Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The one with... my blue collection in office.. :D

Cool Slideshows!

i'm blue dabedidabedaaaaaa dabedidabedaaaaaa... yup, i'm a true blue fan!

hahaha.. not that i have got nothing else better to do laaa... saje gatal tangan nak try picture trail yang Oya baru ajar :p

well, anyway i sooo need a break right now. tomorrow and Friday i'll be in JB, so there's a lot to be cleared off from my plate before i go. been working my ass off since Monday lagi nak settlekan the necessary... sigh.

on the other hand, the trip to JB this time around should be fun... its not a field work, but more like a marketing assignment. i'm following my manager to get the exposure on how the managers 'sell' the job to the non clients. technically, my weekend is going to start pretty soon! ;)

ok lah.. nak abiskan kerja cepat2.. dah janji ngan Kerol nak pergi berfoya foya... huahuahuahua.. :D

till later then...

Monday, 25 June 2007

The one with.. food (and pictures) overloaded..

Its lunch hour and am in office. It’s all because of yesterday’s dinner. I am still full! or rather I’m feeling guilty actually, for the amount of food I’ve consumed for dinner, at such a late hour of 10pm some more! huhu.. I was definitely torturing my body by forcing myself to go to sleep within 3 hours after that. I had no choice, its going to be Monday! Dah la ade training pulak tu seawal minit pertama. I am so doomed. Damn.

So that’s what happened when two people were so hungry, had decided to go Chili’s.

We had the triple play. (the food that is. just in case.)

And the big mouth Mushroom Swiss burger.

And the grilled lamb shoulder.

And we finished them all…. huhu. Had no idea how the hell we managed to, don’t ask. Anyway, initially we thought of going to the Outback Steakhouse... but thinking that both also never been there, so we didnt want to take our chance. Any comment about that place?

On a separate note, here are some pictures during the barbeque dinner I had with my Gombak friends. Well, since a picture worth a thousand words, enjoy… (please excuse my laziness :P )

On another, another separate note, last weekend, another friend of mine just got married - congrats Ida!! =)

I've said my OK to my friends - Famie & Muni to be the bridesmaid on their wedding.. huhu.. agak nervous la pulak.. heh.

okeyyyyy. NOW I'm hungry.


Sunday, 24 June 2007

The one with... random writing..

Hmm its Sunday and I’m in office at the moment… well, not MY office, but Kerol’s. He’s got something to do, so I tag along to accompany him. Well, considering the countless time he had spent accompanying me during those late nights I had, what I’m doing now means nothing. Huhu. Seciput je value nye compared to what he has done before.. :P


I thought I’d be able to blog, but apparently I just have no mood. Maybe I’m not using my own computer, it feels kind of awkward. Heh. Well, its true anyway. Thought of putting up a post on the pyjamas barbeque I had last weekend with my Gombak friends, but all the pics are not here with me. Also, the pics I had at Ida’s wedding yesterday also are not here with me at the moment. So, yeah… nothing much for me to talk about at this point of time.

Esok hari Isnin… EEeeEeeeeeEeee !!! *puke* Well, actually my firm has declared a special day off for us on the 29th, so basically we are having 4 working days only for this coming week, and that means a longer weekend. But, I’ve got prior arrangement already with client on the 28th and 29th, so that one day off will be credited into my annual leaves bank. Thank God, I’ll still have my share :) And this coming week also we will know how much bonus we will get, and the promotion list also will be out.. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news…

Ok lah.. I will stop here for now. Going to have a nice dinner with Kerol later afterwards.. Enjoy your weekend while it lasts!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

The one with... [blur]

i am officially cracking up under pressure now.

stress + sleepy + panic = stone + cravings for caffeine, ice cream, cheese, waffles, etc = fat ugly zombie in this freaking modern slavery world.

on the other note, do you know that a friend of mine, Yanti is 7 months pregnant now and she weighs 46kg, only! huhu. you know what i mean.

p.s Yanti, you go girl !! :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The one with.. guests oh guests..

It is believed that there is blessing in each guest who comes to the house. Meaning said, the more guests you have entering your house, the more blessings you’ll receive. Blessing as in, rezeki. That’s why during Raya celebration or even during the normal days, we are encouraged to always welcome guests to our house.

Okey, but I am suck at entertaining guests! Huhu. Really.

I am friendly, true, but its always hard if the other person is not being responsive enough. Like:

Me: Datang dari mana ni?
Guest: Bangi. [full stop]
Me: ... Oh senang tak nak cari jalan tadi?
Guest: Senang. [full stop]
Me: [EEeeeee!!!]. Tadi jalan banyak keta tak?
Guest: Tak. [full stop].
Me: [that’s it!]. Hmm.. OK. Minum la air tu. Tu magazine kalau nak bace. Paper harini pun ade. [nah, me terus blah pergi layan tv].

