Monday, 16 April 2007

The one with...the freaking Monday.

The Mother Nature is really feeling sick these days. Within one day we can experience two types of the extreme weathers – so freaking hot and thereafter so freezing cold. This morning I was all sweat just by getting ready to go to work. Well maybe the fact that I was rushing also was another contributing factor. Oh yeah, Kerol sent me to office again today. :) and I was late this morning! The moment he sms-ed me to tell that he was already making his move, I was just about to take bath. Huhu. How not to sweat lah kan?

And now just after having lunch, its raining outside. Not the cats and dogs type, but so much so the office is so cold now. And that made me so lazy and sleepy. Huhu. Help! I have so much to do for crying out loud. And I guess all other colleagues of mine also were feeling the same too. Parveen started to ask us to play the 3 words game. You know the one with someone starts by writing 3 words, and the other continues one by one with another 3 words, to make up one interesting story. So we did. Through the internal chat room. :D Talking about Monday blues hah?

Erghhh this has to stop. NOW.

Back to work it is. Will be writing more crap soon if still cannot continue concentrating on work.


  1. y u nvr ask me to play as well..u got work up to your neck..but whereas i just had a buffalo off my i m just plain stunned and dazed and bcoz i m going off for study one wants to giv me new work to do..

  2. ohh it was spontaneous. and some more we saw you busy walking around - dont want to disturb you ;P well you better start focusing 100% on studies then! (yea yea easier said than done. heh.)