Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The one with.. temporarily unavailable :)



And more phewsss…

Finally I am off for my study leaves. And I am gonna take the challenge to not to blog for this coming 2 weeks plus :)

Some snapshots before signing off.

Last Friday, being so annoyed with workloads, I decided to leave office early – putting everything behind. Some more Kerol was back from Perak, so we agreed to meet after office hour. He’s leaving for East Coasts for one week the next day, so the meet up was really needed :P I think I was indeed being so emotionally messed up, the moment I got into his car all I did was crying my heart out. Being so understanding, Kerol let me continued crying until I stopped myself. Great.stress.reliever. All went well thereafter :) Had a good time retail therapy-ing and food indulging. *grin*

The next day, i.e. Saturday I attended my crash course. How was it you asked? Very “crashed”. But I managed to stay focus throughout the whole session – every time my mind was about to drift away, I kept on telling myself “remember, you pay for this class, you better make full use of it !!”. That helps. Class finished at 5pm, I went back home and had a rest before getting ready to go meet my girls at Chillis KLCC. Alin’s leaving for Singapore, for good – so it was a farewell dinner we had, sort of. Great friends, great chats, great hangout, great time. In the words of Abby, “To Alin. To being safe. to being on air. to being gorgeous”. Gonna miss her definitely.

On Sunday, another 9 to 5 crash course class. Was a bit of a tiring day as the topics covered were on the various consolidation scenarios. Reached home at about 5.30 and later went for swimming with Erin. I was fast asleep that night.

Monday marked the last day of the three days session of the crash course. Haihh.. I am officially on my own now. So scared, don’t know whether I can make it or not. *nails biting*. At night, I went to office to clear off my workloads, stayed until 12 midnight before continued at home until 4.30 in the morning. Sounded so ‘kiasu’, but I really wanted to get things done and deal with, so be it. I didn’t want to have to come back to office during my study leaves.

So this morning I went to office to hand in my reports, to have discussions with 2 managers I’m working for, and to do some other office stuff. I was supposed to go off during lunch, but things got dragged until 4pm. Oh well, at least I am free to study now.

Alritey I hereby take the challenge not to blog :)

The exam pressure is surely heating up! (=_+)

Wish me luck. And till the next updates….


  1. good luck!

    no blogging. :)

  2. wat no bloggin?? are u sure?? will u not b tempted at all?? good luck..thanks for the good luck..consolidation was a breeze!

  3. oi balik la. i've ran out of blogs to read. update oi. hehe

  4. seriously lilia, i'm warning u to update yur blog. hehehe.

  5. me 2..i m warning u 2.. i already reached 5290 visits as of this you better buck up soon..ok?