That’s the situation like last weekend for me. Sigh.

So what happened was, ever since my late grandma passed away, my grandpa stayed alone in Port Dickson. Well, not so alone, because there’s an uncle of mine staying together with him. But this uncle also, a bit.. how to say.. don’t know how to take care of my grandpa laa senang cite. He’s single and unemployed. So you put two men like that together in the house, all you know at the end of the day, both ended up eating Maggie every day and no one bothers to clean the house and all.

Whats more my grandpa is getting older, and weaker. He is sick. He’s suffering from the liver cancer which is starting to affect his heart. This condition of his came into the knowledge a little too late. Its 'eating' him in the inside. The doctor said there’s nothing much that they can do. Well, I don’t believe that, but… sigh, apparently, all things considered, the family also couldn’t do much. He’s on the traditional treatment now. Anyway you cant tell that he is sick, because from the outside, he looks perfectly fine. Weak, but fine. He can still walk and talk.

My mom’s eldest brother, i.e. my uncle @ Pak Long, is currently stationed overseas. He’s attached with Petronas. I guess, in my mom’s family, he’s the one that can be hoped for when it comes to financial support. So, getting a bit worried with his father’s condition, he asked my grandpa to stay at one of the children’s house, so that he can be properly looked after. Pak Long on the other hand, will provide in terms of the monetary.

He himself is overseas, so it’s a bit too much to ask the wife, i.e. the in-law who’s staying in Bangi to take care of his dad. So next choice, my auntie @ Mak Ngah. Mak Ngah stays in Taiping, a bit too far from KL and also PD, should anything happen. Down to the next option, my another auntie @ Mak Lang. Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve never even met my Mak Lang. My mom told me that last time, Mak Lang got married to the paddy farmer. So she and her husband, as you can tell, are a bit unfortunate. They stayed in Kedah, and never had the chance to even come to PD to visit the rest of the family. So, she’s out of question. And finally, down to my mother. As the youngest, she was quite close to both my late grandma and my grandpa as compared to other siblings of hers. So, yeah, in the end, it was decided that my grandpa stays with us.

So last Saturday, my Pak Long came to our house, with Atuk tagging along with all of his belongings. And that’s when relatives started to come to our house. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. And this morning even. Long-distant; out of contact relatives, that is. Its more like Atuk’s relatives, not the close relatives of mine. They are those whom I’ve never thought they exist. Huhu.

The conversation earlier was one I had with my mom’s second cousin. I tell you, its so hard to communicate with people who doesn’t response. My mom wasn’t around at that time, she went out to bring Mak Ngah and family drive around KL. The moment I saw there’s a guest coming, I quickly called my mom, wanting her to come back. Gile ke ape? I don’t even know where in the world mom puts the jug and the glasses! Not the glasses used by us the family ok. The glasses held classified for guests, you know what I mean. Yeah, feel free to laugh. But seriously, all this while whenever we have guests, it’ll be mom who does the whole entertaining part. I’ll be the co-pilot only. So yeah, when I called mom, guess where she was? In the gondola of the Eye of Malaysia! sheeeshhh. And she was only having the first round. yaiks.

Nak tak nak, I had no choice but to entertain the ‘unknown’ relatives for a while. Tell you, I was really in panic.. :D but all in all I managed the whole situation well. Or so I thought. I served them the peel fresh and also the keropok.. :P Lucky me, mama just fried the keropok the day before. And the fridge was still full with peel fresh. Atuk siap sound “ni air ape yang kau hidang ni. Pegi buat teh”. I replied, “Ish atuk ni, diorang travel jauh ni, mesti haus nak air sejuk”. And thank God they nodded their head. Huahuhua. After the ‘short talk’ I had as above, I gave up, and went sit in front of TV. It was Atuk who layan them.

I am bad. Huhu.

Its easy to entertain your own friends you see, because you can be so slumber with them. Ask my friends, how I treat them.. *wink*

Oh well, another skill to polish perhaps! :P

Monday, 18 June 2007

The one with.. a friendly reminder.

Its funny isnt it, how the readers think that they know you, as in really know you, just by reading your blog?

Please, dont judge.

Okey, 'enjoy' the Monday blues peeps! Dont let your Monday hit hard by the 'blues', think about the nice and joyous weekend you just had!


Till later.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

The one with... raining.

Haihhhh laaa... baru tengah syok melepak layan E! skali ujan daaaa.. bile ujan astro rosak... tak ke hampehhhh... naikkan caj kemain... servis still lousy with the capital L.

tatau nape, badan memang penat. but i enjoy watching TV so much. really really enjoy. slalu kalau balik keje memalam lambat cemane pun, mesti nak tengok tv skejap.. (obviously the reason why my dark circle is hard to be cured.. huhu). tapi kalau dah penat sangat tuh memang terus tidur sudaaaa.

