Thursday, 31 May 2007

The one with... [blank]

i'm done for the day. waiting for Kerol to finish his. not feeling very well. *uhuk* its the season to get sick or what? God please help me to get rid of this fever. i've gulped down panadol actifast and vitamin C tablets. hope it helps. the office condition definitely not doing any help, very cold to the max! sigh. tomorrow am driving to JB, daytrip some more. sigh. need to wake up wayyyy earlier than the normal day. bummer :(

hmm, means cannot go out late tonight. Kerol wont be around this weekend, he's going back to Kuantan, ada tahlil. so we are left with tonight to spend time together (ehem, 2 days ++ seems to be long enough for me!) so, thought of catching up Shrek 3 but.. i dont think its a realistic thing to do. like i mentioned earlier, its gonna be a long drive tomorrow with an early start.

oh yeah, suddenly it occurred to me that there are 2 increasing and noticeable 'trends' happening to people of / around my age. 1st, of course the ever popular trend of settling down. the 2nd one is, people start to resign from the current work they are in. hmm.. and i am obviously falling out of the trend. getting married is... not in my to-do list. not at least for the nearest time. and resigning? hmm.. after 3 years of working, ada terfikir jugak. but, its kinda of a high risk i need to consider about. with some commitments and all. i am ok with my current work place, but... entah. there's a BUT. one thing for sure, am so sick of the annoying office politics. heck i guess its everywhere huh?

adoiii am having a headache now. fever fever go away. dont come again another day. lil lilia wants to play. fever fever go away....

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The one with... of the random ramblings.

Am attending one of the firm’s internal courses now. Its freaking cold in the training room and its pretty boring too. The firm is changing the appraisal system, so they are educating us all on how to use the new one. All of my friends have attended the course, today is the last run – held especially for those who were on break taking exam for the past few weeks. There were only Adrian and myself from my department, but we are sitting far from each other. So am practically all ‘alone’ now. How come everyone looks interested eh? Its after lunch laaa!

I am typing this out of boredom. Its quite a turned off though having to type slowly and quietly without distracting others, especially the course instructors. Plus, I have to act as if I'm paying attention. A real multitasking challenge! :D

Hmm, dont have any particular thing to blog about. Things have been quite tied for me after returning back to office from study leaves. The whole day of today is practically gone already after attending this full day course. And this Friday I need to go to JB for a day trip with a manager, to do presentation on our fact findings and thereafter hand in the final report to client (yeay one thing is cleared off from my plate, phew!). So yeah I am left with just 3 working days this week, and there's a lot to catch up. Haihhh la.

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, watched Pirates of the Carribean already. Hmm, definitely better than Spiderman 3. But I must say PotC was heavily filled with facts la this time around. Quite confusing and crowded with... err pirates? And for those who havent watched, dont forget to wait for a while after the movie ends, there are extras after they list down the name of the main casts :) I hope Shrek 3 wont be so much of a dissapointment for a sequel movies league. And also Fantastic 4. I am a movie buff, yes.

Hmm, me dark circle is worsening :(

Out of curiosity, who do you think is suitable to be the eldest in the family? A boy or a girl? I'd go for... boy. I dont know why, but being an eldest myself, I felt like its such a heavy responsibility. Especially everyone is growing apart due to life commitment, and some family conflicts. I feel like I am not strong enough to carry the role as an eldest I wish I have an elder brother. But a quick check from few friends, they were on the thought that a girl suits as an eldest the best. Because they will always try to bring the family together. Is it true? Or is it merely overrated based on individual experience? Sigh. I dont know. I know I do want to see everyone in the family is bonding with each other like the good old days, but... sigh, sometimes I tend to get too emotional easily. I felt I'm not strong enough. I felt that I need to do something, but I just... dont know how. I just dont know how to manage everyone. Ahhhh.. heck, this is just yet another random ramblings of mine. Dont bother.

