappointment la…paling tak puas hati is Shrek 3. I went to watch on Monday night with the intention to ease out the steam of pressure from the workloads only to find out most of the fun scenes were already shown in the trailer. Haihhhh. Dont know what to expect on Fantastic 4.

Errmmm… aaa…ok am running out of ideas. Stress la.. stress.


  1. I love renee from Cycle 8. She's gorgeous and I kinda like her attitude tho she's a bitch. but jaslene deserve to win ... I hate dionne! and brittany! natasha is a bit too ... errr... european? well, its america's next top model, not russia's next top model.

    anyways. I pangkah spiderman 3, but I loike pirates and shrek.

    except, pirates, I pangkah chow yun fatt cos aku bengang, zaman tu, mana ada cina kat singapura. bodoh nye orang puteh! then, I didn't really like artie in shrek. I however LOVE the stupid dreamy gingerbread man and when donkey got switched with puss. hahahahaha ... kelakar siot. first row in front of the screen and I was laughing like a mad cow!

    try the french international movie festival. they got good romantic comedy stuff. in particular, "priceless" (hors de prix)

  2. abby,

    i hate renee neney, she's a biatch exactly! but cant deny she's a hot mama yeah. very beautiful. and natasha is beautiful in photos, but not in person. finally, yes, jaslene deserves to win. (wahhh aku ni macam cantek sangat je nak mengomen.. hehehe).

    and a chinese lady as one of the pirate leaders also was a bit.. hello??! siap muka tempek dengan tepung gomak tu yang tak tahan tuh.

    abby, dont you think all those funny parts you would have guessed already based on the trailer? tu yang aku keciwa sangat tuh. tak mampu nak gelak....

    will consider the internation movie festival option. thanks.. :)

    joe boy,

    yeah i have it. come to my place anytime.

  3. spiderman 3 aku pangkah..
    pirates i must agree with u.. it was filled with facts and to0 many twist & turn..sampai paling kapla..
    but shrek 3..pangkah? seriously? wow..guer sngat x setuju.. :P

  4. shrek 3 sgt la best. lain kali jgn layan trailer sgt. tgk iklan poster je cukup. :P. sometimes trailer nampak hebat, tapi cerita dia biasa2 aje..

  5. *paling kapla..
    correction : paning kapla


  6. nikman tomat tomatoman...

    memang, memang pirates sangat 'mempalingkan' kapla.. :D

    both nikman & fieza,

    tatau ngape, memang aku tokleh nak terima laaa shrek 3 tuh. agaknye sebab aku siap gi layan dia punye the making kot. tu yang tak best tuh. huhu. takpe takpe, lain orang lain citarasa..