Kerol plak senyap jer ni.. mesti tengah sibuk beraktiviti bersama ayam n kambing.. :D td last dia msg kul 12 midnight tengah pilih lamb shoulder. esok ade barbeque dinner, organised by Kerol and his Gombak gang. yearly event kate mereka. the guys are in charged of the marinating and barbeque-ing, and the girls are assigned to take care of the side dishes. and this people, they come out with a theme - pyjamas.. :D tadi melepak kat Melati with them, discussing about tomorrow's barbeque event. biar benar nak berbaju tidur? hihihi. we shall see.

haihhh rain rain go away.

bile cakap ujan ni teringat lagu si rihanna.. umberrrella ella ella eh eh ... umberrrella ella ella eh eh... maaaaacam haram. heh.

ok lah.. nak gi melayan frienster jap. dah lame tak masuk, kat office ade firewall. sangat la bummer.

Friday, 15 June 2007

The one with.. good things vs bad things.

Hmm.. lately I felt lazy when it comes to blogging. Its not like I hate to blog, but more like I’m losing the mojo. Time and again all I felt is to vent out about work. I felt like whining. Complaining. B*tching. So on and so forth.

So much so until I myself feel sick of my own crap.

Don’t I have a life? The one that does not revolves around office / work?


But life after work often considered a bit too personal, so I don’t want be so transparent you see. Trust me, I have A LOT to express whats inside me regarding the other part of my life.

To talk about family, hmm… how do I put this. Well, i’m sure those who knows would understand how hard it is. But let just say, the family members are all doing fine with their own life.

About love life… I guess I did mention here and there about Kerol’s involvement in my life. All in all, things are doing fine between us, thank God. We’ll meet up every night for dinner as and when we do not have any other plans. And I guess that should be all about it. Don’t want to fall into the PDA (public display of affection) category :)

About friends, I am all in a good condition with them. Not much activity going on these days – everyone is so up to their own direction. Fair enough I guess, we are all in our mid 20s.. Friendship doesn’t mean you have to spend time together during the day, and being on the phone with each other at night. My childhood friend – Farah has just got engaged. Heh, the once-a-tomboy Farah. So happy for her. My high school + uni friends – Muni and Famie, they are getting married soon. Muni has asked me to be her bridesmaid on that important day. hehehe am still considering. Oya & Karim just attended the kursus perkahwinan, more big steps to follow soon, I guess? :) And many more have either settled down, or are going to.

So yeah, all in all, my off work life is just fine.

Out of curiosity, in the words of Nelly Furtado – why do all good things come to an end? What caught me is, its true isn’t it, why is it hard to cherish the good things in life? Like, its so easy to whine, to complain, etc etc – my writings flow like water. But when it comes to happy moments, I’m struggling with words.

When we are in love, we are so into the moment. But when we broke up, all the good moment is gone in a blink of eyes.

When we take a week off to go for a holiday, we had a good time. But when we come back to work, we face sh*t things on the first day at work, the holiday doesn’t mean so much any more.

When we enjoy a friendship, we treat each other so nice, putting the others before ourselves. But once we fight over some things, we acted as if we’ve never known each other.

And there are so many more real life example, isnt it?


Why bad things always easily wipe out good things?

That’s a thought for us, well at least me, to ponder.

OK lah I give up for now. Will write more soon, hopefully. Looking forward for an eventful weekend. For a start, I’m having a barbeque "party" tomorrow night.. wee hooo! \(^_^)/

Have a nice weekend y’all.

Monday, 11 June 2007

The one with.. a quick snapshot of (my) life.

It’s a mad mad Monday morning rush, as always.

Was suppose to have an internal training (i.e. training within my department only) this morning, both Parveen and I were assigned a session to train the juniors. However, silly us, we forgot to book for the training room and arrange for the projector last Friday. Last minute often works fine, for me at least, but luck wasn’t at our side this morning. So we had to postpone it to this evening 4pm to 6pm. Haihh penat je bangun awal pagi tadi and rush to office. Pukul 7.55am dah sampai office, that’s sooooo not me.

Anyway, the traffic was bad this morning. It’s the back-to-school first day. I wonder why that had so much impact on the traffic. Dang!

