Friday, 4 May 2007

The one with.. feeling so down.

I’ve always thought that being present at work, when every one elses are on leave, are heaven, in the sense that I can do my own work peacefully. Some more I need to clear up my plate before I go for my study leaves.


Not when your boss is around. Sigh. I’m so sick of all this. Since yesterday I’ve been doing all the ad-hoc stuff, including those admin things like replying emails, drafting out letter, calling up clients, and the list goes on.

I finally reached at the point of breaking down. Its so annoying and pressuring when I cant stick to my plan, to my to-do list. Arghhh geramnye! Too annoyed until I was so speechless to express my anger, it suddenly reflected in the sudden tears watering in my eyes. Good. At least it helps to moisten this dry contact lenses of mine – thanks to the super blowing air cond in the office.

Geram. Geram. Geram.

Yesterday I had to make a skip from work for a while from 5.45pm – 8pm to attend the toastmaster meeting. I’ve committed to be one of the role players, so I had to go. And because of the [too speechless to describe the geramness] ad-hoc things, I had to come back to work and continued with the rest of my abandoned workloads. And my boss was still there. And boleh plak dia dengan ringan mulutnya cakap (kononnye nak make a conversation), “So, you are doing a double shift work today?”.

Ideally, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. Really.


Realistically, I forced a fake smile to him.


I guess it was too fake, he didn’t say any further.

Sigh. My mood is kinda unstable lately.

May I have the strength to go just another one and a half more days at work. Amin.


  1. y giv him face..screw him left right centre..and also from the back! how was toasties??

    n stop crying pls..ur eye bags cannot d la..

  2. i think to cry, is the best way to let go of all what u keep/feel/have inside. after some drops of tears, it just happen that you will feel a little bit of relief. well....that apply for me.i think i do that often.. :P

  3. Joe,
    Crying is part of stress reliever. hehe. toasties was a force task to me, as always. and i suck as evaluator key. thought it was easy.. huhu.

    Couldnt agree more! I do that often too.. :P

  4. Hang in there lil girl... you're doing fine!