Laparnya. Tea break lambat lagi. Tadi pagi dah la tak sempat breakfast, thanks to the early starting of the course. Lunch pulak was spent on a discussion with a (freakingly annoying) manager. Tak berhati perut betul. Not my fault that I'm on course today and she wont be available tomorrow rightttt. Dia senang2 dah had an early lunch, and I'm expected to sacrifice mine?! BUGGER.

Hmm nak ajak Kerol makan banyak2 lah malam ni. Stress. A good reason to indulge :P

Oh kat rumah ade TV baru, best!!! Besaaaarrrr, 29" flat screen type (bukan flat panel yer). Mind my jakun-ness peeps. You never give me money before, I couldnt afford to buy earlier. So, buzz off. Leave my family, myself and our new TV alone.. :)

Arghhhh boring boring. Bile course nak abes nihhh.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

The one with... the long overdue entry :)

huhu it has been a while. i don’t know what to write and even where to start. help am losing my mojo !! :P

hmm.. oh well.. ok hows life for the past few weeks?

1. lesser proper meal, more of snacking. especially on Cadbury’s picnic. surprisingly that helped with the weight. a bit je la tapi. can easily shoot up to the normal one anytime soon.

2. managed to get hold of myself not to blog ! i am in complete control :) (fair enough i admit i did some blog hopping though. but that was it.. nothing more. ngeh3x).

3. overloaded with Malay series i’ve never thought i would watch… AF diaries even! :D damn i’m gonna give it a miss for Manjalara today. hahahaha.

4. study study study. that’s for sure. makan study. minum study. tidur study.

5. more time was spent at home with Mama. and Alip yang makin cheeky and naughty.

6. missed Kerol a lot.. :P

7. managed however to watch Spiderman and Sumo-lah; back to back. hehe. that was when Kerol was back for 2 days. opportunity used up wisely :)

8. refer back to # 4.

so yeah. basically that’s about it. nothing much. one thing for sure, I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH i felt dreadful having to come back to work this morning. well, actually i was supposed to be back by yesterday. but oh well.. *wink*

on a separate note, i went out for lunch with my normal officemates just now. they wanted to go Modesto’s. hmm how to put this eh, well i know its my bad, but i am indeed not someone who is really particular with halal’s sign when it comes to food. i mean as long as they do not serve pork, i should be fine. and i’m not fussy. but i know i have to observe my religion. that’s for sure. i don’t drink. i don’t eat things if the place casts even a single doubt on its halal status. so yeah, despite the fact that they serve alcoholic drinks, i am basically fine with ‘general’ places like Chillis, TGIF, Alexis, Japanese restaurants, so on and so forth. like i say, as long as they dont serve pork and use pork-related ingredients. and Modesto’s is basically in the OK list too. normally if i see the food description in the menu includes wine, i wont order or ask them to exclude it. on an equal opposite, they will alert me also (sometimes).

but that’s not in the case in Modesto’s just now. i didn’t know what to feel, i was basically speechless when my colleagues suggested that the pasta could have wine in it. i said cannot be, because the guy who took my order was a Malay (or so i thought). i was almost done with my food when we checked with the waiter only to find out yes, the pasta had wine in it. sigh !!!! i felt… i don’t know.. sinful of sort. things cannot be taken easily you see when it comes to food / drink. its gonna form part and parcel of my blood and flesh. i felt uncomfortable. even until now. even after i’ve vomited out. arghhh ! bencinya. especially thinking about the moment when my colleague asked the waiter, the waiter boleh pulak replied something like this “oh i thought you are okay with it because you look like a Chinese”.

HELL to the O ???! i mean obviously when he said like that, means he’s aware about Muslim cannot take wine and all. and i was there, in tudung and baju kebaya. how insensitive was that???

oh well, my bad for not being sensitive in the first place. definitely a lesson learnt today.

eh not so bad eh for a mojo lost? i think its back! \(^_^)/

its first day at work after a long break and tomorrow is Friday. the top level people are having managers' meeting tomorrow. i'm officially having a malas-attack now! :P definitely going off on time today.. *grin*

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The one with.... life goes on.

