Sunday, 24 June 2007

The one with... random writing..

Hmm its Sunday and I’m in office at the moment… well, not MY office, but Kerol’s. He’s got something to do, so I tag along to accompany him. Well, considering the countless time he had spent accompanying me during those late nights I had, what I’m doing now means nothing. Huhu. Seciput je value nye compared to what he has done before.. :P


I thought I’d be able to blog, but apparently I just have no mood. Maybe I’m not using my own computer, it feels kind of awkward. Heh. Well, its true anyway. Thought of putting up a post on the pyjamas barbeque I had last weekend with my Gombak friends, but all the pics are not here with me. Also, the pics I had at Ida’s wedding yesterday also are not here with me at the moment. So, yeah… nothing much for me to talk about at this point of time.

Esok hari Isnin… EEeeEeeeeeEeee !!! *puke* Well, actually my firm has declared a special day off for us on the 29th, so basically we are having 4 working days only for this coming week, and that means a longer weekend. But, I’ve got prior arrangement already with client on the 28th and 29th, so that one day off will be credited into my annual leaves bank. Thank God, I’ll still have my share :) And this coming week also we will know how much bonus we will get, and the promotion list also will be out.. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news…

Ok lah.. I will stop here for now. Going to have a nice dinner with Kerol later afterwards.. Enjoy your weekend while it lasts!


  1. serious ar?..i thought we only know when we get our salary at the end of july?? shit im sure we r getting a dinner from u..ur definitely getting promoted la!.. aiyoh i got alot of items on my mind to buy.. a dslr..a set of golf clubs..a screwed..

  2. oh yeah... bonus end of july only we will know.. haha.. false alarm.. :P