Thursday, 3 May 2007

The one with.. 'reporting' on a lil bit here and there..


Its Thursday but I felt like it’s the mad Monday rush. Ad-hoc works came in like crazy, requiring urgent action. Most managers are still on leaves. And so do the juniors. An utter madness.

Anyhow, I just had all those urgent works done, and now am catching up some breath before proceeding with the abandoned to-do list. Enjoying my vital Quaker oat cereal drink now while doing the best getaway in office – blogging :P

Hmm, enjoyed my 2 days break to the max despite the fact that some time was spent on work.

On the Labour Day, I went out with Kerol and we did some mall-hopping activities. Heh. Woke up at about 9am, spent some time at home, and then got ready to go and pick Kerol up (somebody’s complaining that he’s kinda ‘miss’ to be the co-driver, sitting next to the driver doing other things, BUT NOT driving.. hehehe). Well, we first went to the Ampang Point, I wanted to check out for this one Carlo Rino handbag.. and luckily they had it, yeay! (i noticed that Pizza Uno is no longer around there... so sad...). After that, we then went to the Plaza Galaxie Ampang, thought people wont go there for movies, obviously we were wrong. The queue and crowd were such a turned off. Within 5 minutes, we were back on the road. We decided to go to a place which is not jam-packed with people, so we headed to the Bangsar Village. Ok lah, not as crowded compared to KLCC / Mid Valley / One Utama / The Curve I suppose. We were so hungry by then, so straight away we went to the restaurant nearest to us at that very moment – a Viatnamese Restaurant – cant recall the name. No offense, but the bihun soup I ordered tasted like none other than those branded instant noodle I used to take during my boarding school days, except for the extra tender chicken fillings of course; which satisfied me at least. After that we made a tour around, I managed to buy belated birthday presents for my colleagues and within 2 hours I think, we got bored with the lack of crowdedness of the Bangsar Village :D So off we hop to the Mid Valley. Ahh… was more like a familiar surrounding finally. hehehe. Went in and out from one outlet to another, Kerol suddenly had the craving for cake. There goes another round of hopping; we went to each and every café that sells cakes - Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Dome – you name it, and went browsing through their cakes display. In the end, to us, nothing can beat the Secret Recipe cakes. So finally, we made a pit stop there, enjoying cheese cakes and fries. Very sinful! Huhu… To make it up for it, we decided to take another stroll in Jusco (to burn some calories la kononnya), and I shopped for few things also. Haihhh I think I'm really in the mood for spending money. Must.not.spend.more after this. Oh yeah, that was when suddenly I thought of this joke, and I told Kerol.

Me: Just imagine, if somebody was to spy on us (ala2 macam dalam drama), that person must be really fed up kan. Baru nak report “suspect now is in Ampang Point. Eh hold on, hold on, suspect now is turning into the road at the Galaxie Ampang. Eh, now suspect is heading to Bangsar lah..” so on and so forth.

Kerol: hahahaha… [gelak jangan tak gelak..].


Anyway, I reached home at about 10.30pm and was really tired. But a great (very!) day indeed :)

The next day, I woke up early morning to join my sister Erin to go swimming at her friend’s aunt apartment. Had a good ‘calories burning’ session and we went back home at about 11 something. Did some house chores before hit off with the office work. *boring*. Kerol went to Perak for another round of outstation work. isk. He’ll be back tomorrow night only, but the next day he’ll be heading off to the East Coast for another week of outstation job. Not to mention to Sabah as well soon after his work at the East Coast states was done.. :'( I, on the other hand, will have to start to attend the crash course classes and straight away going for my 2 weeks plus of study leaves.

Gonna be lesser meet up with Kerol (for good), and lesser blogging activities, and more studies!!

Till the next updates..


  1. i think u can't resist blogging hehe.. its fooking addictive.(i know, i'm one)

    make the best while it last!

  2. may the force be with me.. :P

  3. eh..i m so stressed..with papers missing and contents that i dont understand time n time..n i still can blog daily..hahah u sure cant!

  4. i can... who says i cant?? it just that i dont want to, thats the diff. :) prioritise is the word. hey, when la is your exam? kinda forgot already. i'm stressed with works, cant wait to study peacefully...