Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The one with... of the random ramblings.

Am attending one of the firm’s internal courses now. Its freaking cold in the training room and its pretty boring too. The firm is changing the appraisal system, so they are educating us all on how to use the new one. All of my friends have attended the course, today is the last run – held especially for those who were on break taking exam for the past few weeks. There were only Adrian and myself from my department, but we are sitting far from each other. So am practically all ‘alone’ now. How come everyone looks interested eh? Its after lunch laaa!

I am typing this out of boredom. Its quite a turned off though having to type slowly and quietly without distracting others, especially the course instructors. Plus, I have to act as if I'm paying attention. A real multitasking challenge! :D

Hmm, dont have any particular thing to blog about. Things have been quite tied for me after returning back to office from study leaves. The whole day of today is practically gone already after attending this full day course. And this Friday I need to go to JB for a day trip with a manager, to do presentation on our fact findings and thereafter hand in the final report to client (yeay one thing is cleared off from my plate, phew!). So yeah I am left with just 3 working days this week, and there's a lot to catch up. Haihhh la.

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, watched Pirates of the Carribean already. Hmm, definitely better than Spiderman 3. But I must say PotC was heavily filled with facts la this time around. Quite confusing and crowded with... err pirates? And for those who havent watched, dont forget to wait for a while after the movie ends, there are extras after they list down the name of the main casts :) I hope Shrek 3 wont be so much of a dissapointment for a sequel movies league. And also Fantastic 4. I am a movie buff, yes.

Hmm, me dark circle is worsening :(

Out of curiosity, who do you think is suitable to be the eldest in the family? A boy or a girl? I'd go for... boy. I dont know why, but being an eldest myself, I felt like its such a heavy responsibility. Especially everyone is growing apart due to life commitment, and some family conflicts. I feel like I am not strong enough to carry the role as an eldest I wish I have an elder brother. But a quick check from few friends, they were on the thought that a girl suits as an eldest the best. Because they will always try to bring the family together. Is it true? Or is it merely overrated based on individual experience? Sigh. I dont know. I know I do want to see everyone in the family is bonding with each other like the good old days, but... sigh, sometimes I tend to get too emotional easily. I felt I'm not strong enough. I felt that I need to do something, but I just... dont know how. I just dont know how to manage everyone. Ahhhh.. heck, this is just yet another random ramblings of mine. Dont bother.

Laparnya. Tea break lambat lagi. Tadi pagi dah la tak sempat breakfast, thanks to the early starting of the course. Lunch pulak was spent on a discussion with a (freakingly annoying) manager. Tak berhati perut betul. Not my fault that I'm on course today and she wont be available tomorrow rightttt. Dia senang2 dah had an early lunch, and I'm expected to sacrifice mine?! BUGGER.

Hmm nak ajak Kerol makan banyak2 lah malam ni. Stress. A good reason to indulge :P

Oh kat rumah ade TV baru, best!!! Besaaaarrrr, 29" flat screen type (bukan flat panel yer). Mind my jakun-ness peeps. You never give me money before, I couldnt afford to buy earlier. So, buzz off. Leave my family, myself and our new TV alone.. :)

Arghhhh boring boring. Bile course nak abes nihhh.


  1. u really rambling about everything i m fallin sick..and i want to take MC...grrrr...

  2. :D rambling is what i do best!

    go back la, u so old, old people need rest, sick somemore.

    i so stress now. a lot of things to be done.. >:{

  3. selamat with the new tv! baru tgk heroes sat tadi, kepala peter nak kena potong dgn sylar! saspen! saspen!

    JGN STRESS, a glass with half full, bak kata neesa. me will update soon k. hehe..

    dark circle tu tak try pakai timun ke?

  4. Dalie i tell you the end of season 1 is full of suspenses..a bit of a bummer.

    welkam bak!