Monday, 11 June 2007

The one with.. a quick snapshot of (my) life.

It’s a mad mad Monday morning rush, as always.

Was suppose to have an internal training (i.e. training within my department only) this morning, both Parveen and I were assigned a session to train the juniors. However, silly us, we forgot to book for the training room and arrange for the projector last Friday. Last minute often works fine, for me at least, but luck wasn’t at our side this morning. So we had to postpone it to this evening 4pm to 6pm. Haihh penat je bangun awal pagi tadi and rush to office. Pukul 7.55am dah sampai office, that’s sooooo not me.

Anyway, the traffic was bad this morning. It’s the back-to-school first day. I wonder why that had so much impact on the traffic. Dang!

It’s almost lunch hour now and I’ve cleared some things off my plate. *letting out a sigh of relieve*. BUT, there are more to be done, I guess that can wait. I am so hungry and I need a break after the ‘hectic’ Monday morning. Well well, this should serve as a disclaimer statement huh? See that’s the thing when I feel uncomfortable knowing that there are unwanted people, or should I say, an unwanted person, reading my blog. Well, not so much of ‘unwanted’ per se, I’d be more than happy to expand my reader base. Seriously. It just that, I happened to find out that there’s someone from office, of a higher level, actually read my blog. Not the personnel from client. So yeah, it left me with a dilemma on how should I deal with it. Yeah yeah stop preaching to me about the fact that a blog is open for public, unless you keep it restricted, I am all aware about it. So I was thinking, should I change the setting to private, or should I be more careful with what I’m writing. Well, I guess most of the bloggers understand the feeling of ‘thrilled’ of sort when knowing people actually reading your blog, so I choose the latter. I’d be more careful with the content, especially when it comes to things about office / work. Anyway, about other things, I’ll just write whatever what I want; bearing in mind the privacy line (of my own standard) I shouldn’t cross over of course. Enough said. I rest my case.

On another note, weekend was great. I went to JB on Friday night, and then to Singapore on Saturday for their mid year sale! :) But it was such a short and rush trip (tak sempat pun nak drop by jumpe Alin), so there’s not much of a self satisfaction. And the sale wasn’t as attractive compared to the year end / Christmas sale. Well, maybe sekejap sangat kot pegi. I managed to grab one nice black pants I’ve been wanting for so long though, but lucky Kerol, he basically shop for almost all the things he planned to buy! Shirts, pants, belt, and jeans. Huhu. *feeling green with envy*. But anyway, of course, am happy for him. Oh well, in his words, “ala, orang shopping sekali sekala je… dia kan dah slalu shopping…”. *wink*. What matters the most, I had a great get away weekend! (despite the bad traffic in JB itself - thanks to the Sure Heboh event and also bad traffic fr JB to KL due to the non-stop heavy rain). Hmm, wish I had more time to spend. Huhu..

OK lah, better end this now. EH, another thing, I received an email from Nuffnang:

Hi [insert my name],


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If you have a Skyscraper Ad Unit, please also ensure that it is placed high up the sidebar or the advertiser may choose the withdraw the ad.

Thank you.

The Nuffnang Team
So people, help me to earn extra ka-ching $$$ by clicking the ad at the top right side of my page k? Thanks !!! \(^_^)/

Till later.


  1. that how to comment about this entry if your higher personnel reads la?..if i were u i wont give a shit..and i purposely talk about them and wait for them to approach you in work..then you can pretend nothing happened in the world and wait for he/she to burst one day..wahhahah i m what?

  2. just comment, u said u didnt give a shit aite? hahahaha. well anyway, its always easier said than done. and some more i dont have a wood heart like you :)

  3. huhu... tak best nyer... what will happen to "my blog, up to me what to blog?" sigh...

  4. exactly. oh well, what to do...

  5. don't wory lah bout that. if that person doesn't like it, tell him to start his own blog and whine.

    buat taktau je. hihi.

    kalau klik bleh share duit? hehe

  6. dalie,

    susah wooo nak buat taktau.. dia dok sebelah ni jer haaa.. huhu.

    duit yg dpt hasil keklikan tuh baper sangat laaa haiii untuk org yg earning income from double source. hihihi.

  7. lils,

    i have clicked 10 times! :)

    mana ada..mana ada.. hihi

  8. hahahaah...10 times..can you also click on mine too!

  9. Dalie,

    oh thank you thank you. appreciate that! :P


    sibuk je! heh.