Exam's over. Dont ask about it.

Yeah whatever it is, hidup mesti terus!!! huhu.

Till the next entry people. There's a lot to ramble about.

Keep on missing me. i like. i feel...thrilled. hahahahahha :D

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The one with.. temporarily unavailable :)



And more phewsss…

Finally I am off for my study leaves. And I am gonna take the challenge to not to blog for this coming 2 weeks plus :)

Some snapshots before signing off.

Last Friday, being so annoyed with workloads, I decided to leave office early – putting everything behind. Some more Kerol was back from Perak, so we agreed to meet after office hour. He’s leaving for East Coasts for one week the next day, so the meet up was really needed :P I think I was indeed being so emotionally messed up, the moment I got into his car all I did was crying my heart out. Being so understanding, Kerol let me continued crying until I stopped myself. Great.stress.reliever. All went well thereafter :) Had a good time retail therapy-ing and food indulging. *grin*

The next day, i.e. Saturday I attended my crash course. How was it you asked? Very “crashed”. But I managed to stay focus throughout the whole session – every time my mind was about to drift away, I kept on telling myself “remember, you pay for this class, you better make full use of it !!”. That helps. Class finished at 5pm, I went back home and had a rest before getting ready to go meet my girls at Chillis KLCC. Alin’s leaving for Singapore, for good – so it was a farewell dinner we had, sort of. Great friends, great chats, great hangout, great time. In the words of Abby, “To Alin. To being safe. to being on air. to being gorgeous”. Gonna miss her definitely.

On Sunday, another 9 to 5 crash course class. Was a bit of a tiring day as the topics covered were on the various consolidation scenarios. Reached home at about 5.30 and later went for swimming with Erin. I was fast asleep that night.

Monday marked the last day of the three days session of the crash course. Haihh.. I am officially on my own now. So scared, don’t know whether I can make it or not. *nails biting*. At night, I went to office to clear off my workloads, stayed until 12 midnight before continued at home until 4.30 in the morning. Sounded so ‘kiasu’, but I really wanted to get things done and deal with, so be it. I didn’t want to have to come back to office during my study leaves.

So this morning I went to office to hand in my reports, to have discussions with 2 managers I’m working for, and to do some other office stuff. I was supposed to go off during lunch, but things got dragged until 4pm. Oh well, at least I am free to study now.

Alritey I hereby take the challenge not to blog :)

The exam pressure is surely heating up! (=_+)

Wish me luck. And till the next updates….

Friday, 4 May 2007

The one with.. feeling so down.

I’ve always thought that being present at work, when every one elses are on leave, are heaven, in the sense that I can do my own work peacefully. Some more I need to clear up my plate before I go for my study leaves.


Not when your boss is around. Sigh. I’m so sick of all this. Since yesterday I’ve been doing all the ad-hoc stuff, including those admin things like replying emails, drafting out letter, calling up clients, and the list goes on.

I finally reached at the point of breaking down. Its so annoying and pressuring when I cant stick to my plan, to my to-do list. Arghhh geramnye! Too annoyed until I was so speechless to express my anger, it suddenly reflected in the sudden tears watering in my eyes. Good. At least it helps to moisten this dry contact lenses of mine – thanks to the super blowing air cond in the office.

Geram. Geram. Geram.

Yesterday I had to make a skip from work for a while from 5.45pm – 8pm to attend the toastmaster meeting. I’ve committed to be one of the role players, so I had to go. And because of the [too speechless to describe the geramness] ad-hoc things, I had to come back to work and continued with the rest of my abandoned workloads. And my boss was still there. And boleh plak dia dengan ringan mulutnya cakap (kononnye nak make a conversation), “So, you are doing a double shift work today?”.

Ideally, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. Really.


