Thursday, 24 May 2007

The one with... the long overdue entry :)

huhu it has been a while. i don’t know what to write and even where to start. help am losing my mojo !! :P

hmm.. oh well.. ok hows life for the past few weeks?

1. lesser proper meal, more of snacking. especially on Cadbury’s picnic. surprisingly that helped with the weight. a bit je la tapi. can easily shoot up to the normal one anytime soon.

2. managed to get hold of myself not to blog ! i am in complete control :) (fair enough i admit i did some blog hopping though. but that was it.. nothing more. ngeh3x).

3. overloaded with Malay series i’ve never thought i would watch… AF diaries even! :D damn i’m gonna give it a miss for Manjalara today. hahahaha.

4. study study study. that’s for sure. makan study. minum study. tidur study.

5. more time was spent at home with Mama. and Alip yang makin cheeky and naughty.

6. missed Kerol a lot.. :P

7. managed however to watch Spiderman and Sumo-lah; back to back. hehe. that was when Kerol was back for 2 days. opportunity used up wisely :)

8. refer back to # 4.

so yeah. basically that’s about it. nothing much. one thing for sure, I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH i felt dreadful having to come back to work this morning. well, actually i was supposed to be back by yesterday. but oh well.. *wink*

on a separate note, i went out for lunch with my normal officemates just now. they wanted to go Modesto’s. hmm how to put this eh, well i know its my bad, but i am indeed not someone who is really particular with halal’s sign when it comes to food. i mean as long as they do not serve pork, i should be fine. and i’m not fussy. but i know i have to observe my religion. that’s for sure. i don’t drink. i don’t eat things if the place casts even a single doubt on its halal status. so yeah, despite the fact that they serve alcoholic drinks, i am basically fine with ‘general’ places like Chillis, TGIF, Alexis, Japanese restaurants, so on and so forth. like i say, as long as they dont serve pork and use pork-related ingredients. and Modesto’s is basically in the OK list too. normally if i see the food description in the menu includes wine, i wont order or ask them to exclude it. on an equal opposite, they will alert me also (sometimes).

but that’s not in the case in Modesto’s just now. i didn’t know what to feel, i was basically speechless when my colleagues suggested that the pasta could have wine in it. i said cannot be, because the guy who took my order was a Malay (or so i thought). i was almost done with my food when we checked with the waiter only to find out yes, the pasta had wine in it. sigh !!!! i felt… i don’t know.. sinful of sort. things cannot be taken easily you see when it comes to food / drink. its gonna form part and parcel of my blood and flesh. i felt uncomfortable. even until now. even after i’ve vomited out. arghhh ! bencinya. especially thinking about the moment when my colleague asked the waiter, the waiter boleh pulak replied something like this “oh i thought you are okay with it because you look like a Chinese”.

HELL to the O ???! i mean obviously when he said like that, means he’s aware about Muslim cannot take wine and all. and i was there, in tudung and baju kebaya. how insensitive was that???

oh well, my bad for not being sensitive in the first place. definitely a lesson learnt today.

eh not so bad eh for a mojo lost? i think its back! \(^_^)/

its first day at work after a long break and tomorrow is Friday. the top level people are having managers' meeting tomorrow. i'm officially having a malas-attack now! :P definitely going off on time today.. *grin*


  1. Don't sweat about the it. Alcohol is volatile, the alcohol in the wine would have evaporated during cooking.

  2. its ok ok la..treat urself as if you were stuck in the north pole..a lil alcohol is ok wat..i asked my fren b4..u can break the rules..if 1. under unknown circumstances 2. under natural circumstances..

    so ok wat?

  3. thanks guys for the words of comfort.

  4. yep, definately ok if u didnt kno abt the wine.

    and of course it wasnt intentional.

    so, feel free to feel sin-less.

  5. lilia is back! yeay. and me too.

    i agree wh the anonymous above. alcohol is evaporaticable. (is that even a word)

    yeay! ure back. i miss u! teeheehee.

  6. Niesa,
    Thank you thank you. I'm feeling much better.

    I tiramissyou too. heh. :)

    Not everyone is as free as you.. :P