Sunday, 29 April 2007

The one with.. yet another normal Sunday of mine..

Wow couldn’t believe myself that I woke up at such an early time on Sunday :P Its just almost 12 noon, but so far I’ve accomplished quite a number of things, including washing my brother’s clothes. Hmmm.. not bad yeah. Hahahaha. I guess the eldest me just kicked in naturally when mom not at home. She went to her sister’s place in Taiping yesterday, coming back only tomorrow. Initially my sister (Erin) and I thought we could ‘enjoy’ not having my mom around, oh well the next thing we knew, dad and brother coming back la pulak. Luckily they didn’t ask for home-cooked food.. :p Anyway, without mom at home, everyone basically did their own activities.

Yesterday I went to class to take my trial exam. Wasn’t really ready to have one yet, but that’s part of the crash course I registered for. The crash course is meant to prepare us for the coming final exam, and I am looking forward to benefit from it, of course considering the fact that I’m paying for it! The classes going to take place on this coming May 5 until 7 from 9am till 4.30pm; and thereafter I am going to be on study leaves already. So its going to be a good kick start for my study plan I reckon.

After the class, I went back home and got ready to go out with Kerol. Was already 2pm and I haven’t eaten anything yet. I got cranky and moody but Kerol handled me well. hehehe. Reached One Utama at about 3 something, and went straight to have our lunch. I was so hungry that I stopped by at the Roti Boy shop first and bought one to bite on our way to Dome. OU is so big; I didn’t have the energy to walk without having something to munch. So we had lunch at Dome, and after which only I regained the mood and energy to walk around the shopping mall. :)

We went to The Curve after that because apparently only Cineleisure is still showing Catch and Release. OMG, the movie sucks big time ok. The only reason I wanted to watch was because of Jennifer Garner, and obviously I shouldn’t play favouritism. Sigh. On a happier note, I managed to shop for few things yesterday! :))) especially pants. Seriously, its so damn difficult to find pants with a right cutting for me. If I can tried on the one with the right waist size, the hips part is going to be so tight. Otherwise if I tried on the one that’s a bit loose for the hips, the waist part is going to be very loose for me too. My hips and waist are not proportionate in size and thats very frustrating and annoying.

So, all in all, I had a good outing yesterday.

Looking forward to have a good Sunday also. Ciao.


  1. i havent started studying yet..argh!!! ok ok..back to the books we go..

  2. babe,

    your hips and waist tak proportionate ke? i rasa u look good okehhhh....

  3. Joe, you better prioritise. I can see this blogging activity is taking toll on your life dude.

    Tina, later this Sat you take a close look ok. And you'll know what i mean.. huhu..