Realistically, I forced a fake smile to him.


I guess it was too fake, he didn’t say any further.

Sigh. My mood is kinda unstable lately.

May I have the strength to go just another one and a half more days at work. Amin.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

The one with.. 'reporting' on a lil bit here and there..


Its Thursday but I felt like it’s the mad Monday rush. Ad-hoc works came in like crazy, requiring urgent action. Most managers are still on leaves. And so do the juniors. An utter madness.

Anyhow, I just had all those urgent works done, and now am catching up some breath before proceeding with the abandoned to-do list. Enjoying my vital Quaker oat cereal drink now while doing the best getaway in office – blogging :P

Hmm, enjoyed my 2 days break to the max despite the fact that some time was spent on work.

On the Labour Day, I went out with Kerol and we did some mall-hopping activities. Heh. Woke up at about 9am, spent some time at home, and then got ready to go and pick Kerol up (somebody’s complaining that he’s kinda ‘miss’ to be the co-driver, sitting next to the driver doing other things, BUT NOT driving.. hehehe). Well, we first went to the Ampang Point, I wanted to check out for this one Carlo Rino handbag.. and luckily they had it, yeay! (i noticed that Pizza Uno is no longer around there... so sad...). After that, we then went to the Plaza Galaxie Ampang, thought people wont go there for movies, obviously we were wrong. The queue and crowd were such a turned off. Within 5 minutes, we were back on the road. We decided to go to a place which is not jam-packed with people, so we headed to the Bangsar Village. Ok lah, not as crowded compared to KLCC / Mid Valley / One Utama / The Curve I suppose. We were so hungry by then, so straight away we went to the restaurant nearest to us at that very moment – a Viatnamese Restaurant – cant recall the name. No offense, but the bihun soup I ordered tasted like none other than those branded instant noodle I used to take during my boarding school days, except for the extra tender chicken fillings of course; which satisfied me at least. After that we made a tour around, I managed to buy belated birthday presents for my colleagues and within 2 hours I think, we got bored with the lack of crowdedness of the Bangsar Village :D So off we hop to the Mid Valley. Ahh… was more like a familiar surrounding finally. hehehe. Went in and out from one outlet to another, Kerol suddenly had the craving for cake. There goes another round of hopping; we went to each and every café that sells cakes - Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Dome – you name it, and went browsing through their cakes display. In the end, to us, nothing can beat the Secret Recipe cakes. So finally, we made a pit stop there, enjoying cheese cakes and fries. Very sinful! Huhu… To make it up for it, we decided to take another stroll in Jusco (to burn some calories la kononnya), and I shopped for few things also. Haihhh I think I'm really in the mood for spending money. Must.not.spend.more after this. Oh yeah, that was when suddenly I thought of this joke, and I told Kerol.

Me: Just imagine, if somebody was to spy on us (ala2 macam dalam drama), that person must be really fed up kan. Baru nak report “suspect now is in Ampang Point. Eh hold on, hold on, suspect now is turning into the road at the Galaxie Ampang. Eh, now suspect is heading to Bangsar lah..” so on and so forth.

Kerol: hahahaha… [gelak jangan tak gelak..].


Anyway, I reached home at about 10.30pm and was really tired. But a great (very!) day indeed :)

The next day, I woke up early morning to join my sister Erin to go swimming at her friend’s aunt apartment. Had a good ‘calories burning’ session and we went back home at about 11 something. Did some house chores before hit off with the office work. *boring*. Kerol went to Perak for another round of outstation work. isk. He’ll be back tomorrow night only, but the next day he’ll be heading off to the East Coast for another week of outstation job. Not to mention to Sabah as well soon after his work at the East Coast states was done.. :'( I, on the other hand, will have to start to attend the crash course classes and straight away going for my 2 weeks plus of study leaves.

Gonna be lesser meet up with Kerol (for good), and lesser blogging activities, and more studies!!

Till the next updates..