It’s almost lunch hour now and I’ve cleared some things off my plate. *letting out a sigh of relieve*. BUT, there are more to be done, I guess that can wait. I am so hungry and I need a break after the ‘hectic’ Monday morning. Well well, this should serve as a disclaimer statement huh? See that’s the thing when I feel uncomfortable knowing that there are unwanted people, or should I say, an unwanted person, reading my blog. Well, not so much of ‘unwanted’ per se, I’d be more than happy to expand my reader base. Seriously. It just that, I happened to find out that there’s someone from office, of a higher level, actually read my blog. Not the personnel from client. So yeah, it left me with a dilemma on how should I deal with it. Yeah yeah stop preaching to me about the fact that a blog is open for public, unless you keep it restricted, I am all aware about it. So I was thinking, should I change the setting to private, or should I be more careful with what I’m writing. Well, I guess most of the bloggers understand the feeling of ‘thrilled’ of sort when knowing people actually reading your blog, so I choose the latter. I’d be more careful with the content, especially when it comes to things about office / work. Anyway, about other things, I’ll just write whatever what I want; bearing in mind the privacy line (of my own standard) I shouldn’t cross over of course. Enough said. I rest my case.

On another note, weekend was great. I went to JB on Friday night, and then to Singapore on Saturday for their mid year sale! :) But it was such a short and rush trip (tak sempat pun nak drop by jumpe Alin), so there’s not much of a self satisfaction. And the sale wasn’t as attractive compared to the year end / Christmas sale. Well, maybe sekejap sangat kot pegi. I managed to grab one nice black pants I’ve been wanting for so long though, but lucky Kerol, he basically shop for almost all the things he planned to buy! Shirts, pants, belt, and jeans. Huhu. *feeling green with envy*. But anyway, of course, am happy for him. Oh well, in his words, “ala, orang shopping sekali sekala je… dia kan dah slalu shopping…”. *wink*. What matters the most, I had a great get away weekend! (despite the bad traffic in JB itself - thanks to the Sure Heboh event and also bad traffic fr JB to KL due to the non-stop heavy rain). Hmm, wish I had more time to spend. Huhu..

OK lah, better end this now. EH, another thing, I received an email from Nuffnang:

Hi [insert my name],


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So people, help me to earn extra ka-ching $$$ by clicking the ad at the top right side of my page k? Thanks !!! \(^_^)/

Till later.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The one with... scary.

No no no no no, this is not going to be on some crap ghosts story review.

You know that the stat counter thing can actually reveal the IP address / link etc etc of the viewers right.... I just checked and noticed that I have a reader coming from one of my client office in JB! Isnt that scary? Because I cant seem to recall any of my friends working there, so.. who else that can be? Fingers crossed, hopefully he / she is an anonymous dude who just so happened to view my page (keep on reading dude!!!), not the personnel I worked together with (please stop coming here.. huhu). I'm not trying to be a drama queen or what here, but... imagine... the unnecessary impression.. the wrong judgement... its like..

"Lilia... I know what you did in office.."

yaiks! real creepy.......... help.

The one with.. blogging for the fun of it.

Wow, this is probably (one of) the most efficient day of mine… Have not visited any blog including my own since morning till now.. :D

Work life sucks big time !!! That’s all I want to say now, or perhaps shout out to the whole wide world. Well, that’s what Kerol always made me to do – whenever I complaint to him about work when we were in the car, he’d wind down the car window and asked me to scream out loud. So kalau2 ade ternampak dua orang manusia dalam keta on the road tengah menjerit macam orang gila tuh kitorg le tuh... :P Oh well to me, crying is still the best treatment for stress.

Things are a bit tied up for me lately. Its hard to manage client’s expectation and the superior’s expectation at the same time. I am left feeling suffocated and drowned in between the two. Sigh.

Last Friday I went to JB for a client’s meeting. Tell you having a day trip by driving to JB is one hell of a tiring journey! On the way back during the half way of the journey I started to make a zig zag on the road, pretty scary. Heck safety comes first, so I asked my manager to take over with the driving. Thank God we arrived home in one piece. Thereafter I was practically in bed from night till the next day.

Didn’t do much activity on the weekend. Just lepak-ing at home watching the entire ANTM cycle 8 and the final 3 episodes of Desperate Housewives season 2. Enjoyed these activities to the bits! :) and oh yeah, indulging in strawberry cheese ice cream from Baskin Robbin as well. niceeee. (i just happened to know about the 31% off on each 31st of the month.. huhu)

Monday and yesterday were spent at client’s place in PJ, alone. Sangat lah boring, but at least I got to do my work in peace – no disturbance whatnot. And today I am back in office, boo hoo.

Oh yeah, here’s my say on the latest sequel-movies I watched:

Spiderman 3 – pangkah.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – pangkah jugak.
Shrek 3 – pangkah… with a loud buzzer sound.

A total disappointment la…paling tak puas hati is Shrek 3. I went to watch on Monday night with the intention to ease out the steam of pressure from the workloads only to find out most of the fun scenes were already shown in the trailer. Haihhhh. Dont know what to expect on Fantastic 4.

Errmmm… aaa…ok am running out of ideas. Stress la.. stress.