Thursday, 31 May 2007

The one with... [blank]

i'm done for the day. waiting for Kerol to finish his. not feeling very well. *uhuk* its the season to get sick or what? God please help me to get rid of this fever. i've gulped down panadol actifast and vitamin C tablets. hope it helps. the office condition definitely not doing any help, very cold to the max! sigh. tomorrow am driving to JB, daytrip some more. sigh. need to wake up wayyyy earlier than the normal day. bummer :(

hmm, means cannot go out late tonight. Kerol wont be around this weekend, he's going back to Kuantan, ada tahlil. so we are left with tonight to spend time together (ehem, 2 days ++ seems to be long enough for me!) so, thought of catching up Shrek 3 but.. i dont think its a realistic thing to do. like i mentioned earlier, its gonna be a long drive tomorrow with an early start.

oh yeah, suddenly it occurred to me that there are 2 increasing and noticeable 'trends' happening to people of / around my age. 1st, of course the ever popular trend of settling down. the 2nd one is, people start to resign from the current work they are in. hmm.. and i am obviously falling out of the trend. getting married is... not in my to-do list. not at least for the nearest time. and resigning? hmm.. after 3 years of working, ada terfikir jugak. but, its kinda of a high risk i need to consider about. with some commitments and all. i am ok with my current work place, but... entah. there's a BUT. one thing for sure, am so sick of the annoying office politics. heck i guess its everywhere huh?

adoiii am having a headache now. fever fever go away. dont come again another day. lil lilia wants to play. fever fever go away....


  1. drive safely! hope kau tak demam..

  2. hey..come bak safely then on saturday n sunday ask how? i give you some of my flu medicine..

    office politics keeps everyone on their feet mah..